(Minghui.org) Saturday, April 24, 2021, was “World Taichi and Qigong Day.” An event in honor of the day was held in St. Petersburg, Russia. People looking to improve their health through Asian health and fitness methods attended the event. Falun Dafa practitioners also participated in this activity. This is the fifth time that Falun Dafa practitioners have participated and introduced the spiritual practice on World Taichi and Qigong Day. A number of people learned the Falun Dafa exercises during the event.

On April 24, 2021, practitioners in St. Petersburg, Russia demonstrated the exercises onstage at the “World Taichi and Qigong Day.” Several people followed along and learned the exercises.

Event attendees learn the Falun Dafa exercises.

The activity was held at a small park adjacent to the Neva River in St. Petersburg. Practitioners put up banners, demonstrated the exercise movements and distributed information about Falun Dafa. People showed great interest in the practice. Not only did they listen and watch as practitioners demonstrated the Falun Dafa exercises, many followed the movements along with the music. 

Practitioners talked about how their perception of life changed after practicing Falun Dafa and living by the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. They also talked about their experiences in overcoming troubles in life. Many of the event attendees said they understood and accepted the principles of Falun Dafa. Some told practitioners that they’d tried to find the purpose of life through philosophy and psychology, but failed to find answers. Others said they planned to join local Falun Dafa practice sites and learn more.

People were happy to accept the handmade paper lotus flowers from practitioners and remarked that they were exquisite. Some said they felt warmth and energy emanating from them. One woman said she plans to invite her best friend to begin reading Zhuan Falun with her. 

The organizer of the event thanked practitioners for their participation and said she feels that Falun Dafa is beneficial and she hopes they will continue to introduce the practice to more people.

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