(Minghui.org) While I was illegally detained, a practitioner told me, “We need to overcome difficulties by using the Fa’s standards, not ordinary people’s methods.” He meant abiding by Falun Dafa’s principles is key to overcoming all tribulations whereas ordinary people’s methods are ineffective for practitioners. 

I knew this was true, but I was unable to do it. Another practitioner suggested I memorize the Fa and frequently send righteous thoughts. I took that practitioner’s advice and amazingly, the perpetrators stopped persecuting me and my environment in prison seemed to improve. 

There will be many tribulations and tests on our cultivation paths. My experiences show that if I’ve done well in both studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts, the old forces are unable to interfere with me. 

Master said,

“If every Dafa disciple can think and act righteously as he goes about things and can look at things with righteous thoughts under any circumstance, none of you will become afraid when facing persecution. If that is how you are, who would dare to persecute you! If a person is completely in the Fa no one can touch him. Isn’t that having the ability to protect yourself?” (Teachings at the 2005 Conference in San Francisco)

“With such an enormous Fa here, the Fa will be with you when your thoughts are righteous, and this is the greatest assurance.” (“Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. X)

Some practitioners say, “I don’t have time to study the Fa because I am very busy.” If you are a truly determined to study the Fa, Master will help you. You’ll soon realize that you have even more time to study the Fa. Those who say “I don’t have time” usually have strong attachments. If their thoughts are not on the Fa it may be hard for them to overcome tribulations. 

I go to work every day and I could only read one lecture of Zhuan Falun. After being persecuted by the evil twice, I realized the importance of studying the Fa. I started to focus on studying the Fa and I eliminated all sorts of interference at my workplace. Now, I seldom chit-chat with my co-workers—instead I use my free time to study the Fa and send righteous thoughts. I am now able to study two lectures of Zhuan Falun each day.

Perhaps Master saw my determination to study more Fa, and arranged a more relaxed position at my work. As a result, I am now able to study three lectures of Zhuan Falun a day. I listen to Master’s audio lectures while heading to work and I send righteous thoughts for two hours. In addition to also doing household chores, I’m able to clarify the truth. I now feel like I’m utilizing every moment and walking on a more righteous and steady path. The environment around me is also changing. 

I was once a “key person” and a target for the evil’s persecution. In the Chinese Communist Party’s “Zero-Out” campaign last year, the evil only followed the procedures in calling my family. From my experiences I knew I needed to: “Study the Fa well and always have Dafa in my heart. This is the only way I can overcome numerous hardships.”

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