(Minghui.org) I reflected on my cultivation after reading the Minghui article, “Practicing The Exercises in The Morning Helps Me To Stay Diligent.”

I’ve always felt that I cultivated diligently, and practicing the exercises in the mornings was not challenging for me.

But I’ve had ups and downs, and I realized that this fluctuation had to do with my cultivation state. If I have strong righteous thoughts, practicing in the morning goes well. But if my righteous thoughts are weak, practicing the exercises becomes difficult.

How strong my righteous thoughts are is directly related to my xinxing level. I know I need to assimilate to the Fa and rectify all negative thoughts. I realized that if I don’t have a lot of attachments, my righteous thoughts become stronger. I’ve always felt I was diligent regardless of my cultivation state.

Being altruistic and thinking of others is an important part of being diligent. When I remind myself that sentient beings might be eliminated because they don’t know about Falun Dafa, I strive to be more diligent so more people can be saved.

Whether we cultivate well or not, practitioners play a critical role in determining the future of sentient beings. Remembering this helps motivate me.

Master said,

“Then what does the title ‘Dafa disciple’ signify? Who came here to be a Dafa disciple? [You earned that title] because you have taken on the mission of saving all sentient beings. The cultivation that you have done as a foundation, and the righteous thoughts that you’ve developed through cultivation, are for the purpose of saving all lives. I’ll put it even more clearly: the cultivation that you are doing in this lifetime is to strengthen the righteous thoughts that your being at the surface has, and that is so that you can save all living beings.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference”)

Where does our motivation come from? It comes from Dafa. It doesn’t show how much perseverance and strength one has, but how much a cultivator has assimilated to the Fa. If we assimilate to the Fa we will be strengthened and empowered, and in turn we will be able to save more sentient beings.

If we do not truly and sincerely cultivate we won’t have the strong determination bestowed by Dafa. As practitioners, we should genuinely cultivate to possess these extraordinary powers.

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