(Minghui.org) I could not complete the five sets of Falun Dafa exercises daily for a long time because I wasn't diligent. Recently, I not only do all five exercises, but also clarify the truth and send righteous thoughts daily. I feel that my cultivation state is constantly improving.

I didn't download the one-hour music for exercise two (Falun Standing Stance) from the Minghui website because I once tried doing it for four hours. In fact, I was just trying to find an excuse for my laziness, rather than do what Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, asks us to do.

When my cultivation state improved, I realized my thinking was wrong and downloaded the one-hour music for exercise two. I did the longer version of the exercise for a few days but stopped due to laziness. I also tried to rationalize that the five exercises take two hours daily, and that there was no need to extend the practice by doing exercise two for an hour.

However, I felt something wrong in my heart. Why did Master record this new practice music? I had enough time, so why didn’t I do the exercise for a longer time? Now, after I complete the exercises with family members in the evening, I then do exercise two for an hour. I find that, by the next day, I have strong righteous thoughts, and my energy field was great when I clarified the truth in public. I was quite confident.

In the past, I allowed my laziness to take advantage of me. I have now changed my way of thinking. After extending my exercise time by an hour, I feel strong both physically and mentally, and my righteous energy field enables me to save more people. In my case, in order to save sentient beings, this is something that I must do. It has become my responsibility!

After my notion was changed, no matter how sleepy or tired I am, or how thought karma may interfere with me, I insist on exercising for three hours every day. I then go out to talk with people about Falun Dafa and the persecution with great confidence. I can clearly see Master’s painstaking arrangements for his disciples!

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