(Minghui.org) If practitioners have a strong attachment to any kind of issue, he or she will face more tribulations related to that particular concern. My problem is that I have a lot of issues when it comes to my children, siblings, fellow practitioners, relatives, and friends. I cared a lot about them and called them every once in a while to check on them.

I noticed this problem only recently, after my xinxing elevated due to diligent Fa-study, I realized that everyone merely plays a role on the stage of history, and no one can change another person’s script. The attachments that originated due to worry and care will only result in more tribulations on my cultivation path.

My second enlightenment is that the attachment of sentimentality is also the origin of “can’t get along with”, “want to change”, or “want to do something” for someone. If other people can’t change me, why shall I expect to change them? Every life has its unique characteristics. A human is unable to change another person. Only Dafa can. After I came to this conclusion, I let go a lot of caring and worrying.

Sentimentality is a postnatal human notion. Most people think it is good and means loving. This notion has a life, too. The more you think about it, the stronger it grows. But you can suppress it by studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts.

My grandparents often said, “Heaven won’t allow a blind bird to starve.” When I was a child, I couldn’t imagine how a blind bird could feed itself. Now I understand that God will arrange a life for the bird, blind or not blind. It is the bird’s fate. 

One cares or worries about others because one doesn’t understand the law of the universe. It is a very strong attachment of sentimentality and a trap for a cultivator. My experience is that I would catch it when it is just sprouting, and eliminate it immediately. If you let it grow, you have to take a greater effort to uproot it down the road. 

After all, your care is completely useless, because it won’t change anyone or anything for the better.

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