(Minghui.org) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched the so-called “Zero-out” campaign in 2020. The campaign is a concerted effort to force every single practitioner on the government’s blacklist to renounce Falun Dafa. Many new brainwashing centers were set up to further persecute Dafa practitioners. The authorities tried to deceive and threaten practitioners to sign guarantee statements promising to give up their faith and did the same to their family members, trying to get them to sign for the practitioners.

Master Li said,

“No matter what the situation, do not cooperate with the evil’s demands, orders, or what it instigates. If everyone does this the environment won’t be this way.” (“Dafa Disciples’ Righteous Thoughts are Powerful,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

The following are two stories about how Mr. Lin and his family firmly negated the persecution, acted in line with Master’s requests, and passed the cultivation test.

Refusing to Sign the Statement

Mr. Lin is around 50 years old. In September 2020, a superior at his workplace requested that he sign the “Zero-out” campaign statement, and told him that it was ordered by the Domestic Security Division of the police department.

Mr. Lin questioned, “Transform? I'm trying to be a good person by complying with Dafa’s principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Do you want me to transform” to be a bad person? I will never sign that statement.” His superior eventually gave up.

Officers from the police station called Mr. Lin a week later saying that he had to go there and sign a statement. “I won’t go,” Mr Lin responded, “I won’t sign anything. Please don’t call me anymore.” He then hung up the phone.

The Party secretary of his workplace later went to talk to him, and said, “They called you to sign, why didn't you go? You don’t even listen to your superiors!”

Mr. Lin replied, “I will listen to you for anything related to the work, but for this, I won’t listen. Only my decision counts!”

Right after Mr. Lin spoke those resolute words, the secretary immediately changed his tone and said, “Okay! I won’t mention this anymore.”

Mr. Lin didn’t hear anything more about it.

Letting Go of Human Notions

The old forces in other dimensions don’t want to die, so they manipulate personnel from the local Political and Legal Affairs Committee, Domestic Security Division, and 610 Office with the plan to organize new brainwashing sessions.

Members of the Party went to talk to the leaders at Mr. Lin’s workplace again, and ordered them to send Mr. Lin to a brainwashing center.

According to the Party secretary, they stated their intention was to “transform” Mr. Lin “100%.” The company leaders told Mr. Lin to go home and get some of his clothes and personal belongings together. They said that they would send him to the brainwashing center later that day.

Mr. Lin firmly refused. The leaders said, “If you don’t go, we will have to fire you.”

“I don’t care,” Mr. Lin replied.

Mr. Lin worked for a large state-run company and had an annual salary of over 100k yuan and very good pension benefits. When his colleagues heard that Mr. Lin could be fired, they all talked to him. One of them said, “How terrible it would be if you lost this job! Losing so much money every year!”

“It means nothing to me,” Mr. Lin replied. His colleagues were all shocked when he said that.

Mr. Lin was a permanent employee, which meant that he was on a much higher pay scale than many of his colleagues who were employed as contractors. Naturally, his colleagues couldn’t understand him.

Master Li said,

“The steadfast, righteous thoughts of a cultivator transcend all human understandings, transcend all human thinking, and can never be understood by everyday people. At the same time, they cannot be changed by everyday people, because humans are not able to change Enlightened Beings.” (“Coercion Cannot Change People's Hearts,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

The leaders in his company continued to threaten him, saying, “If you don’t go [to the brainwashing center] your child won’t be allowed to go back to his school abroad.”

Mr. Lin’s child had returned home to spend the Chinese New Year with the family. Mr. Lin remained unaffected, and thought, “Even if you threaten me in this way, I still won’t sign or go to the brainwashing center.”

Mr. Lin packed all his belongings in his office, and decided not to go to work anymore.

Master said,

“...just by having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations.” (“Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s),” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

After Mr. Lin went back home, he told his child not to sign anything if he was approached, otherwise he would be committing a sin. His child understood and would not to cooperate with the authorities. Mr. Lin urged his child to go back to school as soon as possible.

The workplace leaders repeatedly called Mr. Lin, but he didn’t answer. Finally, he simply turned off his phone.

When Mr. Lin’s father heard about the harassment, he told him, “You should go back to work and tell them that your father is over 80 years old, and you have to stay home to take care of him. If they still try to force you to go [to the brainwashing center], I’ll go and talk to them.”

When Mr. Lin went back to work, nobody in his workplace mentioned the brainwashing center. It was as if nothing had happened!

Master said,

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughtsMaster has the power to turn back the tide”(“The Master-Disciple Bond,” Hong Yin, Vol II)

Mr. Lin let go of his attachments, and the seemingly ferocious people that wanted to persecute him no longer had that intention. Mr. Lin knew that Master protected him after he was able to pass this test.

After experiencing this tribulation, Mr. Lin said, “As practitioners, we should always have Master in mind, act in line with His requirements, and let go of human attachments no matter what tests or tribulations we face.”

Previous Persecution Attempts

The persecution was severe in 2005, and many Dafa practitioners were forcibly taken to brainwashing centers in other places.

One day, the leaders in his workplace called him to the office. When Mr. Lin opened the door, he saw over ten people, including 610 Office agents, Domestic Security Division officers, the director of the local police station, as well as his workplace superiors.

They told Mr. Lin that they had decided to send him to a brainwashing center. Seeing so many people there, and hearing their wicked plans, Mr. Lin felt a bit nervous. But he quickly calmed down and said, “I won’t go to the brainwashing center!”

One of the officers replied, “You must go! You can come back after a period of study there.”

Master said,

“...a being's choice is up to him,...” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. II)

Mr. Lin chose not to go. He stayed at home for a month. He kept sending forth righteous thoughts, cleansing his energy field, studied more of the Fa, and let go of his attachments.

Some fellow practitioners also helped to send righteous thoughts. Finally, under the reinforcement of Master, Mr. Lin successfully passed the test, and no one came to take him to the brainwashing center.

Mr. Lin said, “I felt great pressure facing this sudden tribulation, but I kept my mind upright and kept telling myself that I would pass the test. I would resist any temptations and nothing could change my heart!”

Because Mr. Lin kept his belief in Master and the Fa as solid as diamond, Master reinforced and protected him so that he could overcome this tribulation.

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