(Minghui.org) I was exiting the bank after paying a bill when I saw an old acquaintance, who was a company manager. I told myself not to miss this opportunity to clarify the facts about Falun Dafa to him.

Easing into the Conversation

It had been 20 years since we last met, and he didn’t recognize me. As he was about to get into his car, I greeted him and introduced myself. I asked if he had a minute to talk. He replied, “Yes, but it’s so cold out here. Come and sit in the car.”

I sat in the back seat and said, “It’s fate that brought us together today. It's been so many years since we last met. I have something important to tell you. Have you heard about quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to be safe?”

“I have,” he replied. “I can tell you're a kind person, but don’t be against the CCP!”

“This pandemic is targeting the CCP,” I responded. “A debt that is owed must be paid. A life that is taken must be paid for.”

I listed many of the CCP’s crimes since it seized power in 1949, such as the Campaign to Suppress Counterrevolutionaries, the Three-Anti/Five-Anti campaigns, the Anti-Rightist movement, the Great Leap Forward and the three years of famine that followed, the Cultural Revolution, the Tiananmen Square massacre, the persecution of Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa), and so on.

I told him that countless numbers of good people were harmed, and more than 80 million innocent lives were lost—how could heaven spare it? “Heaven will destroy it,” I said and reminded him that if he had joined any of the CCP’s organizations, he would be held responsible for a share of its crimes.

The Self-Immolation Hoax

I then told him about the self-immolation hoax on Tiananmen Square. “To eliminate Falun Gong, the CCP fabricated the “self-immolation incident” on Tiananmen Square on January 23, 2001, falsely claiming that Falun Gong practitioners set themselves on fire. This was done to incite people to hate Falun Gong and justify the persecution.

“In the video, ‘self-immolator’ Wang Jindong sat there while he was on fire. A Sprite bottle full of gasoline between his legs was still intact after the fire was put out--as were his hair and eyebrows. How can you explain that?

“The video shows that Liu Chunling was killed instantly after being struck with a large blunt object that was thrown at her by someone standing nearby. Her daughter, Liu Siying, supposedly had a tracheotomy, but she was able to be interviewed by the media four days later, speaking and singing clearly! Many more details defy common sense.

“Such a big lie can still fool people who have been deceived by the CCP for so many years! But there are still some who can see clearly.”

The Practice of Falun Dafa

“Falun Gong is a practice of the Buddha School and focuses on the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. It teaches people to be good and think of others first. Just seven years after its introduction in 1992, an estimated 100 million people across the country were practicing it. At the time, a survey concluded that Falun Gong was beneficial and that 97% of those that practiced it saw their health improve.”

I told him that Falun Gong has now spread to more than 100 countries around the world and that the book Zhuan Falun has been translated into over 40 different languages. Falun Gong is held in high regard and has received more than 3,500 proclamations, resolutions, and letters of support from around the world.

I said, “If you quit the CCP, the Youth League, and the Young Pioneers, your life will no longer belong to the evil communist specter, and you will be free from its grip.”

Telling Him My Story

I paused for a moment and then told him about myself. “I was born into a military family. I was good-looking, received formal dance training, and sang and drew pretty well. I was my parents’ precious gem and received many compliments from friends and relatives. When I grew up, I secured an enviable job with the highest score.

“However, I had poor health and had to be dropped off and picked up from my office building every day. I was exhausted and had to rest as soon as I got home. After I started to practice Falun Gong, all my illnesses disappeared, and I have never taken a single day off sick since.

“Because of my outstanding performance, the workplace gave me an award. I was named 'Model Employee' at the city level, and my story was in the newspapers. My supervisors said, ‘All the Falun Gong practitioners here are the best. The best character, the best employees, the best professionals, and in the highest positions.’

“When the Yangtze River flooded that year, I donated one month’s salary to the disaster-stricken area and was commended by the Publicity Department of the Municipal Party Committee. I don’t think that is being against the CCP, do you?

“However, since July 20, 1999, Jiang Zemin, the former CCP leader, and his group of thugs have been persecuting Falun Gong. Because I believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and won’t give up my belief, I was removed from my position and demoted to a janitor. I didn't mind the work and did a good job cleaning every office.

“The 610 Office did not stop there. They sent me to one brainwashing session after another, as well as to detention centers and forced labor camps, trying to ‘transform’ me. My mind and body were severely damaged as a result, and I was unable to take care of myself.

“The 610 Office made my company send people to monitor me around the clock. They even harassed me on weekends. They occupied my house and even followed me to the bathroom.

“My wages were withheld. Because I refused to ‘transform,’ the Political and Legal Affairs Committee colluded with the 610 Office to force my employer to suspend me. They often harassed me by calling me in the middle of the night. Plainclothes officers followed me whenever I went out, and the authorities came to ransack my house at the drop of a hat.

“My husband was frightened and stressed and eventually developed heart disease; our child lived in fear. The 610 Office, the police department, and my employer always called my husband first.

“My husband understood me. He was second in command where he worked and was a rare talent. But, under such internal and external pressure, he was no longer able to protect me. Unable to bear it all, he died, leaving me and our child behind.

“After that, on any of the so-called sensitive dates and holidays, my employer, instigated by the CCP, not only persecuted me but also called my child’s school to harass and intimidate my child.

“For 18 years, until I retired, I worked but didn’t get paid. However, we managed to survive. I would not have made it if it weren’t for the strong spiritual support of Falun Dafa. Later, all those who persecuted me incurred retribution.”

The CCP’s Crimes

“Falun Gong teaches people to be good,” I said. “Dafa is here to save people. But the CCP persecutes us, imprisons us, tortures us, and harvests our organs and sells them for huge profits.

“The CCP has committed many sins. Can it be allowed to exist much longer? If mankind doesn't do something about it, heaven will. That is to say, heaven will destroy the CCP! More than 370 million Chinese have already quit the Communist Party, the Youth League, and the Young Pioneers.

“Take a moment to think about it. The choice between catastrophe and safety is a matter of life and death. It's no joke. But how many people bother to listen to these warnings while enjoying their lives of comfort? That is the important thing that I wanted to tell you!” He agreed to quit the CCP.

I told him, “Make sure to remember ‘Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’ If you keep these words in your heart and recite them often, you will be spared from this great calamity and have a bright future.”

When I asked him if he’d read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, he said he hadn't, so I promised to deliver a copy to his house.

He looked at me closely and finally said, “Gee, it’s you! Now I remember you. After so many years, you still look young and beautiful.”

I replied, “You must have heard that I was persecuted, right? Everything I’ve said is true, isn’t it?” He nodded and said, “Yes, I know all about it. How can I help you?” I replied, “As long as you're safe and have a bright future, I’m happy. It’s dark now, and I’ve talked for more than an hour. I really must let you go.”

In the end I said, “Let me sing you a song that was written and composed by the Master of Falun Dafa for Shen Yun Performing Arts, whose seven companies tour the world every year and are highly appreciated by celebrities and VIPs around the world.”

So I sang  this:

Calmly Take A Look

The chaos in the world, like a teetering building
Disaster approaches and people don’t know to worryShaking heads and waving hands, rejecting the truthGood words in earnest don’t make them reconsiderWe ask for nothing in return and have no pursuitIt’s to save you once the disaster arrivesDon’t forget why you came to this worldThere are reasons for ages of reincarnationLife is not about emotion and hatredQuiet your mind, and take a lookThe Fa that all beings have awaited has arrivedThe truth will end your confusion and worry”(“Calmly Take a Look,” Hong Yin III)

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