(Minghui.org) In 2008, a customer at my beauty salon introduced me to Falun Dafa. I began to cultivate earnestly in the summer of 2010, and have been cultivating diligently ever since. 

I am 52 years old. Before I began to cultivate in Dafa, I was introverted, lived a difficult life, and produced lots of karma. I had insomnia, anemia, rheumatism, fibrosis, hemorrhoids, and back pain. To try to alleviate these issues, I had all sorts of medicine at home. 

In the summer of 2008, a kind-looking customer came to my beauty salon. She asked me if I knew about Falun Dafa when I served her. I responded by saying something disrespectful. She asked me to stop and began to tell me the facts about it. I realized what had been shown on TV were all lies, and I followed her advice to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. I raised my right hand and swore to quit. 

She told me a little about her experience. Before practicing Falun Dafa, she was selfish. Since practicing, she began to put others first when dealing with things. She was a doctor and was in her 60s. She did not need to wear reading glasses and was in perfect health. 

She brought me a copy of the main Falun Dafa book Zhuan Falun, along with MP3 recordings of Master Li Hongzhi’s (the founder) Fa lectures. I became healthy from then on and threw away all my medicine. Although I knew Dafa is wonderful, I did not yet practice it and still lived as an ordinary person. I also had not finished reading Zhuan Falun after a long time. 

Truly Starting to Cultivate

It wasn't until late summer in 2010, that I began to truly cultivate Dafa. That was when I married my current husband, who is a practitioner. 

I followed the exercise video and learned the first set of exercises. As I did, I felt my right hand extending far and floating when I did the stretch. It was remarkable. I had the feeling of sitting inside an eggshell when I did the sitting meditation for the first time. That feeling lasted only a few minutes. It was so comfortable. I meditated in the single lotus position for over 40 minutes.

After I began to practice, I had diarrhea for two days and felt nauseous when I smelled meat. It lasted for only a few days, and then I was able to eat meat again. However, the meat was not tasty. It was just as described in Zhuan Falun

I once felt the Falun turning on my back when I was in bed – it was Master adjusting my body for me. The Falun turned very fast. I was excited, a bit scared, and yelled out. Without my realizing it, I recovered from all my illnesses. My body felt light, and I felt as if I was being lifted up when walking. 

Another time, I clearly felt the whole process of Master cleansing my body. I felt it was happening in another dimension, that Master took out the filth that was in that other dimension. 

When I began studying the Fa, I also began to work with a neighbor, also a practitioner, to clarify the truth and distribute Dafa pamphlets. I had a full schedule doing the three things every day. We have rented a house to make Dafa materials since 2011. 

My husband and I were taken to a brainwashing center in the summer of 2012 and were released 70 days later. We discovered that our bank cards and deposit book were missing when we returned home. After we bought some rice and necessities, we had only two yuan left. The next morning, I picked up a purse that I had looked in many times. To my surprise, I found 300 yuan in brand new bills in the inner pocket. I was grateful for Master’s protection. 

Once, while I was distributing DVDs, I was reported by someone. I was then arrested and imprisoned for three years. 

I was arrested again when I was clarifying the truth about Dafa to people. For that I was sentenced to 18 months in prison. The following year, I was taken to prison yet again, and later released. 

I began to memorize Zhuan Falun in December 2019. I enlightened that I needed to try memorizing it every day and not be attached to time. I found it became easier and easier as long as I was diligent. I tried to have each word appear in front of my eyes. 

I know I need to do better as a practitioner. I am determined to follow Master’s requirements and do well, to become selfless and a truly qualified Dafa practitioner, and fulfill my mission of helping Master rectify the Fa. 

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