(Minghui.org) Before the pandemic, I clarified the truth at local supermarkets, telling people about the persecution of Falun Dafa and advising Chinese people to withdraw from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and its affiliated organizations. After the pandemic began, I published some links to truth-clarification articles on social media. Another practitioner suggested I participate in phoning China through a social media platform.

I joined the project over a month ago, and I felt that the results were very good. Before we make phone calls, these netizens have already read or watched truth-clarification materials sent by other practitioners. After we phone them, we send them links to related articles.

I would like to share several experiences I've had while making these calls.

One day, the person who answered the phone told me he had several practitioner friends and he’d already quit the CCP. He added, “In China Falun Dafa is being suppressed severely. I advised my friends to stop practicing. I couldn’t understand why they continued.”

Clearly, this person did not understand Dafa even though he quit the CCP.

I said, “When a terminally ill person's condition is resolved by practicing Falun Dafa, or when a selfish person becomes a good, considerate person and gains better health, shouldn’t he be grateful? Falun Dafa is already part of his life; how could he give it up? Many people around the world have benefited from Falun Dafa. Their morals and health improved. Falun Dafa is the pride of the Chinese people!”

“I can feel a strong energy from you,” he said. “I would like to learn how to practice Falun Dafa. Could you please send me a link?”

Right after the U.S. general election, a person at the other end of the call said, “I support Trump. I am very disappointed with the election.”

I could feel he was depressed, so I said, “Don’t lose hope. Justice sometimes takes time, but it will come. Perhaps, in God's eyes, it's not important who the president is. It is more important for people to make the right choices. 

“When the evil is exposed, everyone needs to choose which side they stand with. It's up to the people to select justice and reject evil.” I then explained the significance of quitting the CCP. He agreed with me.

Another person asked, “Should I take the vaccine if it is not made in China?”

I said, “This virus is mutating rapidly, and vaccines may not be able to catch up with the mutations. Science cannot do much in front of this pandemic which is heaven’s will.”

I explained, “An authoritative scientist said in a video: ‘Although human society is developing at high speed, the moral standard, self-control, and our treatment toward other species are declining fast. Under such circumstances, humans are facing devastating disaster.’”

I then said, “It is remarkable that a scientist can see that the cause of a catastrophe is connected to human beings' moral standard.”

“Our traditional Chinese culture talked about 'gods of plague,' whose duty is to eliminate bad people. The good people will survive. Only those people who can tell good from evil and reject the evil will remain.”

I told him, “From your voice I can tell you are a kind person. Good people will be blessed.” I then moved to the topic of quitting the CCP. In most cases, the people I spoke with agreed to quit the CCP.

Once, a netizen chatted with me for 40 minutes. At the end of our conversation he said, “Thanks to practitioners, we can break through the internet blockade and know the truth. We have been living under suppression for decades. I am so happy to be able to chat with you today. Thank you so much! Please pay attention to your safety.”

A Christian told me, “You people are doing great! I admire Falun Dafa practitioners.”

After understanding the truth, many people asked for Zhuan Falun and videos that demonstrate the exercises. Some thanked Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa. I could feel their joy.

From my experience we should have compassion from the bottom of our hearts. A key to helping people understand the truth is to talk to them patiently, try to understand them, and gain their trust. They won't listen if we try to force our views on them.

I talked to one person who’d re-joined the CCP after he quit. I feel our goal is not only to help people quit the CCP, but also to help them understand why they should quit. Only when people truly understand that the CCP is evil and Falun Dafa is good have they truly positioned themselves correctly.

I also realized that my human attachments can negatively impact people. When I began making calls, I always felt rushed and I spoke very fast. The receivers often became impatient and soon hung up. When I then dropped my impatience and adjusted my speed, peoples' attitudes changed. Making phone calls is also part of my cultivation. I have improved a lot during the process.

I thank Master for giving me this opportunity to clarify the truth to Chinese people. I will treasure the precious time we have, save more people, and fulfill my vow to help Master during the Fa-rectification.

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