(Minghui.org) I was a regular practitioner and participated in making phone calls to China on the global platform. Due to the CCP virus pandemic, I had more time at home, so I was appointed group leader on the platform during certain hours every day.

At first, nothing changed—I just helped make phone calls with the group. But I later noticed that I was given more responsibilities. I also needed to encourage the other practitioners so that they could make phone calls directly and overcome barriers in their minds. I realized this was also an opportunity for me to improve.

We were recently asked to share more on improving our xinxing. I first sent a special notice to my group. Because some practitioners might overlook group emails, I sent phone text messages individually to remind them.

I noticed their reactions, and that made me recall how I behaved in the past when it came to cooperating with the coordinators. Now that I was a coordinator, I saw the issue clearly. When a coordinator puts forward a suggestion, how do the others cooperate? What does it mean to cooperate and contribute positively?

Their reactions varied: some worked hard and wrote down their experiences. Without additional reminders, they tried their best. Others cooperated but only minimally. The third group didn’t even think about cooperating. The fourth group gave excuses not to participate.

After the sharing was over, I could see the whole picture clearly, and I compared myself with each one. One practitioner did her best. I wondered if I could be like her and cooperate unconditionally every time. If I couldn’t, I might become less committed even though I knew how important it is to cooperate. Sometimes I’m reluctant to cooperate because I don’t think about the pressure the other party might be under—I just do the assignment my own way. Sometimes I feel cooperating with others is just too difficult.

I enlightened that cooperating without conditions is a manifestation of one’s realm and cultivation level. Our different realms reflect how much we can contribute to others.

This experience let me have a new enlightenment to what Master said, “...try to always be thoughtful towards others.” (“The Ninth Talk,” Zhuan Falun)

How we handle coordinators’ requests shows whether we can set aside our own ego and follow Dafa’s universal principles.

Above is my sharing. If anything is inappropriate, please kindly point it out.

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