(Minghui.org) The Minghui website reminded Falun Dafa adherents to uninstall spyware like WeChat, QQ, TikTok, Kwai, and others. I reinstalled WeChat only days after uninstalling it, as I missed the convenience it offered. I actually uninstalled and reinstalled the app over 10 times. Master even gave me a hint. One day, my WeChat was hacked and I couldn’t use it to make purchases; so I uninstalled it again. However, one day later, I wanted the convenience and reinstalled it.

I was videotaped by a surveillance camera as I distributed truth clarification materials in a residential area in December 2020. Four days later I was ambushed and arrested. 

The villains tried to force me to tell them my iPhone password, but I refused. They put me in handcuffs and tried to unlock the phone using each of my fingers in turn—luckily I hadn't used a fingerprint for my security code. However, I worried about an online purchase I recently made. My address would be exposed if the courier service called while I was in detention. I begged Master to protect me. As a result, they didn’t call and I was released.

After I returned home, I bought a new telephone card using a relative’s ID and downloaded WeChat again. When I bought a memory card the next day, I found the store owner was somebody from my past. Upon seeing me, he grabbed my phone and added me to his WeChat without asking if it was okay. He also wanted to add me to his TikTok account. I didn’t have TikTok, so he began to download it for me. When I tried to stop him, he said, “There is no problem, you can uninstall later.” Luckily, I forgot my password for the App Store, so he couldn’t complete the installation.

I am a taxi driver. At about 6 p.m. three days later, two men called my cab. They spoke with an accent and asked me to drive them to a residential area. When we arrived, the older man told the younger one to go and do something while he waited in the car. About 10 minutes later, the older man got a call. I heard the other person ask him if he had caught anyone. The man said, “We followed them to the railway station. They didn’t take the train, they just turned around and ran in a different direction. However, we have located them by their phones. We traced them to a residential area and are on site now.” 

I was shocked to hear this. They were plainclothes police officers doing a cross-jurisdiction arrest. I realized then how easy it is to find a person's location.

I immediately told the man that I had to go home and asked him to get another taxi. 

After I got home, I recalled all the abnormal incidents of the day, and eventually realized it was Master’s hinting that I should uninstall WeChat. I finally uninstalled the program and vowed not to reinstall it again. To avoid other spy programs, I restored my phone to its factory settings.

Dear fellow practitioners, be sure to immediately delete all spy apps from your phones. They are all “plainclothes spies,” which can harm you and others.

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