(Minghui.org) Part 1 of this series explains how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has enslaved Chinese people and stolen the wealth they created. Although China is the world’s second-largest economy, it is the CCP officials who have really reaped the benefits.

In addition to exploiting the Chinese, the CCP has also advanced communist ideology around the world, threatening universal values and morality.

Unrestricted Warfare

The CCP military first raised the concept of “unrestricted warfare” in 1999 as a long-term strategy against the U.S. and, more broadly, the West.

Unlike traditional warfare, which focuses on military actions and minimizes civilian casualties, the concept of unrestricted warfare encompasses all possible means. They include traditional warfare, trade wars, terrorist attacks, ecological damage, network interference, resource depletion, media intrusion, financial manipulation, and cultural infiltration.

In other words, the CCP sees every part of society as a war zone.

How the CCP Uses Western Companies for Its Own Gain

First, the CCP entices Western companies by creating the illusion that it is easier to make money in China than in their home countries, where governments and the private sector are separated and competition is key. Western governments regulate industries but do not intervene in business operations of the private sector. There is also the independent media that help monitor improper behavior.

In China, however, the CCP is both a player and the referee, with the government owning and controlling many enterprises that make up the majority of the Chinese economy. Private enterprises are only allowed to operate in non-critical areas of the economy. Moreover, all media outlets are owned or controlled by the CCP, and they say whatever the CCP wants people to hear.

Foreign companies are also forced to give up their principles. They bribe CCP officials in the name of “following the local culture,” ignore the CCP’s human rights violations, and benefit from the CCP’s enslaving Chinese people while destroying the country’s environment. From time to time, they also have to speak out on behalf of the CCP in their own countries.

Many of these foreign companies find their honeymoon with the CCP short-lived. The CCP does not want to give them money forever; its true goal is to dominate the world and enrich itself. This can better be done through Chinese companies, over which it has full control.

One way the CCP gives Chinese companies an edge in global competition is facilitating intellectual property theft. In exchange for helping Western companies generate profits, the CCP forces these companies to turn over intellectual property, manufacturing processes, and other proprietary knowledge to their Chinese partners. These Chinese companies then begin to produce the same products at a lower cost and take over the market–all with minimal investment in research and development.

Thirty years ago, the CCP used this technique to bring in Japanese and Korean washer, dryer, and television manufacturers. After learning their technologies, the Chinese brands kicked them out of China and began to compete against them in the global market.

Shifting the Financial Burden to Chinese People

To help its companies win in the international market, the CCP shifts the cost to the Chinese people.

For example, Huawei undersells Western companies by 40 percent on network base stations and 5G networking equipment. When Huawei signs a contract with an international client, the state-owned China Development Bank offers a loan to the buyer and transfers the money to Huawei immediately. If the client can’t pay back the loan, Huawei does not suffer the loss. Rather, China Development Bank eats the loss, which is then borne by the Chinese people.

Huawei recorded a net profit of 47.5 billion yuan ($7.2 billion USD) in 2016, but China Development Bank had a loss of 82.8 billion yuan ($12.6 billion USD). The bank lost 257.3 billion yuan ($39.2 billion USD) between 2013 and 2017 while Huawei's profit kept rising. This type of backing by a state-owned bank is an advantage Western companies will never have.

The CCP pushes Huawei into the international market because it needs the company to spy on telecommunications as part of its unrestricted network warfare and information warfare against the world. Huawei helps the CCP to monitor and steal information from people both inside China and around the world.

The CCP’s Allies

To win in unrestricted warfare, the CCP recruits global elites as part of its united front strategy. It lures leaders in political, economic, cultural, education, and media fields with money, stocks, and sexual favors that can be used for blackmail.

In return, some political and business leaders praise the CCP and encourage their governments to collaborate with the communist regime in the name of globalization. They also turn a blind eye to the CCP’s human rights violations, intimidation of Western companies, infiltration into Western countries, and persecution of religious and ethnic minorities. The list also includes the most evil crime against humanity–organ harvesting from living prisoners of conscience, mostly Falun Gong practitioners but also Uyghurs and other minority groups.

Trump’s Fight Against the CCP

The U.S. didn’t wake up until Donald Trump became the president in 2016.

Like other U.S. presidents, Trump initially had the hope that the CCP would honor its promises to the world, such as opening the China market as it promised when it joined the World Trade Organization in 2000. He had hoped to use negotiation to change the CCP’s behavior and initiate a structural change in China, so that China would follow the rules of the capitalist market and be a fair player. That would bring great benefit to the Chinese people and to the world.

But that structural change would require the CCP to give up its special privilege, lessen its ability to enslave the Chinese, and, more importantly, possibly lose its power.

No matter how many promises the CCP makes to the world, it does not honor them. In the U.S.-China trade war, the CCP played many rogue tactics. It agreed to the trade terms but completely threw them away later. Eventually Trump forced the CCP to sign the trade agreement on January 15, 2020.

However, what Trump didn’t know was that the CCP covered up the COVID-19 outbreak in China when they signed the deal. Then the pandemic spread and dragged down the world’s economy and trade, making the U.S.-China trade agreement impractical to implement.

The Trump administration started to realize the CCP’s true nature and its threat to the world. It then took a much harder stance against the CCP. Trump’s fight negatively impacted the CCP’s allies in the U.S. who were raking in money from China, and in turn these allies favored a “moderate” candidate for president in the 2020 election.

How the World Can Win Against the CCP

The U.S. elites who have been supporting the CCP should realize that the CCP does not plan to be their friends forever, as history has shown.

During China’s civil war from 1946 to 1949, the CCP formed a united front with business owners, scholars, and other political parties. After the CCP took power, however, it soon turned against those groups: it eliminated (including physically) the capitalist class, muzzled the scholars and political parties, and put many intellectuals in labor camps.

Top businessmen in China usually do not last long. Every few years, the government takes down a group of them under corruption charges and confiscates their assets.

The CCP has never respected human rights. Its goal is to conquer the world and destroy all of humankind through unrestricted warfare, including the war to destroy our morality.

In contrast, Western countries respect human rights and private property, which the U.S. Constitution defines as “unalienable rights.” Giving up our principles to help the CCP will destroy our universal values and make everyone, including ourselves, vulnerable to the CCP’s persecution. Everyone outside China, on both the left and the right, should realize the danger of the CCP and the danger of making deals with the biggest perpetrator of crimes against humanity.

In the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx referred to communism as a specter that was haunting Europe. Now as the communist specter has spread its ideology and control in the world, every human being faces tough questions: How can we discern the righteous from the evil? And how can we uphold the righteous and resist the evil?

The answer lies in our returning to traditional values, upholding our morality, and starting a soul search. Our purpose in this world is not just to seek material gains and material enjoyment; more important is the need for spiritual enrichment and enlightenment. Only then will we prove to the Creator that America and the rest of the world are worth being blessed by the divine. Only then we will have the power to win against the CCP.

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