(Minghui.org) I still remember a vivid dream I had a couple of years ago. 

In my dream, the skies were dark and cloudy, many Falun Dafa practitioners were gathered and quietly sitting at a square. They knew it was the day they would return to the heavens and they quietly waited for the heavenly gate to open and being greeted and received by Master.

The clouds parted and thousands of beams of light illuminated the earth. The heavenly gate suddenly opened and on both sides of the gate, there were divine beings playing heavenly music. Master, wearing a golden yellow kasaya appeared. Master sat grandly by the heavenly gate. I heard Master say in a solemn and magnificent voice: “You may return.”

Many Dafa disciples and I rose from the ground and flew towards the heavenly gate. When I was about to reach the heavenly gate, I involuntarily looked back down and saw something startling: Many practitioners I knew were unable to fly up. I heard their anguished cries but they were unable to fly up. 

Without hesitation, I flew down, in hopes of bringing them up with me. I was unable to bring any of them because their bodies were as heavy as stones. Even though my body felt as light as a feather, I still could not bring them up. Deep down in my heart, I knew this was the last chance for them to return home. I wept and yelled out: “Hurry and fly up! Hurry!” Unfortunately, it was of no use—they simply could not come up.

At that moment, I heard Master’s grand voice: “Their attachments are too strong and can no longer return.” At that moment I awoke with tears streaming from my eyes. 

I wondered why Master revealed this scene to me? Perhaps I was supposed to write down what I saw to remind other practitioners. Or perhaps it was to remind myself that when that day comes, it will be too late for any regrets. 

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