(Minghui.org) During the outbreak of the CCP virus at the beginning of 2020, many villages and residential communities blocked their entrances. This did not bother me; I only held one firm thought: We should seize the time to help save more people!

Reaching Out to People with Compassion

One day I met an elderly man to whom I clarified the truth and gave a Minghui desk calendar last year. He recognized me: “Sister, I'm so glad to see you. What you told me was correct.

“The pandemic did come! I have stayed at home for more than four months, and I met you on my first day out today. Really, thank you!” I told him to thank Master Li.

There is a fruit store near my home, and many people gathered there to play cards. I helped them quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations and often gave them Dafa brochures.

Once, when I gave out the card with information to break the Internet blockade to a fruit seller, he said, “I will be the first one to support whoever brings down the Communist Party!”

Whenever I go there, I can hear people badmouthing the CCP, which shows how unpopular the CCP is. When I later stopped by the fruit seller's store and asked about his business, he said, “It’s like magic! After I criticized the CCP, my business has gotten much better.”

I told him, “Heaven will eliminate the Communist Party, and you stand on the side of righteousness!” He was glad to hear this.

Never Give Up in the Face of Difficulties

My daughter hired workers to install a new water heater and to paint the house this year. This project took a lot of my time as I needed to work, cook and go out to clarify the truth to people.

I tried my best to balance my time to get all these things done. When two workers came to install the water heater, I welcomed them and offered water and fruit. When they started to work, I changed the topic to quitting the Chinese Community Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

The younger man spoke loudly, “I'm here to work, not to listen to what you said. I've heard enough and don’t believe these things!”

I felt discouraged after hearing this. I smiled, “Young man, if you don’t want to listen to what I just said, what about today's scientific understandings versus five thousand years of Chinese civilization?”

He replied, “I don’t believe in anything except money.” I then asked Master in my heart to help save this man: “There's nothing wrong with valuing money. However, money is not always able to do everything. Many people died in China and abroad during this pandemic. No matter how much money you have, can you escape this plague?”

He then asked, “If the pandemic targets the CCP, why did it also hit other countries who have no CCP?” I replied, “Good question! Think about it; which country does not have a Chinese embassy? Which country has no spies arranged by the CCP?” He agreed.

I continued, “If you believe in gods, you will be blessed after quitting the CCP. Gods only want to see whether you believe that ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’ or not.” He understood and quit the CCP with his real name. His coworker also quit the CCP.

There was still a small problem with the new water heater. So my daughter called the younger worker back to check. I asked about his family and learned his wife was a member of the Communist Youth League and that his child was very young. So I asked him to help his wife quit the CCP too.

I also gave him a booklet titled the Pandemic Special Edition and told him to let his wife read it also. I cautioned that quitting the CCP works only when people truly believe it. He told me to rest assured; I could tell he truly understood me.

Recently, two other workers came to replace the heating pipes. No matter how warmly I greeted them, they just didn’t respond at all. I then switched the topic to quitting the CCP. One of them suddenly got angry, “I don’t want to listen to this. We will leave if you continue.”

At that time, my son-in-law was not happy either and told me, “They are here to work, not to listen to you. Go cook lunch for us; it’s none of your business!”

I was not moved by their demeanor and just felt they were pitiful. I smiled at my son-in-law and said, “It’s predestined for them to come to our home, and it’s their choice to listen or not to listen, but it’s my responsibility to tell them the truth.”

While I was cooking, I kept looking inwards and sending righteous thoughts to eliminate all interference that was blocking them from being helped.

My daughter came home for lunch, and I didn’t mention what happened earlier that morning, but just asked her to clarify the truth to the workers. My daughter agreed. By lunchtime, it was also time to send righteous thoughts.

I called them to eat lunch first, and in front of Master’s portrait, I asked Master to strengthen my righteous thoughts to help them. I then sent righteous thoughts for half an hour.

When I went to lunch, I found my daughter and son-in-law were drinking and chatting with the two workers. So I gave my daughter a signal.

She got it and started talking about my previous health problems and told them that my chronic liver disease was not treatable in the hospital, but was cured after practicing Falun Dafa

One of the workers said he didn’t believe this. My daughter said, “I wouldn’t believe it if this happened to another family, but it happened to my mother!” The worker didn’t want to continue the conversation, and I felt very sad after hearing this.

I went back to Master’s portrait after lunch and pressed my hands together (in heshi), “Master, It’s a pity if I couldn’t help them today, as they already came to my home. Please strengthen me.”

Then I walked back and found one of the workers not drinking alcohol, as if he was not feeling well. I asked him if he was feeling okay, and he said no. I said, “The second wave of the pandemic is coming. The plagues have eyes and people who refuse to quit the CCP will be hit the hardest. No one will be left out.”

I also told him that Falun Dafa is saving people and that it is a heavenly law that good is rewarded with good and evil meets evil. I said that when dynasties change, this is controlled by gods, and regardless of which dynasty has come and gone, China is still standing. He understood and gladly quit the youth league.

I also gave him some pamphlets, a Dafa amulet, and asked him to recite “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” He agreed.

After lunch, my daughter told me not to spend more effort on helping the other worker. I felt very bad, but I was determined not to give up on him.

I started out by saying, “Nowadays, the disasters in China are eliminating the people who side with the CCP and the atheists.”

He blurted out, “Xi is the best leader in history. I will follow him to the end!”

I asked him, “If Xi was the best leader like you said, he should bring happiness and peace to the Chinese people. Now there are natural disasters everywhere.” At this point, I saw he was sweating a lot and his clothes were soaked. So I quickly fanned him until his clothes were almost dry.

I felt like I had said enough. Then he asked his co-worker and my son-in-law to leave and only kept me in the room. He closed the door and changed his attitude completely: “Aunt, you are the kindest person I have ever met. Please help me quit the CCP with my real name.”

I was totally relieved, as he really understood the truth. He was very angry when I told him I was imprisoned for practicing Falun Dafa. He was finally saved, and I thanked Master for the help.

The home was kind of messed up during the remodeling project, and my daughter and I cleaned up together. Because I practice Falun Dafa, I was more energetic than her.

Once, my son-in-law and I carried a table from the garage to our home on the fourth floor. He needed to take a break, saying the table was too heavy, while I didn’t feel it was heavy at all. They are young but not as capable as me when doing the housework.

My daughter originally dared not to tell her co-workers that I practice Falun Dafa. She now tells them that her mother gained good health because of practicing Dafa. She even helped her three co-workers quit the CCP.

Believing in Master and the Fa; Denying the Persecution

I have been illegally arrested and sentenced over 17 times due to appealing for Dafa in Beijing after the persecution of Falun Dafa began on July 20, 1999.

I live in the countryside, and my house is one story. When they came to arrest me, one police officer climbed onto my house and entered my yard to open the door for the other officers.

Sometimes when nobody was home, they would search my house and steal many of my personal belongings. My children also suffered a lot. My daughter later asked me to stay in her home. Wherever I stay, I listen to Master and do the three things well.

Gradually, fellow practitioners came to my daughter’s home to study the Fa together. We were reported by the neighbors several times. Once, four police officers came to my daughter’s home after someone reported us. They left as I was not home.

My daughter then called and told me to hide and not return, as she was afraid the police would come back. I thought my fellow practitioners would come to my home for group Fa study, so I couldn’t just care about my own safety and not theirs.

Fellow practitioners were also supposed to pick up truth-clarification materials from me that day, and I needed to distribute them. I had to wait for them no matter how dangerous it could be.

Master said,

“If you truly follow the righteous way in cultivation, nobody will dare to do something to you at will. Besides, you have the protection of my fashen, and you will not be in any danger.” (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun)

As soon as I got home, my daughter asked me to leave immediately. She said that the officers ordered me to report to the police station and told the family to cooperate.
I said that their intentions didn’t count. But she was too scared to listen and just asked me to leave.

At this point, fellow practitioners started arriving. My daughter was even more afraid, and she cried when she saw more than 10 practitioners enter her home.So I told them not to come in the following days.

I tried to find a new Fa study location but was unable to. In the end, I made up my mind and told my daughter I wouldn't hide any more, as I have Master protecting me.
My daughter agreed with me. I knew that the group Fa study site is arranged by Master, and we will stick to it no matter how difficult things get.

Breaking Through Obstacles and Doing the Three Things Well

During the pandemic, all residential communities have been sealed off, and fellow practitioners couldn’t come to deliver materials to me. We also didn’t call each other for safety's sake. Under these circumstances, I recited three Fa lectures a day for nine days.

I then thought that I had to go out to help people no matter what. I didn’t have the materials I needed, but I still had some Dafa amulets left. If I couldn’t enter the residential communities, I could talk to the guards at the entrance. So I went downstairs with some leftover candy for the New Year.

I approached the young guard at the entrance: “Here are some candies for you. Due to the pandemic, no relatives came to visit us, so these are leftovers; but they are quite good.”

He gladly accepted the candies. I then told him the facts about Dafa and asked him to let my friends in when they come to visit me. The guard agreed after seeing I was so healthy for my age.

Master then hinted for to me to find fellow practitioner Yao's home. From a long distance, I saw that the entrance to her home was blocked by barbed wire.

Fortunately, I found there were a few holly trees by the barbed wire. When I walked closer, I found there was a small opening on the east side of the net, which was just enough for me to get through.

Thanks to Master, practitioner Yao quickly prepared truth-clarification pamphlets and copies of Minghui Weekly for me. I sincerely thanked Yao for her help.

We all understand the purpose of helping sentient beings to quit the CCP is to let them understand the true nature of the party and keep them safe when Heaven eliminates it.

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