(Minghui.org) For the past four-plus years I have participated in making calls to people in the police, prosecutor (procuratorate), and judicial departments in China from the global telephone rescue platform. I deeply felt I shouldered great responsibilities. Because these people are not only perpetrators for participating in the persecution of Falun Dafa but also the sentient beings working at these places have been poisoned by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

If they didn’t understand the truth and were to continue undermining Dafa and persecuting practitioners, they would face punishment by man and Heaven, even face elimination by Heaven – which is a most tragic ending.

Nowadays in China, it’s rather difficult and risky for practitioners to go directly to clarify the facts to those police officers who work at the police department, procuratorate, and judicial systems. However, calls from our practitioners outside of China would not be of great concern. After they learn the truth, they will no longer persecute practitioners. They not only choose a bright future but also provide local practitioners the chance to awaken people’s conscience. Therefore, it makes calling people from the police, procuratorate, and judicial systems important.

Listening to the Truth

I once called the office of a Beijing Political and Legal Affairs Committee. At first a young lady answered the call. I told her that due to persecuting Dafa, the former Chinese Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin has been charged in more than 50 courts in more than 30 countries outside China. The crimes he was charged with were genocide, torture, and crimes against humanity.

She said that it had nothing to do with her. After that, she hung up. When I called her again, as soon as she picked up the call, she began to swear at me, then hung up on me again. I wasn’t moved by this but rather thought: For all these years, we have used all kinds of ways to clarify the facts to people, but still, she didn’t understand the truth of the staged Self-Immolation at Tiananmen Square.

I called her again and said to her peacefully, “The self-immolation incident is a hoax which was used by Jiang to defame Dafa, and was directed by the CCP regime. Take a look at the self-immolator Wang Jindong - though his clothes were burnt, his face was also burnt black, yet his hair was intact, the so-called gasoline bottle which he was holding between his legs was also intact. Look at another self-immolator Liu Siying, who could sing a song despite that she just had tracheotomy surgery. This incident is full of loopholes.”

She listened to me quietly, and I continued to talk. I told her that everyone who had participated in persecuting Dafa was executing the illegal orders from Jiang as opposed to doing something according to the law. Thus, when the law is addressed they will face litigation.

I also mentioned that what Jiang committed was a felony, which was the same crime as the Nazis committed in World War II. At the Nuremberg Trials, some nurses were executed. There were also security guards and cooks brought to trial, which was also documented. I offered her a website to check it out herself.

In the end, I said I was calling from overseas, and paying the cost of an international phone call, because I wanted her to be safe.

I also told her that Dafa had spread to the world, with millions of people practicing, as well as how the CCP killed its accomplices. I also shared with her the website about circumventing the Internet blockade, and how to ensure one’s safety. During the call, one time the listener changed to a male. He listened quietly.

In the end, the phone got passed back to that female, and she said, “Sister, you have talked for the whole afternoon. We understood what you said, it’s all for our own good.” After that, she said, “Sister, I want to apologize to you. I am so sorry for being terribly rude.” I said, “Not a problem. As long as you understand the truth now, that’s good.” She then suggested we wrap up, as it was about time to go home. She said that she would tell others what I told her.

I also often came across people who didn’t know about the truth and were swearing at me at first. They then showed their appreciation after learning the truth. She was, however, the first one to sincerely apologize and offer to help spread the truth.

Giving More Specific Reasoning

Last year, practitioners from the rescue platform made calls on “Beijing Focused Special Cases.” My call came through and reached a police station in a certain district in Beijing. The other party greeted me by saying, “Hello, this is the so-and-so police station.” After he learned my intent, he hung up on me, so I called him again.

We talked back and forth a few times, then he pretended that it was a daycare center and said that repeatedly. I took it as that he looked to having a more relaxing way to listen to the truth. So I said, “Kid, please be quiet and listen to me, so I can tell you a story.” Sure enough, he became quiet. I then said that persecuting Dafa was an international felony, violating Article No. 35 and No. 36 under the Chinese Constitution. I then brought in some prophecies – the fall of the Roman Empire, the “Hidden Character Stone,” and why one had to quit the CCP and its youth organizations.

Meanwhile, he asked me to drink some water by saying in a child’s tone: Your voice was muffled, why don’t you go get some water? I declined. But since he persisted, I said, Fine, let me sip some water. After that, I carried on with my talk. He didn’t hang up on me this time but continued to listen. In the end, he played the National Anthem, with a lyric reading, “Advancing Against Enemy Fire!” I said, “If that were the case, wouldn’t we all become cannon fodder? We certainly don’t want that to happen.” I then played a song that represented our practitioners from outside China. Then I played “Coming for You.” After he finished listening to it, he hung up. He had listened to me for 23 minutes.

Calling “Wuhan Focus Cases”

With the outbreak of the CCP virus in Wuhan City in late January 2020, the city was locked-down. Our Rescue Platform timely organized us to call “Wuhan Focus Cases.” I called a number belonging to a police station. A lady picked up the call. I told her, “If you could sincerely recite ‘Falun Dafa is wonderful!’, then you can escape from this plague.” She was caught off guard, then asked me, “Will it really work?” I said, “For sure! Falun Dafa is a Buddha Law, Buddha’s teachings are boundless. If one is sincere, it will work. But if you don’t want to believe what I said, then it won’t work.” She quickly said, “I do! I do!”

I then called a police department. I told him that the plague was meant to target the Chinese Communist tyranny. The CCP persecuting Dafa and committing forced live organ harvesting from practitioners would not be not tolerated by Heaven. Therefore, Heaven started this plague to eliminate the CCP. If one renounced one’s memberships in the CCP and its youth organizations, one could ensure one’s safety. In other words, as long as one cuts oneself off from the CCP, one will not be impacted.

I also told him that the final verdict of the British Independent People’s Tribunal has kicked off the great trial of history, and the gavel has been struck. He quietly listened for more than 20 minutes. After he understood the truth, he decided to quit the CCP. He said he was a Party member, and asked me to use a pseudonym along with his true company name to help him quit the CCP. In the end, I wished him good health and security.

After that, I called a Wuhan Community Management Office. It was a short call and only lasted a bit over two minutes. A woman ansered, and I said, “Hello. I saw on the Internet that the CCP virus was very serious and that Wuhan was under a lockdown. It really worried me. Do you know what the lockdown means? Let me give you an analogy, it’s like a person with a rotten finger. So that it won't infect other parts of the body, the entire finger has to be removed. The same thing with a city lockdown--it means you are abandoned.”

She said, “I see.” Then I said, “But our practitioners think about you and want you to stay safe.” I told her that the CCP virus was not dreadful, nor was the plague. If you sincerely recite “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” you can escape from the calamities and stay safe. She choked up and then said, “Thank you!” She then took down the website and the number for quitting the CCP.

I wanted to give my blessings to those people who have learned the truth; I sincerely appreciate the environment provided by the rescue platform so that we can cooperate with one another, and awaken the conscience of people.

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