(Minghui.org) Whenever it got close to the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) “sensitive dates,” I had certain thoughts. While reading the news on Minghui about China, I noticed that persecution cases seemed to increase during these dates. I started to believe it and formed some human notions.

I realized that there was no need to be afraid—but our human notions and attachments could intensify the manifestation of these illusions.

We are cultivators and know that from a high-level perspective, negative beings at different levels control and direct human beings to do bad deeds. The bad deeds that people do have nothing to do with practitioners. The reason bad things happen is due to our shortcomings and because we subconsciously acknowledge and allow the existence of these beings.

In the process of rectifying ourselves, we should completely negate the persecution. We should be resolute and not allow the bad elements to exist in our hearts. We should be clear that we are in the period of Fa-rectification, and understand that we are cultivating during a special time—the Fa-rectification—this is not personal cultivation. We should negate the arrangements made by the old universe; they do not conform to Master’s Fa-rectification standards. The law of the cosmos restrains everything, and Master has made arrangements for us.

If we can maintain this mindset, nothing will dare to persecute us.

We should cultivate solidly, distinguish the difference between Fa-rectification cultivation and personal cultivation, negate any thoughts about the CCP’s sensitive dates, and do the three things well, then the sensitive dates will not have any effect.

This is my current, personal understanding and is for reference only.

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