(Minghui.org) From ancient times to modern-day, there have always been prophecies that failed to accurately predict what will happen in the world, no matter whether the prophecies are arrived at through supernormal powers or observations of celestial signs. Why?

Personally, I think that that's because heavenly secrets are not allowed to be disclosed to a large area of the world and that the less accurate prophecies are helps preserve the illusions in the human world while still serving as a warning to people. On the other hand, many of those accurate prophecies weren’t broadly spread in the human world until the things they predicted had already happened.

Many prophecies were arranged and left by the lives of the old cosmos, who didn’t know the whole process of the true Fa-rectification. Maybe some parts of the prophecies are accurate and some aren’t. For example, the prophecy in Prophecies of Nostradamus that evil would begin to persecute Falun Gong in July 1999 was accurate, but some of the subsequent prophecies were not.

Many practitioners may have felt as if the time to end the evil has been delayed again and again. My understanding is that Master has long spoken about waiting for Dafa disciples to complete their cultivation and for more people to be saved. But when the process is extended again and again, practitioners who still have human attachments may become impatient. And this is exactly what we need to cultivate away.

Master said:

“Whatever day history is to end on, that day cannot be delayed no matter what. There can only be changes made to specific things or what unfolds in the process. Things that are not done well will impact things later on, but this overall time frame cannot be extended. This isn’t a matter of Master being compassionate or not. The reality is, in the end, if anything that has been saved or re-formed is not what I want or does not reach my standard, it will have been for naught since it will have to be destroyed. This time cannot be exceeded. So, for the beings that cannot be saved, that’s just how it is.” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI)

Master also taught us:

“The cosmos is so vast and the Fa I’m teaching is so immense, so of course things of the Dao system and things of Gods are part of it. You actually haven’t realized that things of Western religions are also included.” (Teachings at the Conference of Changchun Assistants)

When I was reading Zhuan Falun, it showed me in my current realm the time of the final deadline. It also showed me why there was no miracle in January 2021 as things weren’t supposed to finish by then. The book of Zhuan Falun is heavenly and the Fa has shown me some of the arrangements and happenings of the true Fa-rectification (some of which have already happened). But of course, what I saw was limited due to my level.

I suggest that fellow practitioners who are concerned about this issue of time study the Fa more, and they will naturally know what they should know. There is no need to stick to and follow the prophecies in the media. That is to enlighten ordinary people’s righteous thoughts. It is for them.

Practitioners can only follow the Fa and do not need to read the so-called prophecies. Even the very high level of gods do not know the arrangement of Fa-rectification and who can predict it accurately? As a practitioner, in fact, learning the Fa, cultivating the mind, and saving more people is what is fundamental to us.

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