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10. An 80-Year-Old Practitioner: “I Levitated.”

Su Yun (alias) is in her 80s. She started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998 and has had some amazing experiences. She wanted to share her story.

Multiple Illnesses Resolved

“Before I practiced Falun Dafa, I had more than ten ailments, including cervical spine hyperostosis, macular degeneration, cataracts, cerebrovascular disease, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, a frozen shoulder, chronic colitis, and kidney problems.”

“I easily caught colds. I was afraid of the cold and even wore a warm coat in the summer. To treat my eye disorder and cerebrovascular disease, I was hospitalized for three months but my condition did not improve.

“I had trouble with balance. Several times while I was walking on the sidewalk, I couldn’t control myself and ended up in the middle of the road.

“I had many injections during all my treatments, resulting in broken muscle fibers in both my arms. There were large areas of lumps at the injection sites. A doctor said that injections would no longer be possible.

“I developed anemia because I took too many anti-inflammatory drugs. I went to doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, but taking after Chinese medicine for two years I did not improve. I also learned three kinds of qigong, but all in vain.

“When I heard that Falun Dafa was effective at resolving illnesses and keeping fit, I went to a practice site near my home and learned the exercises. Three days later Master cleansed my body. I went to the restroom more than 20 times in one day and my stool was black. I was concerned and asked a veteran practitioner, who told me it was a good thing and that Master Li had cleansed my body. My colitis was gone three days later.

“Three months after I began practicing, I had a sudden, intense pain in my belly. I looked at my abdomen. It was the site where I had gallstone surgery years before. The original scar was about four centimeters long, one centimeter thick, and one centimeter wide. It used to hurt and itch, so I tried Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, plasters, electrotherapy, and folk remedies.

“Master removed it from its root. Even the scar was gone, and the skin looked smooth. I was so moved that I cried. My gratitude to Master is really hard to express.”

Levitating after Defending Dafa

“I was 68 years old when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) initiated the persecution on July 20, 1999. A colleague advised me to stop practicing Falun Dafa.

“I told her, ‘Falun Dafa is good and I became healthy after practicing. It uplifts people’s morals so it benefits the country.’ I said I hoped she wouldn’t listen to the CCP’s propaganda. She said she knew Falun Dafa was good but was afraid of the CCP and its many political movements. I talked with her for over an hour.

“After we talked, I had to hurry to pay my electric bill. I felt at ease as I walked. My body then levitated for a distance of three bus stops. I was surprised and a little afraid. When I got to a crowded intersection I thought, ‘It would not be good if others saw me floating along instead of walking.’ With this thought, I stopped levitating and resumed walking.”

11. “Master Did Not Give Up On Me”

Another elderly practitioner wished to share his story. “I started practicing Falun Dafa in November 1997 when I was nearly 70. I did not take it seriously and thought that I would try it since it was so popular. I was not diligent. In 2001, all the ailments I’d had before I practiced returned, including rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, a stroke, sores, chronic gastritis, and so on.”

“I visited both Chinese medicine and Western medicine doctors and even witches but all in vain. Later, I got acute appendicitis and had surgery. I couldn’t walk. In the end, I became bedridden and my voice was so weak that only my wife could understand when I whispered, ‘Help me turn over.’

“After surgery, I couldn’t eat or drink for two weeks. My whole body looked wasted and it felt as though I was on my last breath. Friends and relatives who came to see me said I looked like I was dying. I wrote my will.

“A fellow practitioner came to see me. She ignored my appearance and said, ‘Be strong. You cannot leave—you haven’t fulfilled your responsibilities yet. If you don’t have righteous thoughts, Master cannot help you.’

“Hearing her words, my tears flowed. She then sat down in the lotus position and began reading the Fa to me. Later, other fellow practitioners took turns visiting me. They reminded me to have righteous thoughts and they also read the teachings to me.

“A month later I was able to get out of bed and everything was back to normal. I know that great and compassionate Master did not give up on me and gave me a second chance.

“Now I live a very fulfilling life. I can eat whatever I want and I’m very energetic. I recently learned to drive a motorcycle and I ride it to work.”

12. A Senior Practitioner’s Story

Mr. Liu, in his 80s, was illiterate. He liked to drink wine and frequently got drunk. He was also addicted to smoking and was a chain smoker.

His wife wanted to go to another village to watch the video of Master Li’s lecture one late afternoon in 1998. It was getting dark and he was worried about her safety, so he went with her. Many people were already there when they arrived. Liu decided he’d take a nap and looked for a corner where he could sit down.

Listening to Master’s teaching, he felt the principles Master talked about were good. Afterward, he said firmly, “I want to practice this.”

He could not read so he listened while his wife read. Later, with his persistent efforts he was able to read Zhuan Falun.

After he began practicing Falun Dafa, all his illnesses disappeared. He stopped smoking and drinking and became healthy. After the CCP initiated the persecution in 1999, he, his wife, and several practitioners went to Beijing by train to speak up for Dafa.

Shortly after they arrived on Tiananmen Square, the police stopped them. They asked where they came from and if they practiced Falun Dafa. They were taken to the Tiananmen police substation and detained. A few days later police officers came from Yunan and escorted them back.

Liu started to be fearful and became depressed. He studied the Fa and practiced the exercises at home. His wife and the other practitioners shared experiences and felt they should step forward to clarify the truth and raise awareness. They distributed information about Falun Dafa and encouraged Liu to join them.

Liu read the following teaching one day:

“Some of the people who have obtained the Fa and, at this human surface, come to know the meaning of the Fa, have had their lives extended through the Fa; some of them have received all kinds of benefits, such as good health, harmony in the family, indirect benefits to their relatives and friends, a reduction of their karma, and even Master’s bearing things for them. In other dimensions, their physical bodies are being transformed into God-bodies. Despite this, when Dafa is about to consummate you, you are unable to step forward from humanness, and when the evil persecutes Dafa you are unable to stand up to validate Dafa. These people who only want to take from Dafa and not give for Dafa are, in the eyes of Gods, the worst beings.” (“A Suggestion,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Liu understood, “Isn’t Master talking about me?” He felt ashamed and thought, “I am a smelter and I work very hard. For decades, I was sick and my life was miserable.

“After practicing Falun Dafa, all my illnesses disappeared. Even from the human level, I should thank Master and safeguard Dafa. I don’t want to be the worst life. I want to be a great life and to fulfill my vows.”

Liu told his wife, “I want to distribute information about Falun Dafa.” With his wife’s help and encouragement, he set aside his depression and joined other practitioners to raise awareness.

Liu has now clarified the truth and distributed informational materials for years. He’s traveled to towns, villages, and farms. Many people know him. When he passed by a farm one day, a farmer said loudly, “Falun Dafa is good!” Liu replied, “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” Both men smiled.

One time while Liu was riding his bicycle and distributing fliers, he was reported. A police minivan chased him. He thought he was doing a great thing by saving people and so he should not be caught. As soon as he had that thought, he heard someone inside the minivan shout, “That man has disappeared. Let’s go back.”

When he was reported another time, his bike chain suddenly broke. He stopped to repair it and a police minivan stopped behind him. Two officers stepped out and looked around. One said, “Where did that man go?” Liu understood that Master had protected him yet again.


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