(Minghui.org) I am 78 years old, and have been practicing Falun Dafa since July 1996. Within two months of beginning cultivation, Master purified my body. 

I experienced the miraculous power of Dafa, as all of my illnesses disappeared. Since then I told everyone I met about my personal experiences. I told them Falun Dafa is miraculous and that everything Master said in Zhuan Falun is true. I am determined to cultivate to the end.

On the morning of August 1, 2020, I moved a bag of rice from my balcony to my living room. The bag weighed 25 kilograms (about 55 lbs). While putting the bag down, I lost my balance and fell. I was injured and was in so much pain I could not get up. My immediate thought was, “I am okay; I am a Dafa practitioner and I have Master’s protection.” I begged Master for help. I was sweating profusely from the severe pain and my clothes were soaked. However, my mind was clear and calm. 

I lived alone but I did not call my children for help. I believed that a practitioner should not depend on his non-practitioner family members when going through tribulations, and that Dafa practitioners should trust in Master and Dafa. 

I then tried to sit in the lotus position. Suffering through the pain and determined in mind, I pulled my legs up into the lotus position with my hands. I immediately felt an easiness in mind, the feeling was miraculous and hard to describe with language. I felt that Master was right by my side protecting me.

Bearing the pain, I managed to move myself to my bed and started listening to Master’s Fa lectures. When it came time to send righteous thoughts, I spent nearly 30-40 minutes just to get myself in position.

I couldn't sleep for many days and nights because of the pain. I listened to Master’s Fa lectures during the day and listened to “Reminiscing About Master's Benevolence” (A Minghui Radio series featuring practitioners sharing their experiences during the early days when the Fa was introduced to the people) through the nights. 

I couldn't eat anything for the first three days. When I needed something I called my children, but I told them not to come otherwise.

I persistently practiced the exercises, read the Fa and sent righteous thoughts every day. I also listened to “Reminiscing About Master’s Benevolence” for 30 nights. Bathed in Master’s mighty compassion, I often forgot my physical pain. I searched inside for the reason I had this tribulation. 

I realized that I had a strong attachment to self-validation. When I had a new understanding of the Fa, or passed a tribulation, I tended to show it off among other practitioners. Over time, I mislead some practitioners and made them think I cultivated better than them. They then tended to talk to me when facing tribulations and I also brazenly told them what to do. 

More seriously, some of them who did not study the Fa diligently developed a dependency on me. I had thought that something was not right with me and it could be dangerous, but I was unable to understand it based on the Fa and was not able to correct myself. 

This tribulation woke me up. Through this tribulation, I came to understand: 

“Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun

Master saw that I had a heart to truly cultivate, and he helped me understand my attachments and enlightened me to the principles of the Fa. 

I am grateful for Master’s compassionate protection and enlightening. I will do the three things with greater effort to help more people!

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