(Minghui.org) On the day I started Falun Dafa cultivation in 1996, my celestial eye opened while I was practicing the exercises. I saw myself holding the Fa wheel alongside another me. The other me was young, beautiful, had delicate skin, and looked to be very pure. I realized that was the state I would be in on the day I reached consummation. 

Purified By Master

Prior to practicing Dafa, I suffered from colitis (inflammation of the colon), cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder), and gallstones. However, the most serious illness I had was thrombocytopenia (low platelet count). 

None of the medication I took helped increase my platelet numbers. The doctor said there was no cure, and told my husband to prepare for the worst. My husband and child cried when they were alone so I wouldn't see them. I felt that I was going to die because even touching my skin caused pain. 

At, midnight not long after starting Dafa cultivation, I was awakened by the sound of water flowing around my feet. My husband was in the bathroom. I told him I heard the sound of flowing water. He said I must be confused by a dream. When he turned on the light, he found the bed covers, mattress, blankets, and even the cardboard under the cushions were soaking wet. He was surprised. I knew that Master was purifying my body. A few days later, water dripped out of my belly button for over two hours, and then it happened again. 

After doing the exercises for a few days, all my illness symptoms disappeared. I made up my mind that I would cultivate Dafa forever. 

Forty Years of Grievances with My Mother-in-law Dissolve

Since becoming a Dafa practitioner, I have strictly followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and my xinxing has improved quickly. But I still found it difficult to let go of my resentment towards my mother-in-law. 

My husband's family lived in the countryside, and he got a job in a nearby town after graduating from college. She asked us to give her a pension when she was less than 50 years old. We often had to borrow money in order to support her. 

Prior to practicing Dafa, I gritted my teeth whenever my mother-in-law was mentioned. She didn't bathe all year long, so I felt she was dirty and smelled rotten. At that time, we didn't avoid each other and so grievances just accumulated. 

Master said: 

“ Of course, in practicing cultivation in ordinary human society, we should respect parents and educate our children. Under all circumstances, we must be good and kind to others, not to mention to our family members.” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun)

Since I began cultivating in Dafa, I worked hard to follow the Fa taught by Master, and gradually I was able to be kind to my mother-in-law. I often bought her food, clothing, and items for daily use. 

When she told me she wanted to have some hawthorn, I went to the market and asked the shopkeeper for permission to buy some for my mother-in-law. He said that I was such a good daughter-in-law, and told me to choose what I wanted. I gave the hawthorn to my mother-in-law that day, and she told me that she had asked her two daughters many times to buy her hawthorn, but no one had bothered to get it for her. 

When she was 83, I took her on a trip to Beijing and other places. Because I cultivate Dafa, I also slayed demons while traveling, and continued to do the three things. To facilitate taking care of her, we slept in the same bed, I explained the facts about Dafa, washed her clothing, bathed her, etc. She was happy and smiled all day. She was willing to tell me anything about herself, and she said that Master Li (Dafa's founder) had extended her life. 

After we returned home, whenever I talked about Falun Dafa or the CCP with people, relatives, and friends, when my husband was present, he would tell them, “This Fa is really great, Master is amazing.”

Validate Dafa Using Supernatural Power

During a nine-month period in 1998 to 1999, I floated up in the air every morning during the sitting meditation, and the two cushions I used, stayed by my hips. I did the sitting meditation in our living room, and people must pass through to get to the restroom. One day when my husband went by, I was floating up, and I said to Master in my heart: "Master, please decide if I should let him see or not." As a result, my husband saw me floating twice, my three daughters saw it happen once. 

Not long after July 20, 1999, at midnight, a Falun (law wheel) the size of a large bamboo basket was rotating beside my bedroom window, and it illuminated the room like daylight. Because it was so dazzling, I could only see the swastika in the middle. I sat up instantly, thinking it was noon, and wondering why I was still sleeping. I looked at my watch, and saw that it was midnight. I knew that Master was encouraging me to be firm in Dafa. Now, I realize that it was the prelude to using supernatural powers to validate the Fa. 

The path of validating the Fa with supernatural powers is difficult, because it requires a higher xinxing and good self-control. For a while, when doing the exercises, my main consciousness often left and wandered in other dimensions. It saw a dazzling array of amazing things like an eggplant that was several meters long, ten-foot-long beans, trees that emitted colorful lights, and a tree with different colored flowers. Later, I thought that I should maintain a tranquil mind during my practice and should not become attached to my powers. 

There was nothing worth seeing in the old universe; so I should cultivate well and go home with Master to see the new universe. I asked Master to close my celestial eye when doing the exercises, which He did. 

After Master asked disciples to send righteous thoughts, I started to catch demons from heaven and earth, and gradually learned how to use my supernatural powers. One time, I saw countless snakes flying towards me, which scared me. Master said, "There is nothing to fear from these little devils." Later on, I was able to control my supernatural powers and use them as I wished. 

I know that Fa-study is crucial to succeed in cultivation. After reading the new scriptures published by Master, I immediately knew which demons should be exterminated. I memorized all of Master's new teachings. Using Master's Fa, some demons were immediately destroyed, and others were taken away by righteous gods. 

One day, as I sent righteous thoughts, I saw beings in the righteous field that looked like me. I thought the images were conjured by demons, so I put them into four or five bags. A few days later, I saw the bags were still in the righteous field, and things were moving inside them. I recognized that the beings shouldn't be destroyed. Only then did I realize that they were not an illusion. 

I opened the bags and let them out. Since they had been bagged for so long, some could fly and some could not, some were lame, and some were unable to move. They were all alive and fully recovered after a while. 

I used to have a notion that I would keep my flesh body after reaching consummation. Once, Master let me experience the beauty of not having a physical body. I could go anywhere I wanted by just thinking about it. I went to earth to catch demons, and righteous gods illuminated the path for me. I could get any Fa instruments I wanted. Righteous Fa instruments automatically appeared for me to use, and they wanted to be placed in appropriate places. At first, I didn’t know how to use them. 

I wanted 10 pagodas, and 10 came; and then I asked for 20, and 20 appeared. Later, I remembered reading in Zhuan Falun that Falun were falling throughout the room like snowflakes. I wanted the Fa instruments to be as numerous as snowflakes, and countless ones appeared. In the end, those Fa instruments aligned to form huge words spelling "Falun Dafa is good," "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good," "Buddha," etc. The spectacular scene was beyond description. 

I traversed heaven and earth to catch and exterminate demons. I know my mission, and have a good grasp of it. Now I can mobilize all the righteous gods and Fa instruments. I learned how to use them and could control as many as were needed. Whenever I couldn't accomplish my task, I asked Master for help, and he always showed up to help me.

I had been critically ill prior to obtaining the Fa, but my life was renewed after I began spiritual cultivation. When I reached a new level, I saw the guardian gods on my body descending in two endless long rows. I thanked them, and they did the heshi mudra and thanked me. I didn't understand why. They said, “Because you cultivate Dafa, we will have a good future.” 

While I was sending righteous thoughts, I saw, in another dimension, a practitioner in my area who had deviated from the Fa being tortured by demons. The woman's hair was disheveled, she was covered in cuts and bruises, locked in a cage, and screaming in pain. No words could describe her misery. It was really sad to see. Undermining Dafa is a serious sin. 

I advise those who have deviated from the Fa: Fa-rectification is not over yet and there is still time to improve, so wake up immediately. Once the opportunity is gone, there will be no second chance. This is only a part of what I saw at my level—infinite hell is even more terrifying.

There have been times when I couldn't get over a tribulation. Because I have the ability of precognition and retrocognition, when someone thinks about me in his/her mind, I know it. I even know what the devil thinks. Sometimes when other practitioners said negative things about me that were fabricated, my heart was bitter. I would look inward and cultivate myself, and Master would show me the Fa in my mind and help me. Then, I passed the test at once. 

My supernatural powers were given by Master, so I have never had the attachment of zealotry, I have controlled myself well and walked on the path of cultivation smoothly to date. 

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