(Minghui.org) Based on several experiences I’ve had, I understand the importance of sending righteous thoughts. 

Two years ago, a police vehicle parked in front of my apartment building and did not leave. A surveillance camera on the vehicle was pointed at my window. I sent righteous thoughts towards the surveillance camera, and its light went out. But the light resumed a few days later. I enlightened that I did not complete the task. So I sent righteous thoughts again to eliminate the evil factors behind the camera. The camera light went out again. The vehicle left after I kept sending righteous thoughts for several days.

In 2019, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) celebrated its 70th anniversary. The CCP authorities in my city told all units, neighborhood administration, and stores to display the blood red CCP flags. As the flags contain the Party’s negative energy, I sent righteous thoughts to eliminate them. A few days later, the red flags at the entrance of my neighborhood, on two streets, and a nearby neighborhood were gone. 

I noticed three or four rows of surveillance cameras were added on a utility pole for satellite monitoring equipment beside the police station near my home at the end of 2020. All the police stations in this city have this satellite monitoring equipment. 

According to an online article written by a practitioner the CCP authorities were implementing a “zero-out campaign” [a concerted effort to force every single practitioner on the government’s black lists to renounce Falun Dafa] using big data. 

Based on the positive experience I had with the surveillance camera targeting my window, I sent the following righteous thought: “Destroy the electromagnetic layer arrangement of the big data satellite surveillance equipment of the police station.” After sending righteous thoughts for one hour, I noticed that all the lights of the surveillance cameras were out. I keep sending righteous thoughts every day since then. Today, (March 15, 2021) the lights are still out. 

Master taught us, 

“I’ll tell you, for years I have been continually saying that Dafa disciples’ abilities are tremendous, yet many people don’t believe this since those abilities were not allowed to be seen. Under the effect of righteous thoughts, everything around you, as well as you yourself, will undergo changes. Yet you have never thought to give it a try.” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching,”  Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI)

Dafa Disciples’ Righteous Thoughts are Powerful.” (Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I truly experienced my own dimensional field and surrounding dimensional fields are clean after sending righteous thoughts. I can do three things with little interference and the effect is good. How powerful it would be if every practitioner pays attention to and sends righteous thoughts whenever one has time beyond the four scheduled times every day!

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