(Minghui.org) I began to cultivate in 1996, and my husband joined me two years later. My journey of cultivation has been guided by Master Li Hongzhi’s benevolence. 


I suffered from many illnesses before I turned 30, including rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, stomach inflammation, joint pains, and more. Every month we spent almost all of my husband's salary on medicine, but I was still very sick.

Then, I vomited blood in November, 1996, but had no money for the medical examinations. I begged heaven to let me die—I could no longer burden my family. 

A doctor introduced Falun Dafa to me. “It is a Buddhist cultivation method,” he said. “Many people are practicing it. It might be good for you.” The word “Buddhist” touched me. I agreed to check out this cultivation system, hoping it would reduce my financial burden, especially since it was free. The doctor told me that Master’s lecture video would be shown in a conference room in the hospital that afternoon, and he suggested that I attend. 

The room was filled with people. When I saw Master on the screen, I felt energy flowing through my body. I was excited and cried, since I saw hope. 

I started to read Zhuan Falun the next day. Reading Master’s book was instrumental to making up my mind to follow his teachings and live by Dafa’s high standards. 

After attending the nine lectures, I joined the group exercises on the 10th day. Within one month, I recovered from all my illnesses, and my body felt light. It has been 24 years. 

My husband witnessed the power of Dafa, so he started to cultivate in 1998. He recovered from all his illnesses, including low blood pressure, and varicose veins. We witnessed the amazing power of Master and Dafa. Our appreciation cannot be described in words. We knew that to thank Master we must follow his teachings and do the three things well. 

Respecting and Believing in Master and the Fa

Master told us, 

“In order for Dafa disciples to walk their paths well and do the three things well, they must study the Fa well and take Fa-study seriously [......] That is because the Fa is the foundation; it is what’s fundamental for Dafa disciples; it is what ensures everything; and it is the avenue by which a human being journeys toward godhood.” (“To the Australia Fa Conference,” The Essentials for Diligent Progress)

We follow Master’s teachings, which is doing the exercises, and studying the Fa every morning. I always sit in the double lotus position when reading the Fa. My copy of Zhuan Falun was confiscated by the police. After being released from the forced labor camp in 2004, I started to transcribe Zhuan Falun in order to study it.

My transcription looked neat, and looked just like the official printed version. Many practitioners have praised it. I transcribed the book more than 10 times over the past years. I gave some copies to practitioners who didn’t have one. My husband also transcribed the book three times. 

I felt that I got stuck at a cultivation level for a long time by 2005, so I started to memorize the Fa. The first time took me nine months, after which it got faster. Now, I join the group Fa-study. Every day we read two lectures of Zhuan Falun. After the group study, I memorize one lecture. I also read the new lectures periodically. I have memorized most of the poems in Hong Yin Vol.1-IV, and some articles in other books. 

Since the new exercise music was published, I and my husband have got up at 3 o’clock every morning to do the exercises. Now I often feel that my body is surrounded by energy, and the energy channels keep rotating in the body. My husband is now 72, and very healthy. He just retired a few years ago. 

Master Saved Us from Danger

Master said, 

“What is owed must be paid for. Therefore, some dangerous things may occur in the course of cultivation practice. When these things take place, however, you will not be scared, and neither will real danger be allowed to happen to you.” (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun)

When I was riding a bicycle, I was hit by a motorcycle. After I got up, I found that I could not move my left arm. The bones were broken. The driver wanted to take me to the hospital. I told him that I cultivate “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.” Our Master asks us to always consider others first. I told him, “Don’t worry about it. I don’t need to go to the hospital.”

He tried to give me money, which I rejected. He was so touched and cried. My bicycle was broken, but I didn’t ask him to pay for it. After getting home I started to study the Fa, did the exercises, and within nine days my arm was fine. 

Another time a few practitioners and I clarified the truth about Dafa. One practitioner fell and passed out. It was raining. He lay on the wet street and his ears were bleeding. I asked Master for help. We carried him home, took care of him and sent forth righteous thoughts. We had firm faith in Master and the Fa. Our righteous thoughts disintegrated the evil. He recovered within 10 days, and was able to go out with us to clarify the truth.

My husband also had two car accidents. A motorcycle hit him when he was in front of a traffic light in 2015. Right before the collision, he shouted “Master, please help.” His bike was broken, but he was fine. He took this chance to clarify the truth to the motorcycle driver, and helped the driver quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

Then, he was hit by a truck when riding a bike in the summer of 2016. Again, he shouted “Master, help me.” He got up, and found only that his leg was scratched. We know that we could not cultivate without Master’s protection. 

Clarifying the Truth

When I first read the Minghui Weekly, I was touched by overseas practitioners’ actions of rescuing practitioners from imprisonment. Dafa disciples are one body. We should help each other. So, I started to cooperate with a practitioner to make truth-clarifying materials. I provided the supplies, she printed them, and I distributed them. However, her husband was worried about her safety, so he didn’t allow her to hang out with me. I wished that I knew how to download materials from the internet, and print them. 

Master heard my wish, and gave me a chance. A month later my son bought a computer for me without being asked, and helped me get access to the internet. With practitioners’ help, I learned how to download, print, and make DVDs. I knew this is what I should do. I set up a family-based materials production site in 2008. It has run smoothly until today. 

To save time I only eat one meal a day. I go out to clarify the truth in the morning. At night I go out to pass out materials and hang up posters with my husband. 

Master said, 

“But for you, disciples of Dafa, you cannot let up in what you need to do—namely, the three tasks. By all means, you mustn’t. Nothing less than your mighty virtue, your cultivation, and all that you shoulder is bound up in these.” (“Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI)

We have visited every subdivision, residential area, and village around my city over the past 10 or so years. Master has been always with us. Sometimes people cannot see us when we distribute materials in their neighborhood. I know this is because Master put an invisible shield over us. One night, we were followed by plainclothes police. I said in my heart: “I need to help people learn the truth. They are not allowed to interfere with me. If they stop doing so they will have a good future.” They then really stopped. 

When distributing materials, my foot started to hurt. It was so painful that I cried. I knew it was the interference by the old forces. I said to the evil: “You don’t want me to walk, so I will step on you.” I hit the floor twice with my foot, and the pain stopped. I continued to pass out the materials.

Another time I fell badly when passing out the materials. The second day my legs were swollen, and I came down with a fever. But, I still did all five sets of exercises. After the exercises I sent righteous thoughts for the entire morning, sitting in the double lotus position. After lunch I continued to send righteous thoughts, and then my legs had recovered. I went out to distribute materials. 

Master Gave Me Wisdom

When I first started to clarify the truth in public, my husband was always worried about my safety if I got home late. Once I went out with him and tried to clarify the truth to a woman. First I praised her dress for the style. We talked for a while as she told me that she was a schoolteacher. I started to clarify the truth, asking her to remember that Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. Finally I wished her good luck. The woman kept thanking me. My husband was amazed that clarifying the truth was so easy. He was no longer worried about my safety. He also told our kids: “Your mom is rational, so you don’t have to worry either.”

Every morning I ask Master to bring people to me if they have a predestined relationship, so that I can reach more people. During the last few years I cooperated with two practitioners. We are able to convince more than 40 people to quit the Party daily. When one is talking, the other sends forth righteous thoughts. We have gained some experience, such as how to start the topic, how to talk to different people, and how to touch people’s hearts with compassion. 

A good way to touch people is singing. One day I talked to a vendor on the street. We talked for a while. There were no other people, so I sang to her, “Be Saved,” a song written by a practitioner. She broke into tears. I said: “This is the music from heaven.” I clarified the truth to her and wished her good luck. I didn’t know that my singing could be so touching until then. It must be Master helping me. Since then I often sing for people if there is a chance, and most people are willing to quit the Party after hearing me sing. 

I only had a high school education. But many people whom I clarified the truth to thought that I am a knowledgeable teacher, knowing a lot of things. This is because Master gives me the wisdom. 

When other practitioners and I clarify the truth, we always keep righteous thoughts and a pure heart. We don’t spend time on chatting nonsense, and we try not to miss anybody. We know that this is a critical time, and our task is to help Master save people. So, we cannot miss even one person.

I clarified the truth to a plumber in 2007 when he worked in my apartment. I gave him an amulet and other Dafa informational materials. The second morning, when he came to my home, the first thing he did was to kneel down and kowtow. I stopped him and asked him what was going on. 

He said: “I got hit by a truck on my way home yesterday. The driver must have thought I died, so he fled. At the moment when I fell, I recalled that you told me to recite ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good, and that it may save my life. So I did. I got up and found that I was fine. My bicycle was not even broken. My phone screen was smashed, but I didn’t even have a piece of skin scratched. It was Falun Gong’s Master who saved my life. If it wasn’t for you telling me about it I would not be be here today.” 

Other workers there were surprised. I clarified the truth to them, helped them quit the Party, and gave them amulets and other Dafa materials. 

A few month later the plumber took his son, who was visiting home from college, to visit me. He said to him: “Let her tell you about Falun Dafa. Later we should invite her to our village so that she can tell the truth to our neighbors.”

Another time I talked to a man who worked in my apartment. A month later I saw him waiting for me at the gate of my subdivision. He shouted when seeing me: “The DVD you gave me is truly great. My life would have ended, if I didn’t watch the DVD.”

“Yesterday at a construction site, a rebar fell from a tall building towards me. The strange thing is that it went between my toes, and then went into the ground. Everybody around was shocked. They took me to the hospital. I was fine, and only my skin was scratched. It was a heavy rebar. If it had hit my leg, I would have to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair. How could I make a living then? I really need to thank you.” 

I told him that the Dafa materials should be shared with others. “Let others watch the DVD,” I said. He replied: “Of course!”

My husband and I also clarified the truth and passed out materials to our friends at class reunions and other parties many times. Most people were happy to receive the gift and thanked us. 

I know that I am far away from the standard Master set for us. I still have resentment, don’t like to hear criticism, and want to change others without changing myself. Sometimes I find it hard to forgive others. But I will solidly cultivate and rectify myself in cultivation. I will follow Master’s teachings and cherish the chance of cultivation, do well the three things, and not betray sentient beings’ hope and Master’s salvation. 

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