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Sacredness and Seriousness of Submitting Articles to Commemorate World Falun Dafa Day 2021

March 25, 2021 |   By a practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) Despite being a practitioner for over 20 years, I had always considered writing articles to commemorate World Falun Dafa Day an optional task. I knew it was important to participate, but I felt it was not a big deal if I got too busy at work and had a poor cultivation state. After this year’s notice of call for submission was published recently, I again had the same attitude and didn't really take the matter seriously.

These few days, however, I came to a different understanding after studying the Fa with a calm mind. I found the Fa principles so profound and immense that they were beyond the capacity of my mind. When studying the Fa further, I was left in deep admiration and awe.

After Fa-study, the call for submission came to my mind. Suddenly I had an understanding that submitting articles to the World Falun Dafa Day every year is a very sacred occasion. The entire cosmos is paying attention to this solemn event, which is an opportunity for Dafa disciples to validate the Fa. Therefore, each of us should make a sincere, conscientious effort to complete this test well.

Sharing with a Practitioner

This realization was so strong, real and vivid that it cleared the perfunctory attitude I had on this issue earlier. Looking back at my previous thinking from years past, I knew that I did not quite understand the true meaning of the call for submission back then and that I did not realize how precious this opportunity is for Dafa disciples every year.

Right as this moment, a practitioner came to visit me, so I shared my understanding with her. During my cultivation practice, I always like to share my understanding with whoever visits me so that we could improve together.

But the practitioner looked confused. “You know, I have never submitted an article in response to the call for submission these years,” she said.

“Correct. But we can start now. Right?” I encouraged her.

“But I don’t know what to write,” she continued.

I suggested to focus on a certain aspect and she agreed.

I know this practitioner well. While some of our local practitioners think she is not brave enough, I know it's out of security concerns that she does not reveal to others about an important project in our region that she has been leading for many years. Many local practitioners, including other practitioners in her family, do not know the details of the project and the pressure she endures while running the project.

I got to know what she's been doing with the project because I occasionally helped when needed. I understood the difficulty and stress she has been facing as a project coordinator. To me, she is like Monk Tang in Journey to the West – never stopping moving forward despite fear.

That is why I was surprised upon hearing that she did not know what to write. It is good she is modest and does not want to show off. But submitting an article is not about validating ourselves. We know that as practitioners, we do whatever Master tells us to do. Every year Minghui publishes an announcement on submitting articles to commemorate World Falun Dafa Day. Isn’t this something Master wants us to do?

Looking Within

After the practitioner left, I kept thinking about some other topics we discussed and felt her mind could have been clearer. “What has happened to her?” I thought to myself. Then I realized, “I am looking outward again – as a practitioner I should always look within to improve myself. Isn’t myself also muddle-headed like her if someone looks at me?”

Recalling what I had done recently, I realized one problem I had was that I spent lots of time browsing the internet and read everyday people’s news. Sometimes, I kept surfing the internet and did not give up until I found something that interested me. Lots of time was wasted this way and isn’t this a phenomenon of lacking a clear mind? Apparently, the fake version of me – one with an addiction to the internet – had controlled me.

When thinking about this, I saw Master’s portrait in my mind, surrounded by a light purple halo. There is a lion in front of Master – he is somewhat excited with his left paw lifted and his head up gazing at Master. This scene lasted one minute and then vanished. I came to understand this is a hint from Master for me to be brave like a lion.

I also realized that I had done the right thing by looking within. In the past, I was worried about what attitude I should have while helping other practitioners identify their attachments. Now I know other practitioners' attachments are like mirrors, reflecting my own omissions.

Another realization was that encouraging one practitioner to submit articles may help even more practitioners to do better in this regard. I know the aforementioned practitioner well and shared my thoughts with her for us to improve together. If she has come to a clear understanding of this matter as well, she may encourage other practitioners to do the same. It is like we are all students about to take an exam – while solving the problems well ourselves, we also need to remind others to hurry up and fill in the exam paper if they have not done so.

The call for submissions to commemorate the World Falun Dafa Day is a sacred opportunity from Master for us Dafa practitioners to validate the Fa. The only thing we could do – and should do – is respectfully accept the exam paper and do it well. We know Master has been caring about our cultivation journey with compassion and expectation.

Whether a submission is published is not important. Every submission will be recorded in the history of this universe. It is also a testimony of the path each practitioner has been through.

We know that it is Jiang Zemin who started to persecute innocent Falun Gong practitioners since July 1999. I once had a dream in which I saw that each criminal complaint against Jiang is like a bamboo slip book in the ancient times and all of them are placed on a rack one by one. They are guarded by heavenly soldiers.

I hope all practitioners could realize the sacredness and seriousness of the article submission. By handling it with a humble and respectful mindset, we will be able to cherish this opportunity and not let down Master.

Above is my personal understanding, and please point out anything inappropriate.

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