(Minghui.org) The Ninth International Classical Chinese Dance Competition will be hosted by NTD Television in New York in September 2021. Similar to previous competitions, the Asia-Pacific preliminary competition will take place in Taiwan in June, while the Europe-North America preliminary, as well as the semifinal and final for all regions, will be held in Manhattan, New York in September. This competition is now open for registration.

The 2021 International Classical Chinese Dance Competition will be hosted by NTD Television

Promotional video for the NTD Ninth International Classical Chinese Dance Competition

Since its debut in 2007, the NTD International Classical Chinese Dance Competition has attracted more than 100 contestants in the finals each time. It is also the only international competition on classical Chinese dance.

This competition is unique because classical Chinese dance is the only competitive event. Furthermore, it has become the top competition for classical Chinese dance in the world.

The competition strives to promote “purely authentic traditional dance that is pure goodness, and pure beauty.” It aims to revive the essence of China’s 5,000-year divine culture through classical Chinese dance.

The host believes that classical Chinese dance is a physical performance rooted in the 5,000 years of profound, traditional Chinese culture. Besides high skills and perfect movements, authentic classical Chinese dance also embodies the tradition of respecting the divine and reflects the concepts of “benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, and faith” in traditional Chinese culture. It also conveys the uplifting message of kindness, positivity, and wonderfulness.

Vina Lee, experienced dancer and one of the judges, once said the competition has a strict requirement on the theme and contents of contestants’ performance. She said that every aspect of the performance, including the story line, music, theme, and costume for the dance, as well as physical appearance and inner meaning, should be presented in a classical way with an appropriate moral basis. That is, the performance should convey a positive, kind, and bright message, because the divinely bestowed culture is peaceful and wonderful, instead of depicting dark things that are simply about venting or fighting.

This year’s dance competition consists of a dance routine and a required set of techniques. The dance routine could be solo, duet, or trio dances. Ages of the contestants should be between 13 and 40. They are divided into four divisions: the adult male and adult female divisions (ages 18 to 40), and the junior male and junior female divisions (ages 13 to 17). The competition is divided into three stages: preliminary, semifinal, and final. Each division will have a gold award with the prize of $10,000.

This competition will also be covered by global media outlets Epoch Times and NTD Television. The final will be broadcast live globally with a reach of up to 180 million viewers. Contestants may be interviewed by news media, and the experience from the competition may also lead to other advanced training opportunities and professional performances.

Therefore, this competition is a great and rare opportunity for classical Chinese dance performers around the world, especially those in mainland China. If you are interested in authentic classical Chinese dance and want to experience the highest realm of these techniques, please register for this event.


Registration hotline: +001 888 477 9228
Registration fax: +001 888 600 1998Registration email: dance@globalcompetitions.org

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