(Minghui.org) Two Meizhou City, Guangdong Province residents stood trial on March 11, 2021 for their faith in Falun Gong, a spiritual and meditation discipline that has been persecuted by the Chinese communist regime since 1999.

Ms. Li Qunzhao was arrested on October 19, 2020, while out for a walk with her husband. She has been held at the Mei County District Detention Center since.

Ms. Li Yixiu, 74, was arrested on October 28, 2020. Although the police released her that evening, they took her back into custody the next day and held her at the Xingning City Detention Center.

It was reported that police targeted the two practitioners after learning that they used banknotes containing printed messages about Falun Gong. Due to strict information censorship in China, many Falun Gong practitioners are printing messages on banknotes as a creative way to raise awareness about the persecution.

During the practitioners’ hearing by the Mei County District Court on March 11, Ms. Li Qunzhao’s lawyer entered a not guilty plea for her. Ms. Li Yixiu was represented by a court-appointed lawyer, who was instructed to enter a guilty plea for her.

The judges, Wu Wenlong and Zhang Qiaoling, as well as court clerk Ling Yue, who were in charge of the case, have actively participated in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners for the past few years. At least seven practitioners, including Li Chunxing, Zhu Xiansheng, Zhang Xiaoyun, Li Meiping, Guo Yafen, Zeng Huaying, and Zeng Haiping, were sentenced to prison by them.

The juror Hou Xiuling and prosecutor Peng Qiuhong of Mei County District Procuratorate were also responsible for the sentencing of Ms. Li Linglian in October 2020.

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