(Minghui.org) Though I am a veteran practitioner who obtained the Fa before 1999 and have experienced numerous tribulations, I still have trouble studying the Fa. I was able to overcome tribulations in my cultivation in the past, but it was still quite hard for me to focus while studying the Fa. It was not until recently under Master’s guidance that I have made several breakthroughs. I wish to give my sincere gratitude to Master by writing this experience sharing article and would like to share what I’ve enlightened to. 

Hindrances While Studying the Fa

Master has always stressed the importance of studying the Fa and reading other practitioners’ experience sharing articles. I knew that I needed to be focused, however, it was hard for me to realize the importance of being focused; perhaps the old forces had interfered with and hindered me during Fa study. Though I would study the Fa every day, I regarded it as a task. When I read Zhuan Falun, I would know which sentence comes next. As a result, I did not gain any new enlightenment or understandings. Rather then studying the Fa from the bottom of my heart, I was just doing it for the formality. 

I was not able to study it intently. To me it seemed like as long as I studied the Fa, I would be all set for the day; it became such a formality that I would not even remember anything after finishing. I would read Master’s other lectures since I thought those were easier for me to understand and started to develop a fear of Zhuan Falun because it was hard for me to understand. 

Master said,

“If you can manage to persist in studying the Fa, truly set aside your human thoughts and attachments when you read the Fa, and sincerely read Zhuan Falun every step of the way, then you will win the admiration of divine beings.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference”)

I enlightened to the fact that it was hard to persist in studying the Fa since this boundless Dafa is the Way of the universe; if I grasp hold of it, I will be able to overcome any tribulations. Hence, the old forces don’t want me to consummate so they’ve created interference which made cultivation harder for me. They arranged for me to only read the Fa and not enlighten to anything. In addition, I would also get drowsy, busy and was afraid of studying the Fa. 

Being unable to make any breakthroughs during Fa study, I was naturally not guided by any principles of the Fa. This caused a stalemate in my cultivation. After being in this state for a period of time, I decided to make a breakthrough in Fa study and to pick up Zhuan Falun again.

Overcoming All Barriers

Master said:

“Zhuan Falun is a systematic work of Dafa, secrets of Heaven that can enable a person to Consummate.” (Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference)

Since then, I’ve set my mind to study two lectures of Zhuan Falun every day. I’d sit in the double lotus position or kneel down on my knees. I once remembered an experience sharing article where a practitioner wrote that even the gods and deities up in the heavens listened to the Fa on their knees. This is not a formality, but it demonstrates our sincerity and respect for Master.

I also decided to relinquish all of my ordinary mentalities. How could I obtain the heavenly Fa with all these attachments? These are some human mentalities rooted deep inside me that made me think that I was just reading an ordinary book. I realized I should not have any human notions while studying the Fa and asked myself a question: If I saw a bright and luminous glow coming from the book and numerous gods and deities behind each word, would I still treat this book the same way? Would I still refuse to read the book? I am blinded simply because those scenes aren’t revealed to me. 

However, just because I am unable to perceive this doesn’t mean that it is not true. Doesn’t this prove that my enlightenment quality is poor? When I thought about it, my respect for Dafa welled up in my heart once again. When I picked up the Dafa books, I felt that I no longer had the notions I had before. I felt I was listening to Master’s lectures in person. I was filled with tears and felt that the barrier I once had with Dafa was lifted.

When I read the sections about “Spirit or Animal Possession,” “Stealing Qi” and “Collecting Qi” in Zhuan Falun in the past, I felt that they had nothing to do with me. However, I have gained new understandings of the Fa principles as I study the Fa and Master would also enlighten me to many other issues in my cultivation. 

I’ve also enlightened to the fact that Master’s lectures are all thoughtfully arranged with broad and profound meaning. I’ve also experienced the powerful energy field as I was sitting on a lotus wheel while studying the Fa. Every sentence spoken by Master made me more determined in cultivation and I feel that each sentence is the ultimate truth. Before this, I’ve never felt determined enough to believe in Dafa and thought that it was quite inconceivable. My human notions have hindered the Fa from manifesting in front of me. 

After realizing how precious the Fa is, I’ve attempted to overcome all difficulties during Fa study. First off, I calm my heart and study the Fa wholeheartedly. If my mind wanders off, I will slap myself. I told myself that I needed to firmly believe every sentence in the Fa and truly treasure Dafa. The only way I can upgrade my cultivation and level is by remembering how precious studying the Fa is; when I reach this point I can be even more diligent.

Master said,

“On the other hand, those who are not diligent are likewise studying the Fa, and they know that the Fa is very good, but their thinking is not grounded in the Fa and they don’t have ample righteous thoughts. So, naturally their understanding is not high; that is, they can’t truly understand the preciousness of the Fa. That’s why they’re not all that motivated.” (Teachings at the Conference in Los Angeles)

I do not believe I treasure the Fa compared to diligent practitioners! Master has given me a new life and if I do not catch up, my life will wither away. The Fa is like a fountain of youth that continuously gives me everlasting water of energy and righteous thoughts. 

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