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From Ancient Times to Modern Days, Atypical Celestial Phenomena Signal Major Events in Our Society

March 20, 2021 |   By Song Shan

(Minghui.org) According to The Beijing News and several other media outlets in China, an unusual astronomical phenomenon called a sundog was observed in Beijing on December 29, 2020. Local residents who provided video footage saw three suns in total, lasting about two hours. Halos were also seen around the sun.

A Sundog was observed in Beijing on December 29, 2020.

However, Beijing was not the only city to witness a sundog. Three suns were also observed in Mohe City, Heilongjiang Province, on October 15, 2020.

Another sundog phenomenon was seen in Mohe City, Heilongjiang Province, on October 15, 2020.

Looking back at history, there were many cases of such atypical phenomena. Many of them were associated with major societal changes.

Sundogs in History

One of the first documented sundogs occurred during the era of Emperor Yao, around 2300 B.C., when ten suns were seen simultaneously in the sky. Later on, it was recorded in numerous history books, especially the Treatise on Astronomy in Jin Shu (Book of Jin Dynasty), which was written by Li Chunfeng. Li was a renowned sage of the Tang Dynasty who mastered astronomy, mathematics, and prophecy. He was the author of Tui Bei Tu or the “Push Back Chart.”

According to the Treatise on Astronomy, sundog or sun halos were seen more than ten times between the years 280 and 411. They were closely related to rebellions and deaths of emperors.

In January 314, for example, three suns were seen moving from west to east across the sky. In January 317, three suns were observed again, ensconced by layers of halos, Within two months, Sima Rui established the Eastern Jin Dynasty and ended the Western Jin Dynasty.

Similar phenomena also existed in Western culture and are often associated with disasters as well. One example is the Black Death.

“One of the historians, Gregory of Tours, documented a series of phenomena during the plague years, including bright lights appearing around the sun and the heavens being on fire. Other reports from France mentioned bright illuminated night sky making it like a day and an immense ‘dragon’ floating through the city and down to the sea which preceded an immediate outbreak of the plague in the area. And ... some of those events may be related to phenomena like the ‘sun dog’ effect,” claims an article from Ancient Origins titled “The mystery behind the plagues that have killed millions”.

Modern-Day Disasters

The year 2020 was special. Because of the cover-up and disinformation spread by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) upon the coronavirus outbreak, the disease spread worldwide and has caused more than 114 million infections and over 2.5 million deaths as of February 2021.

Inside China, the catastrophe is beyond just the pandemic. Droughts, floods, earthquakes, and locust plagues infested many areas. It also snowed at unusual times, such as October in Heilongjiang Province, August in Gansu Province, and June in Xinjiang Province.

In August, heavy rainstorms hit Sichuan Province, leading to an elevated water level in rivers. As a result, toes of the 71-meter (233-foot) Leshan Giant Buddha was submerged in water. This incident, along with the ongoing pandemic, confirmed an old saying that when the statue’s feet are submerged in water, there would be major chaos and disaster.

Other atypical disasters also occurred. Three typhoons hit northeastern China in September 2020 within two weeks. Known as mature tropical cyclones, typhoons often strike southern China and Taiwan, but they have not struck northeastern China since 1949. However, Typhoon Bavi, the first of three typhoons in September 2020, bypassed South Korea and Japan to cause major damage in North Korea and northeastern China.

A Battle Between the Good and Evil

While putting forth many efforts to fight the various disasters, including the ongoing pandemic, it's probably difficult to stop and think about whether there are any underlying causes for these catastrophes.

Since ancient times, people in China and the West have cherished virtue. Particularly in China, it was generally believed that the divine watched over humanity and that our wrongdoings would bring consequences. This could lead to plagues, floods, earthquakes, wars, and other misfortunes. In the West, many historians also found that the plagues in the ancient Roman Empire were correlated with the persecution of Christians.

After the Chinese Communist Party took power in 1949, it also began several persecutions. It launched numerous movements to instill a sense of class struggle, hatred, and brutality in society. The wealthy were torn from their properties, the poor were deceived, the intellectuals were silenced, and nearly everyone was successfully intimidated while the regime destroyed their traditional values.

In this dangerous climate, Falun Gong was introduced to the public in 1992. Although the practice has no political pursuit or agenda, the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance along with five sets of meditative exercises came to benefit about 100 million people. Their health improved, and they were also inspired to be better citizens.

But the CCP would not tolerate it. Similar to how it targeted various groups in previous movements, it began to suppress Falun Gong in 1999, bringing tragedy to tens of millions of practitioners and their families. This included detention, imprisonment, brainwashing, forced labor, psychiatric abuse, and forced organ harvesting.

Northeastern China, where various disasters hit, is one of the regions that has the most severe policy toward Falun Gong practitioners. Ms. Lan Lihua, a practitioner from Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, was arrested for giving others calendars with Falun Gong verbiage. After being sentenced to imprisonment with a 46-month term, she was infected with hepatitis B in Liaoning Women’s Prison. After she died at age 49 on April 21, 2020, the police ignored her family’s request to investigate her cause of death and forcibly cremated her body.

Similarly, Mr. Ge Zhijun from Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province, benefited tremendously from Falun Gong. But CCP officials detained him at Jidong Prison for four years and did not release him until February 2019. The physical pain and mental distress from his maltreatment crushed him and led to his death on November 29, 2020.

As the CCP’s influence has continued over the past few decades, it has also successfully advanced its communist ideology in many countries across the continents, silencing them on the severe human rights violations and religious persecution in China. Data shows that the pandemic tends to follow wherever the CCP’s influence goes.

Even after the pandemic's outbreak, the CCP continued to censor information and misinform the world. It took advantage of the pandemic to advance its communist agenda globally. As it expands its “wolf warrior” diplomacy to more countries, more governments are being forced to choose a side in the battle of good and evil.

Taishang Ganyi Pian (Treatise on Response and Retribution), one of the Taoist classics, writes:

Misfortune and blessings do not come to us without reason, we bring them upon ourselves.The consequences of good and evil deeds are like the shadow, following the body wherever it goes.

The best way to stay safe may be to follow our conscience, support the innocent, and reject totalitarian regimes such as the CCP.