(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 2014. Through studying the Fa, I enlightened that practitioners during the Fa-rectification period shoulder the sacred mission of assisting Master and saving people. Thus, besides studying the teachings and sending righteous thoughts I also clarified the truth.

When I began to talk to people I discovered they were eager to be saved, so I was encouraged to tell them how wonderful Falun Dafa is and how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) brutally persecutes the peaceful practice. I advised people to quit their memberships in the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Clarifying the Truth to My Co-Workers at a Construction Site

I began working at a construction site last Fall. I worked hard so I was trusted and well-regarded. I used every opportunity to clarify the truth to everyone I interacted with. They all accepted what I said and renounced their memberships in the CCP and its affiliated organizations without hesitation. I was very happy for them.

Two months after I began working there all my co-workers understood the facts, so I decided it was time to go elsewhere and raise awareness.

When I submitted my resignation my boss was unhappy. He gave me my wages on my last day. When I noticed he paid me for one extra day, I said, “The money you gave me isn't correct.” When he asked if it was too little I said it was one day more than I was entitled to. He said, “Never mind it's fine, just take it.”

I thanked him and said, “But I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner and follow the principles, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I cannot take money that I did not work for.”

My boss looked at me seriously and said, “Falun Dafa practitioners are indeed different. If everyone practiced Falun Dafa, the world would be a better place.”

When he heard that the boss paid me on my last day, a co-worker said, “The boss has never done this. Some people waited for months to get paid. He treats you so well.”

Clarifying the Truth at a Ski Resort

I soon found a job in a large ski resort. Since I’m a woman my supervisor assigned me to work indoors distributing skis. He assigned the male workers to distribute skis outdoors.

I soon noticed that there were fewer people indoors, so I had fewer opportunities to clarify the truth. My goal at work was to raise awareness, not to be comfortable.

I asked my supervisor to allow me to distribute skis outside. He was puzzled and said, “The others want to stay inside and distribute skis. Why do you want to go outside?”

Since I had just started working there I didn't have a chance to clarify the truth to him. I thought he might not understand, so I said, “I cannot stand the cigarette smell inside.” He said, “One man wants to work indoors. You can switch with him.”

I went outside and talked with the man. He said happily, “You are a woman. It’s cold, and working outdoors is hard. Are you sure you want to switch?” I said yes, and so we switched.

Soon after I started working there it was the New Year and many people came to the resort. I told each person why millions of Chinese have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and offered to help them quit. So many people were eager to quit that I could not handle it, so I called a fellow practitioner to come and help write down their names. That practitioner was busy and was only able to spend one day helping me. Afterwards I worked alone.

Each day, fifty to sixty people wished to withdraw from the CCP. For the following month the resort was very busy and I helped many people quit. One staff member who worked there for several years said, “Since this resort was built, we’ve never had so many customers as this year!” I understood that I had the wish to save people but Master was truly saving them.

Student Brings Twelve Classmates To Quit the CCP

I was also responsible for cleaning some areas. A male staffer and I were responsible for cleaning a large coaster. I eventually took over cleaning the coaster.

One day as soon as I finished cleaning the coaster, I noticed two high-school age girls slowly walking towards me. I asked, “Don’t you want to ski?”

One said, “I fell and my entire body hurts. I don’t want to ski anymore.” When I told them how to avoid falling, they listened carefully. I then took out two amulets and said, “Have you heard that Falun Dafa is good, and millions of Chinese have quit the CCP for a safe future?”

One girl said she was from Wuhan. I said, “Wuhan is so far from here. Why do you come here to ski?” She said, “Wuhan has the plague.” She and her mother left Wuhan to avoid the CCP virus (coronavirus), but her father stayed in Wuhan. She said her father mentioned Falun Dafa on the phone but she did not pay attention.

She asked me, “Can you tell us what it was about?” I explained in detail about Falun Dafa and the quitting the CCP movement. They understood. The girl from Wuhan accepted the amulet and loudly said, “Falun Dafa is good!” She renounced the CCP organizations with her real name. The other girl quit the CCP organizations with an alias.

Not long after they left the girl from Wuhan ran back to me. I asked, “What’s wrong?” She said, “Twelve of my classmates are here. I want them to listen to your truth-clarification and quit the CCP organizations.” I was moved to tears and said, “That's wonderful! Please bring them here.”

The twelve girls came to me. I led them away from the surveillance cameras and I clarified the truth to them. They all accepted what I said and all of them quit their memberships in the Communist Youth League and Young Pioneers.

I gave my pen to the girl from Wuhan and asked her to write down their names. They all agreed to quit with their real names. I gave amulets to each of them. They all happily placed them in their pockets and then went skiing.

When the girl from Wuhan came down the slope I carried her skis for her. Seeing I carried both her skis and a trash bin, she was moved and said, “You are so kind. Thank you!”

I said, “You should thank Falun Dafa’s Master. He gives me the strength to do this.” She said, “Thank you Dafa’s Master,” and said, “I'd like to meet you again. I want all my classmates to learn about the truth and quit the CCP organizations for a safe future.” I was moved to tears when I heard her words.

I calmed down and said, “You are a kind and just young woman. You wish to have your classmates to understand the truth for a safe future. This is a great thing and will bring you unlimited merit. We have a predestined relationship. We will meet again.”

I said, “I hope you tell all your classmates about Falun Dafa. Ask them to remember, ‘Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’ These words can save lives. Please ask them to quit the CCP organizations. They also can register their withdrawal on The Epoch Times website.” She thanked me and said good-bye.

Watching her leave, I was moved to tears again. I appreciate Master’s grand compassion. I know that people are eager to be saved and I sensed my responsibility was huge. I quietly said to Master, “Please be rest assured. I will cultivate more diligently and save people. I won’t let Master down.”

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