(Minghui.org) Minghui.org will officially launch two Chinese-language electronic publications this week, Minghui Post and Friends of Minghui, to allow easier access to the website's content. All are welcome to subscribe to these new publications.

Minghui Post will be published every Thursday and is intended for Falun Gong practitioners living outside of China. The focus will be on news reports, cultivation experience sharing and additional information. 

Friends of Minghui is intended for the general public, including organizations and individuals who are interested in learning about how Falun Gong helps improve health and character and how the practice has been persecuted in China. This newsletter will also be published every Thursday, and will feature current events, stories about Falun Gong, and other topics of interest.

Everyone is welcome to subscribe. From the Minghui home page, hit the “subscribe” button at the top right corner, and enter your email address to receive the publications.

The “subscribe” feature on Minghui.org

*A note on safety: Falun Gong practitioners in China, please note that due to the Chinese Communist Party’s internet censorship and persecution, these two new publications are only available outside of China. Anyone in China who wants to access the publications must use an email address outside China to subscribe in order to receive and read the newsletters safely, as the publications are linked to the Minghui website, which is not directly accessible in China.

[Minghui periodicals are compiled by Minghui volunteers, at their own expense. You will be blessed by helping circulate these publications to spread the goodness of Falun Gong.]