(Minghui.org) I was ill and bedridden in 1997. To cure my illness, my auntie introduced me to Falun Dafa. I recovered after 20 days. My entire family was happy. My husband told my experience to whomever he met, and the whole village heard about the power of Dafa.

Jiang Zemin, former head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), began to persecute Dafa in 1999. Fellow practitioners and I did not renounce our faith, and instead we clarified the facts about Dafa to people. Beginning in 2002, practitioners in town began to provide us with Dafa brochures. An elderly practitioner and I often went out to distribute them.

One night, we found a person following us. We sent forth righteous thoughts to “freeze” him. He stopped. We finished another street and went to another village. Soon we found the search light was shining in front of the village my mother lived in. I guess the person following us had reported us. With Master's protection, we escaped safely.

In 2005, I was arrested and taken to a forced labor camp. Because I refused to be “transformed,” the warden ordered a group of “helpers” to guard me. They mocked, ridiculed, and attacked me.

Once a sham qigong master came to the camp to give a lecture. I refused to go. The warden ordered two “helpers” to drag me to the lecture room and guard me. She watched me from the side. I sent forth righteous thoughts to get rid of the evil behind her, as well as the entire conference room. Gradually she calmed down. I knew my righteous thoughts were effective.

The Effect of Righteous Thoughts

After that, I sent forth righteous thoughts every day to get rid of the evil elements and factors that controlled the warden. Three months later, I saw through my celestial eye a snake that had died and dried up on the window sill. I enlightened that Master was telling me that the evil controlling the warden had been destroyed.

The warden indeed changed. She became peaceful and sometimes joyful. Once she told me that she had a heart problem and asked me if she had to take medication. I told her she did.

I wrote a letter to the warden half a year later, telling her that she should treat practitioners kindly and it would bring her a good future. She was happy. She told me that she did not like to wear her uniform.

At the year-end meeting, she told everyone, “Our ward ranked the last within the division. We had the lowest ‘transformation’ rate. The captain blamed me for protecting you guys too much, especially her (referring to me). I think everyone here has a hard time. Your lives would be much better if I just give you a bit of freedom. It is our predestined relationship to have met here. I don't mind if the captain is displeased with me. I will be retiring in two years. You guys will be all out of here by then too.”

The warden continued to treat people kindly, and she covertly protected steadfast practitioners. I was happy that her conscience was awakened.

I recited the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts in the labor camp. Every time the ill-enlightened people tried to force a practitioner to “transform,” I would say in my mind, “Please help me, Master, and give me wisdom and power so I can dissolve the evil and stop them from committing crimes against practitioners.” Then I would send forth righteous thoughts. A few minutes later, the bad guys would stop.

The captain is very evil. She often came to the hallway and yelled into the cells. Every time she came, I would ask Master to strengthen my power and dissolve the evil spirits and dark minions controlling her. Then I sent forth righteous thoughts until she stopped.

The captain always went around our cell. I truly realized that “Dafa disciples’ righteous thoughts are powerful.” (“Dafa Disciples’ Righteous Thoughts are Powerful,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Facing former practitioners who had been “transformed,” I detested them at first. Then, I enlightened that they were pitiable as well. I wrote a poem, “Clear Lotus,” and shared it with others. Many people approached me. Every day someone would ask me to write a poem for her. Many people realized that it was wrong to renounce Dafa.

One former practitioner was good at painting. One day she painted a picture showing three police officers arresting a practitioner. I felt that she had come to her senses. She gave me a painting showing two lotus flowers with my poem next to it. I could not stop praising the artwork and was glad she could come back to Dafa.

Many people asked her to paint for them. Some took the paintings home. The whole group of prisoners became harmonious. A few bad people changed their behavior and were no longer as unruly.

Distributing Dafa Materials

One night in 2008, fellow practitioner Mei and I went to a village about 10 km from our area to distribute fliers. A person riding a motorcycle came and asked who we were.

“We are just passing by. Why did you stop us?”

“What are you doing here?”

“We just are passing by. Is it not allowed?”

“Where did you guys come from?”

“Why is it your concern where we came from?”

“If you don't tell me, you don't get to go.”

“What do you mean? It’s so dark here. What are you trying to do by stopping us?”

Our righteous thoughts subdued him. He softened his tone and said, “The government is having the Two Sessions. They want us to patrol to prevent Falun Gong practitioners from distributing fliers.” We replied, “So you’re a village official. We don't mind since you’re carrying out your duties.” He went back on his motorcycle and left. We switched to another street and finished distributing the fliers.

The next day, a neighbor of Mei's who had just came back from her mother's house in the same village told Mei, “Two female Falun Gong practitioners came to our village to distribute fliers. Our village security director stopped them. They said they were just passing by, and the director believed them. This morning, everyone in the village found a flier at their home. The security director was annoyed for letting the two people go.”

Arrested and Harassed

Many practitioners were arrested and more were harassed by the local police under the direction of the provincial police department in 2010. It was the second time that the domestic security captain came to arrest me. He asked if I still remembered him. I said yes and told him solemnly, “How come you are still confused after so many years?” He did not answer and lowered his head.

A few other practitioners and I were held in the police station. The captain chatted with me a few times and was rather friendly. I always faced him with righteous thoughts and kept sending forth righteous thoughts to get rid of the evil behind him. Other practitioners and I were released three hours later.

I have written a letter to him to urge him not to persecute practitioners. Other practitioners did the same. Later he left the police department for another job. He eventually quit the CCP and its youth organizations.

Master has protected me every step of the way. I ask Master for help every time before I go out to clarify the truth.

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