(Minghui.org) I began Falun Dafa cultivation practice in 1998. My cultivation path has not been smooth during the past 22 years, but with Master’s protection and care, I have passed many tribulations.

Changing After Practicing Dafa

I am a nurse. Before I practiced Dafa, I had a strong competitive mentality and I ended up with heart, liver, and kidney diseases, and was on heavy doses of medication. One of my co-workers introduced me Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa. I did the exercises every morning before going to work, and I spent all my time reading Zhuan Falun in the evening. I even stopped watching my favorite TV shows.

I soon recovered from all my illnesses, and my body felt very light and relaxed. Before I practiced Dafa, I got exhausted easily. But after I began practicing, I was always full of energy and did not get tired even when doing two people’s work. I also became much more modest and always yielded awards to others. I no longer fought for raises like before. My co-workers said that I had completely changed.

I was unanimously recognized as a good person and a good employee by my co-workers and management, and was always given the yearly awards, even though I tried hard to let my co-workers have them. Falun Dafa changed me into a completely new person, and helped me find the true purpose of life.

Clarifying the Facts

China’s former dictator, Jiang Zemin, launched the brutal persecution against Falun Dafa in July 1999 Many people were deceived by the lies made up by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) minions, and they held hatred toward Dafa and Dafa practitioners. Master told the practitioners to go out to clarify the truth in order to awaken the conscience of people who had been poisoned by the lies.

Domestic Security Division Director: Let’s Be Friends

I was reading at home one afternoon in 2001. Suddenly about eight police officers from the local 610 Office broke into my home. They ransacked my place, and found Dafa books and other materials for clarifying the truth. They then took me to the police station and told me to go see the Domestic Security Division director upstairs. I thought, “I did not do anything wrong and did not break any laws. I practice Dafa to become a better person and there is nothing wrong with that. The worst thing is that they would kill me. What’s the big deal about that?” I turned around and walked upstairs.

I walked into the director’s office and she asked me to sit down. She then turned around and chatted with her assistant about my background. The assistant told her that both my husband and I were good workers and mentioned that I had been arrested for going to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa. My management told the police that they were training me to be in the third-tier management team.

The director asked me why I insisted on practicing Falun Dafa, and I told her how Dafa had cured all my illnesses and helped me become a better person. She said, “The CCP disallows it. What’s good about going against the CCP?” I said, “All I know is that all my illnesses were cured. Master told us to do things according to the principle of ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,’ be selfless, and always think of others first. ” She laughed and said, “You are a bit different from the other practitioners. Why aren’t you scared?” I said, “I just practice Falun Dafa to become a better person. If everyone practiced Falun Dafa, then the society would have fewer issues and be much more stable.” She nodded and said, “You are a good person. You can go home now as your family is probably worried. Let’s be friends. If anything happens in the future, you can find me, and I’ll help you out.” I thanked her and left.

Police Station Manager: Teach Me Falun Dafa

Another time my family and I went to do some registrations with our residential documents. My family then returned home, and I went with four fellow practitioners to clarify the facts. Our residential documents were still in my bag.

We were then reported, and four or five police officers showed up, took away our bags, and pushed us into the police cars. On our way to the police station, we continued to send forth righteous thoughts and clarify the facts with the police. We pointed out to them that even the top officer of their branch, Zhou Yongkang, was jailed, because good and bad deeds would eventually receive retributions, and we warned them to not follow Zhou’s path.

After we arrived in the police station, they poured out the contents of our bags and asked me to help writing down the numbers. I agreed to help but refused to sign my name. While doing the records, I helped a young officer quit the CCP and I continued to send forth righteous thoughts. I thought, “We have not fulfilled our missions yet and this is not the place we should be. Moreover, our families have suffered so much along with us and we cannot let them worry about us anymore. We must go home. These young officers have heard the facts already. Where is their lead?”

Then someone who looked like a management level officer walked in, and asked who we were and why we were arrested. I stood up and said, “We are all Falun Dafa practitioners.” He said, “Okay. It is late. You can all go.” I wanted to further clarify the facts with him, but he said, “If there are opportunities in the future, I’ll find you to teach me Falun Dafa.”

We took different taxis to go home. On the way, I helped the taxi driver quit the Young Pioneers. Once I arrived home, I realized that I had forgotten to ask for my residential documents. Those were important documents and are frequently needed. I asked Master to help me. The next morning, I was going to go back to the police station to ask for the documents. I grabbed my bag, opened it to put in my keys, and saw that all the documents were in there! I was so grateful and thanked Master again and again.

Eliminating Interference with Righteous Thoughts

I went out alone to clarify the facts at noon on a hot summer day, and met a young man around 30 years old. I said to him, “Please remember ‘Falun Dafa is good’ and it will save your life when there is a catastrophe.”

He held my arm and said, “How dare you talk about Falun Dafa with me! Do you know what I do? I’m a police officer and specifically deal with Falun Dafa practitioners like you.” He then held me in one hand and made a phone call to his co-workers with another hand. I sent forth righteous thoughts to have the phone call not reach the other side, and he indeed couldn’t reach his co-workers. He then said I needed go to police station with him. I said, “That’s not the place for good people like me.”

Master said,

Should you have fear,it will seize upon youIf thoughts are righteous,evil will collapseThe cultivator’s mindis loaded with FaSend righteous thoughts,and rotten demons explodeGods walk the earth,validating the Fa”(“What's to Fear,”Hong Yin Vol. II)

I said to him, “Okay I see. You want me to go there to clarify the facts with your co-workers, right? That’s fine. If it’s for awakening the conscience of people, then I’ll go with you. I’ll leave once I’m done.” He was startled and let go of my arm. With Master’s protection, I again went home safely.

I then went with three other practitioners to a large square to clarify the facts in the summer of 2019. There were many people there and we divided into two groups, with two practitioners in each group. I saw a young woman on the side of the road playing with her phone. I went up to ask her what time it was. She answered and I was going to clarify the facts with her. I then saw the way she examined me and “plainclothes” appeared in my mind. I quickly left the area. I then clarified the facts with a fruit salesman and helped her quit the CCP. Then as I turned around, I saw that the two practitioners in the other team were surrounded by police officers. The officers were taking their photos while pouring the materials from their bags. They had been reported by the female plainclothes officer.

I only had one thought in my mind, “I cannot let them persecute fellow practitioners. We are a one-body. I must go clarify the facts with the police officers and help my fellow practitioners.” As I walked halfway back there, the female plainclothes saw me and pointed me to the police officers, “She’s with them.” A police officer came up, held my arm, and pulled me.” I flicked his hand off and said, “I can walk myself. How dare you still doing these bad things? Are you really going to walk all the way into the darkness? Do you not want to think about your future at all?” He took away my bag and poured things onto the ground. By that time I had already distributed all the materials I had, and I only had several amulets left.

One officer said, “The CCP gives you salaries and you are going against the CCP. Without the CCP who would give you salaries?” I said, “It’s not the CCP who’s giving us salaries. If you don’t do the hard work, will it give you any money? The CCP is using our money for their corruption and prostitutes.” A lot of people were surrounding us, and they all laughed. One officer pulled the arm of an 80-year old fellow practitioner and said, “Let’s go to the police station.” I said, “We can’t go. The police station isn’t a place good people should be in.”

We continued to send forth righteous thoughts and asked Master to help us. Then the head officer picked up the materials from the ground and said, “Hurry up and leave!” I went up and said to him, “These materials are very precious. You can take them back and have your families and friends read them. You would be doing good deeds with boundless virtual.”

Just like that, our great Master again helped us getting through the tribulation. It is truly as Master said:

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughts, Master has the power to turn the tide” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI)

Awakening the Conscience of Sentient Beings During the Pandemic

Master said,

“Dafa disciplesGreat is the task upon their shouldersSaving all lives,clarifying the truthClearing poison from people’s minds—boundless is the FaLittle distance is left on the journey to divinity”(“Dafa Disciples,” Hong Yin Vol. II)

After the CCP virus broke out in Jan 2020, our residential community allowed only one person to go out once a day to purchase food. I used one day a week to pick up materials, and then deliver the materials to the doors of sentient beings, hoping that it would help them gain a better understanding for quitting the CCP in the future.

Every time I went out to clarify the facts and deliver the materials, I first asked Master to help me and not let the monitoring cameras record me. Every time Master helped me safely go out and safely come back.

For these many years, fellow practitioners and I never stopped going out to clarify the truth even though the CCP had often harassed us. In the places that we often went to clarify the facts, many people could recognize us, and they often greeted us. They knew that we were doing the most sacred things. One time I helped a man around 40 years old quit the CCP. He was very touched and grateful. He gave me 100 yuan and said, “You all are working so hard. Take this to get some water!” I politely refused and said, “I’m happy for you just because you can understand the facts. You can thank our Dafa Master!”

Thinking back over these 20-some years, Master had resolved so many tribulations for me. I still have many attachments that I need to eliminate. I always tell myself that I must continue to cultivate and awaken the conscience of more people.

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