(Minghui.org) Editor’s note: This year marks the 29th year since Falun Dafa was introduced to the public. 

Master said: 

"Hong Kong is the front line for the evil Party, and it’s just outside its jaws now. When you expose the evil there, it is so full of hatred that its teeth ache down to the root [from gnashing]. It would be abnormal if [the CCP] didn’t do those evil things." (“Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference”)

Falun Dafa practitioners in Hong Kong have gone through many challenges when clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa to people for over two decades. They continue to raise awareness of the persecution after the national security law was passed. After the Hong Kong Youth Care Association – a group under the control of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) -- was dismantled at the end of last year, practitioners were grateful to Master Li (Dafa's founder) for his protection and realized the urgency of improving as one body, so that they could awaken the conscience of sentient beings more effectively.

Recently, practitioners at practice sites and truth-clarification sites took turns discussing topics such as how to make progress in cultivation, and practice just as diligently as when they started cultivating, and how to improve their ability to clarify the truth. These discussions are published for the benefit of the wider community of cultivators. 

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Stepping Into Falun Dafa Cultivation Practice

I moved to Hong Kong from China in 1980. My husband and I set up a business in this fast-paced city. It was very stressful, and the financial burden on us was huge. To add to our woes, I had gynecological diseases and stubborn ailments such as inflammation of the urethra, stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint, and so on, after giving birth to two children. I frequently had headaches, although I was only in my 30s.

In February 1997, I went back to China to seek medical treatment. The doctor told me to help myself as he could not help.

I was troubled by the pressures of life and ill health and cried a lot. However, I was lucky to find Falun Dafa in August 1997. My life went through a complete transformation after practicing Falun Dafa. Even my entire family benefited from my practice. Looking back at the circumstances in which I began the practice, I am extremely grateful to Master for his arrangement.

Mysterious Dream

In June 1997, two months before I started to practice Dafa, my husband received a letter from the Australian Embassy informing him that his application for skilled worker migration was denied. He was very upset. I was affected too and wanted to chastise him, but changed my mind.

While asleep, I had a dream in which I stood near my parents’ home. There was a group of people dressed in ancient clothing across the road. Some were beating gongs, and others were beating drums and carried things that could not be found in today’s society. There were two teenage boys in the group. There was rice in one of the items they carried. The procession passed by my house. I thought to myself, what’s going on? I then heard a voice say: “This is for so and so.”

I woke up and sat in bed thinking: “Who are the boys in my dream? How come they carried so much rice? How can it be cooked?” I thought the rice in my dreams symbolized prosperity. Two months later, after I became a Falun Dafa practitioner, I realized it was referring to the Fa. Heavens had delivered the “Falun Buddha Fa” right to my door.

I told my husband about the dream and said: “You were turned down in your application for migration to Australia. Perhaps this is a good thing.” His spirits lifted up, and he appeared more relaxed. We started to make plans for the future. We had some debts at that time and planned to take out a loan from the bank to repay the debt. We hoped the bank would grant us as long of a time as possible to repay the loan, so that the burden on us would be lessened. This would give us more time to bring up our children. We wanted our children to learn how to be kind and polite and provide them with an excellent education.

Borrowing money from the bank could be considered a “miracle.” Initially they refused to loan us too much money, so we would have to sell our house. Unexpectedly, after the dream, my husband found a bank and was given an 800,000 yuan loan. This was more than double the amount we could get in the beginning. The bank also agreed on an extended repayment arrangement. This met all our requirements, and we did not need to sell our house.

The incident paved the way for both of us to practice cultivation without many difficulties. It also enabled our kids to obtain a good education. Looking back, I feel that everything in my life had been arranged by Master before I began to step into the practice. Although we didn’t migrate to Australia, it gave me the opportunity to learn the great law of the universe! 

Meeting Falun Dafa Practitioners By Chance

One morning in August 1997, I felt terrible and thought of going back to China to see the doctor. My husband agreed too.

Somehow I decided to postpone the trip to one week later. In the meantime, I thought of pursuing a Buddhist cultivation way, hoping that this would treat my illness. My husband and I went to the park for a stroll to clear our minds.

When we got to Kowloon park, it started to pour all of a sudden. My husband ran to a pavilion which was on a higher terrain to take shelter. I stood under a big tree to avoid getting drenched. The rain stopped, and my husband didn’t come down. I climbed up slowly to look for him.

I saw him doing some exercises with a dozen people at the pavilion. They raised their hands above their heads and stood quietly. I observed them quietly. To encourage my husband, I began to do the exercises too. My hands started to ache after several minutes. I thought: “This is a good thing – go through hardship first and reap sweet rewards later.” With this thought, my back felt warm, and the more I practiced the more comfortable I felt. I persisted for nearly half an hour and was overjoyed by the experience.

I asked them after the exercises: “Are you practicing a form of cultivation?” The person in charge replied: “Ours is a Buddha school cultivation.” I was excited: “My gosh, I just said at home I wanted to practice a Buddhist cultivation to heal my own sickness. Indeed I found one. This is what I want!”

They lent the book Zhuan Falun to me. I took the book with both hands and treated it with great care. I said to my husband: “I feel much better now. I have never felt so happy.”

I put the book in my room when I got home. I couldn’t wait to finish my chores so that I could read it. I felt better and had the energy to do housework. It was already 3 p.m. when I finished my chores. I went into the room and lifted the book with both hands.

I was exhilarated after reading the first three pages. I told my husband: “This book is excellent. This is just what I want. No one can stop me from practicing this.” He looked at me, puzzled by my reaction. I passed the book to him after reading seven pages. He agreed that it was well written after reading seven pages too. Thus, both of us began to practice Dafa.

Before going to bed, I told my husband I want to get up at 6 a.m. the next day to go to the park to do the exercises. I did get up on time the next day. The second night, I said again I want to wake up at 5:30 a.m. Indeed, I got up at 5:30 a.m. A few days later, I said I would get up at 5:15 a.m. and did so. During that time, whenever I said I would get up at a certain time the next day, I would do so. This extraordinary phenomenon lasted for around 15 days. All my ailments disappeared and my body felt light.

Although we did not move to Australia, our lives in Hong Kong gradually improved, and so did our financial situation. We were able to send our son to Australia for studies. When we were tight on cash, we sold a portion of our properties in China. House prices had increased a fair bit in China by then. This not only solved our financial woes, it did not affect our cultivation, nor did it have any impact on our children. My children are very grateful to Master after witnessing the transformation in my physical and mental well-being. They thank Master for the blessings received and remember the phrase: “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

Now, I have been practicing cultivation for 23 years. I personally experienced that Master has made the best arrangement for me. I feel that by having a firm belief in Master and Dafa, studying the Fa sincerely, and letting go of attachments to fame, fortune, and sentiments, we can do better in validating the Fa.

I end my sharing with Master’s poem:

"In the chaotic world, like pure lotus flowers—plum blossoms, a hundred millionCold winds only accentuate their beautyThe interminable snowfall and rainare the tears of gods,Who look longingly for the plum blossoms’ returnNever, ever get preoccupied with worldly thingsSteel your righteous thoughtsFor all [that you have gone through] since ancient times,Was for none other than this time around." (“Plum Blossoms” (in Yuan verse), Hong in II, Translation A)

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