(Minghui.org) I was born in the 1960s and I was fortunate to find Falun Dafa in 1997.

Before I began practicing I was sick and very frail. When I was young I had hemorrhoids, neurasthenia, appendicitis, low blood pressure (dizziness, blacking out), migraines, duodenitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, knee joint pain, a frozen shoulder, dysmenorrhea, constipation, and frequent colds. When the weather changed in the spring I would be short of breath, weak all over, and have difficulty speaking. It felt like I was enveloped in a cloud of depression that never went away.

My parents tried to help me. They spent a lot of money and even bought the best ginseng to supplement my diet but it did not help. The pain always returned.

When I got older and started my own family and career, my health did not improve. My father took me to the hospital every year for blood transfusions; he even hired someone to cover for me at work. My relationship with my husband and in-laws was very strained. My husband was addicted to smoking and gambling, and I resented my in-laws for defending him. He always lied and sided with them. I took my anger out on him and neither of us backed off.

Pulled Back from Death's Door

My husband and I eventually lived apart—I lived with my parents. My father developed malignant sores on his knee. The pain was unbearable and he had trouble moving. My brother and his wife lived in a rural area with her large family, so it was up to my mother and me to take care of him.

In February 1998, my father passed away. I was devastated. I visited my father’s grave many times and missed him so much that I collapsed physically. All of my thoughts were negative and I had no will to live.

When it seemed that I had hit the bottom, my aunt invited me to visit her. My mother also wanted to get away and visit her sister, so during my summer vacation mother and I took a train to visit my aunt. It was the first time I saw someone doing the Falun Dafa exercises.

That night, my aunt told my mother and me about Falun Dafa and invited us to practice with her. I immediately agreed. The next morning, my aunt went to the park to do the exercises with my uncle but they did not wake us up.

I dreamed that I saw a tall man standing in the doorway. It seemed like he was waiting to do the exercises. I woke with a start. I was filled with excitement and I ran and told my mother about my dream. We went to the park and I told my aunt. She said that I had good inborn quality, that it was Master who saw my wish to practice so he came to get me.

On that day, my mother and I began to practice. My aunt and uncle were both local coordinators. We did the exercises and studied the Fa together every day. Our hearts were full, our spirits were high, and all of our illnesses disappeared. The stomach pain that used to torture me also miraculously disappeared. I gained weight and I started to smile.

Benevolent Master eliminated my karma without asking for any money!

Happy days always pass quickly. My vacation passed in a flash. Before departing, my aunt played Master’s lectures in Jinan for us. As I watched, a red orb of light and a green orb of light came out of the left side of the television. When I mentioned this to my aunt, she said that I had seen Falun (Law Wheels). I was so excited.

Master Rescued Me from Danger Many Times

In July 1999, the former leader of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) started the persecution of Falun Dafa. I was persecuted for speaking the truth and handing out truth clarification materials. I was illegally detained and sent to a forced camp. I was also fired from my job without any justification. I had to leave home and wander about for many years. I ran into danger many times—only under Master's compassionate protection was I able to make it through. I'd like to share some of my experiences.

In 2011, when I was released from prison, officers from the local police station, judicial office, and neighborhood committee staff; the village cadre; and my family all came to pick me up. They learned from the prison police that I had not renounced my faith so they insisted I report to them whenever I went out. My husband was forced to divorce me while I was in jail so I had to stay with my brother’s family. Soon after I was released, I went to the police station to settle my residence registration. The household registration police told me that my registration had already been transferred to another town and county. I asked who had registered me there. He replied that he didn’t know.

I found the assistant director and asked for an explanation. He falsely claimed that my relative changed my registration. I said that was not possible. The law says that if the person in question does not agree, no one has the right to change someone’s residence registration. I said that only a government official could have done this. The assistant director listened but had no reply. “I was born here,” I said. “I’ve lived here for over 40 years. Everyone knows that. I am not going anywhere. You transferred my residence registration so you can transfer it back.” Then I left.

The following afternoon my nephew accompanied me to the police station in a neighboring county and asked the household registration police to look it up for me. He said someone did change my residence registration to another jurisdiction. With the help of Master, my household registration was changed back. A few days later, I went to the police station and got my registration book. The assistant director saw me and shouted, “To get your household registration back, I had to put up with the director yelling at me!” Only then did I realize that it was the county public security director that did this terrible thing. The plan to expel me from my county failed.

Although it didn’t work this time, they weren't finished. Ten days later, I called a fellow practitioner who said, “Why are you still in your hometown? Another practitioner said you were in danger and should leave.” I hung up, spoke to my sister-in-law, and left.

The assistant director of the police station learned where I was from my family. They phoned me and politely asked me to come back. They said that they would return my old household registration and keep it as a record at the police station. They wouldn’t ask me where I was going but just wanted me to come back. I didn’t know it was a trap so I got on a private transit vehicle and headed for my hometown. On the way, the assistant director called, asked me where I was, and told me to go directly to the police station before heading home.

When I got to town, a young man from a government office was waiting. As soon as he saw me, he picked up the phone and said, “She’s here.” I heard him and thought that something was off.

Soon after, someone told me to go to the police station. I saw the assistant director, the head of that government office, and the town secretary were already there. They pretended to be nice and said, “You’ve been without insurance for five years. You can’t go back to your workplace. We spent tens of thousands to renew your insurance and the paperwork has been filled. You can take money from there now. We’ve also arranged a job for you nearby. The items in the bedroom can be sold for additional funds. If you sign your name, you can claim it.” He placed 1000 yuan on the table. I said that those were my personal belongings in the room and they were worth more than 1000 yuan. I refused to sign, even though they pressured me.

Then, about ten people entered the room. One of them said, “But you'll have to go to a certain city to ‘study’ (meaning to be subjected to brainwashing and torture) for a while.” I knew right away that they wanted to send me to a local brainwashing facility to be persecuted. I said, “I'm not going anywhere, I'm going home.” The man said, “We are concerned about you!” I said, “Why don't you care about the poor people who are unemployed and sleeping on the streets?” When they saw that I wasn't going to comply, they all walked out to the courtyard to talk. I overheard one man say that someone from the city was coming in the afternoon.

Finally, they sent two women from the town to monitor my movements, even when I went to the bathroom. I tried to clarify the truth to them, but they wouldn’t listen. When I was taken outside, I saw two bags of women's clothes on the bench. I realized that the town had arranged for these two women to serve as chaperons in a brainwashing class. How sad for them!

After lunch, more guards were assigned to me. The young man from the government office came over as well. The deputy director sat across the street and pretended to look at his cell phone. He looked as if he was all geared up for a big fight.

I had my son's old-fashioned cell phone. When they left the room, I phoned my brother, son, and nephew to let them know my situation. I asked my nephew to pick me up.

At two o'clock, my nephew came to me and said, “Auntie, let's go!” He grabbed my bag, ignoring the people watching us, and walked straight ahead. In less than 20 meters, we saw the town CCP secretary standing not far from the street with a cell phone in his hand. He seemed to have been frozen by Master's power, watching us pass right under their noses. With Master's help, we quickly left town.

I knew I could not go back to my brother's home. Then I saw a bus headed out of town at the crossroads. I knew that Master had arranged it for me. So I thanked my nephew, got on the bus, and was on my way to a distant location.

It was really dangerous. The officials all had their cell phones in their hands. I was just one phone call away from being imprisoned again. If it wasn't for Master's protection, I would not have been able to escape.

I later learned that, shortly after I left, the police went to my brother's house to conduct an illegal search, but they were unable to find me.

Master Helps Me Escape Danger

I went back to my mother's. My brother and nephew had also returned from working in the city, and I planned to leave after the New Year holidays. The next morning, I noticed my grand-niece watching children's cartoons, so I went over and sat with her. Just then, a robot and a little girl appeared on the screen. The robot said, “Xiao Lan is in danger! Xiao Lan is in danger!”

Xiao Lan is my alias. I thought Master must be giving me a hint using the TV.

As it turned out, the local police called my sister-in-law around one o'clock that afternoon and told her that they would be coming to the house. As soon as I heard this, I left. I later realized that they were monitoring their phone calls.

Had it not been for Master's compassion and protection, the consequences would have been unimaginable.


After 22 years of cultivation with trials and tribulations, I feel that it is even more difficult for Master to help us. It was due to my human attachments that I was taken advantage of by the old forces, which led to my being persecuted. As a result, Master had to exert greater efforts to help me out.

Thank you, Master, for saving me. Thank you, Master, for removing my karma from lifetime after lifetime and for bearing and resolving your disciple's tribulations!

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