(Minghui.org) When I was in college in 2012, I stumbled across an article online about the persecution written by a Falun Dafa practitioner. From that article, I learned about the true nature of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

Initially, I had doubts about some of the points made by the author because I had been brainwashed by the CCP and indoctrinated with atheism.

I eventually obtained the free-gate software and was able to circumvent the Internet blockade and access websites outside of China. The most important website to me was minghui.org, where Falun Dafa practitioners share their cultivation experiences.

All my doubts about the teachings were dispelled after I read the Dafa books on falundafa.org. I opened the book Zhuan Falun, and the moment I saw Master Li Hongzhi's image, I felt he looked familiar. After reading a few lectures, I realized this was not an ordinary book. I was very excited and knew this was what I had been looking for!

Tests and Tribulations in My Family

After graduating, I found a job in my hometown and lived with my parents. That led to tests with my family.

My parents’ work environment was strictly controlled by the CCP, so they had been instilled with lies about Falun Dafa. When my father learned that I was studying Dafa, he became very angry and irrational. He insulted me, kicked me, and beat me with his shoe.

I clarified the truth about Falun Dafa to a classmate. My classmate’s father happened to work with my father, and he told my father what I’d said, which made him furious with me.

On another occasion, I showed my grandfather the video “False Fire,” which showed how the Tiananmen Square self-immolation was in fact fabricated by the CCP. When my father heard about it, he became extremely angry and again gave me a hard time. He confiscated my Dafa books and tore my amulets into pieces.

Such things happened many times. The CCP’s perpetual lies and history of violence have made some Chinese, like my father, extremely fearful. They are scared of being persecuted and afraid that the CCP will deprive them of everything they have, which makes them unwilling to hear any facts about Dafa.

My father's actions couldn’t change me, but I didn't know how to talk about Falun Dafa and the persecution with my parents. Later, after reading practitioners' cultivation experiences online, I understood that I’d run into those difficulties because my cultivation state was not solid enough.

I once told my father that Dafa teaches people to be good and improves their character (xinxing). He retorted, “Then why do you behave so badly while you talk about being good?” I realized that I had slacked off in cultivation, and there were certain problems I needed to address.

For example, I wasn't compassionate in all circumstances. I even wanted to give up on getting through to my parents. I realized that I needed to be compassionate like a true Dafa disciple is. In truth, I had rarely actually discussed Falun Dafa with my parents and only mentioned it when I encountered conflicts. That was due to my fear. At that moment, I knew how to take the initiative to tell them the facts and treat them as sentient beings.

Finding the Pure Heart I Once Had

At the end of 2019, the Wuhan virus (CCP virus) spread across the country, and I realized that I shouldn’t hold onto my attachments anymore. I wanted to be diligent and started searching for information on the virus so I could write a factual article and submit it to minghui.org.

While working on this project, I found, to my surprise, that my attachment to lust, which had plagued me for a long time, was suddenly gone. I felt that I could immediately stop the feelings of lust and eliminate them whenever they emerged. After that, I found other attachments were also diminishing. In other words, I made a big improvement in my cultivation through this process.

In fact, I still needed to improve in many other ways. It was compassionate Master Li who helped me when I made even a little bit of effort to validate Dafa. I also understood what it really meant to be a Dafa disciple during the Fa-rectification period. We are not only doing personal cultivation but also shoulder the great responsibility of saving sentient beings. Only by saving sentient beings can I find the pure heart I once had when I first started cultivation.

Another point I’d like to share is that studying a certain amount of Fa every day is a must. I found that when I couldn't do well, it was because I hadn't studied the Fa well, hadn't studied enough, and I couldn't do the exercises in tranquility.

I completely changed and improved when I started reading Zhuan Falun and Master's recent lectures on a daily basis. The more I studied, the easier it became to use the Fa to guide my conduct, identify my human notions, and then eliminate them. I could handle things from the perspective of a cultivator. Afterward, I felt that cultivation was easy and simple. I was so happy and felt lucky to be able to assimilate to the Fa.

Cultivating at Work

One of my colleagues was transferred, and his duties fell to me. Work that originally took two of us to do, I had to do by myself. I thought this sudden increase in my workload was unfair because in other units, two or more people were doing my job. I thought to myself, “Why do they treat me like this? I cannot do all this work by myself!” By thinking this way and doing the extra work, I was exhausted. The relationship between me and my supervisor also grew tense.

I later realized that I was jealous. I thought it was not fair because I wanted someone to share the workload. I reminded myself not to think like an ordinary person. I should not pursue a comfortable life like everyday people do. My starting point was thinking about only myself. This was jealousy that I should get rid of.

So I straightened myself out and tried to do my job with a calm and peaceful mind. I regarded the problems I encountered at work as opportunities to improve my xinxing. I found that the situation changed after I changed my way of thinking.

First, my efficiency at work greatly improved. Master opened my wisdom, and I came up with a new way to do my work. I could easily do the work of two people even faster and better than before.

Second, I dealt with the conflicts at work calmly. In the past when I encountered a conflict, I couldn't control my emotions, and I got angry and was rude. After studying the Fa, I realized that conflicts happen so we can improve in our cultivation. If there were no conflicts, I couldn’t find my attachments. So, I should thank the person who made trouble for me, as they were helping me to improve. If, as a cultivator, I could not look at the problem that way, I would always remain an everyday person.

Changes in My Wife

I was fearful because of the tribulations I’d run into at home, so for a long time, I did not clarify the truth to my wife. Sometimes, when I tentatively brought up the true nature of the CCP, she would say, “Why are you so reactionary?” Then I got worried and didn't realize that it was caused by my inappropriate attitude.

Things began to change when I studied the Fa diligently. I decided to stop beating around the bush and to just talk directly to my wife. I told her about the greatness of Dafa and the persecution adherents had suffered based on the actual situation. Then we watched the DVD Now and For the Future.

To my surprise, she accepted the truth immediately and wanted to read Dafa books. Afterward she said, “This is all about teaching people to be good. Why didn't you tell me this before?”

It was obvious that her thinking had completely changed. She truly understood what Dafa is, and the evil nature of the CCP. I realized that all lives are waiting for Dafa, and it was because of my poor cultivation status that she understood the truth so late. So I knew I should be more diligent in cultivation: many sentient beings were waiting for me to save them.

From this, I also realized that the outcome when we tell people the facts reflects our cultivation state. If we do it with righteous thoughts, Master will help us, and the results will be good.

After my wife obtained the Fa, my cultivation environment greatly improved. I finally had someone to share experiences with, and it also helped me talk about Dafa and the CCP with the people around me.

In retrospect, I have always been under Master's compassionate care and protection. My gratitude to him is beyond words. Thank you, Master, for lifting me up from hell, cleansing me, and letting me understand the truth of the universe. I will cultivate more diligently, do the three things well, and be worthy of your saving grace!