(Minghui.org) I am 75 years old and used to be a Buddhist. My brother recovered from his stomach cancer after he began practicing Falun Dafa in 1992. Through him, I got to witness the preciousness and power of Falun Dafa. I thus embarked on my cultivation journey in 1998.

Thinking back, Master has given me this extremely precious cultivation opportunity, as well as my grand mission and honor of being a practitioner. Without Master’s protection, I wouldn’t have made it to where I am today. Only by doing the three things well, being more diligent, and doing solid cultivation can I live up to Master’s expectations.

My two young sons and I settled in a provincial capital in 1981. My husband was a philanderer. After he had an affair, he filed for divorce in 1988. Since I exposed his relationship with that woman, she sued me for defamation. She had extensive connections at the provincial planning commission, while I didn’t know anyone and could only rely on myself.

Through fighting this lawsuit, I learned some general legal knowledge and mastered the basic elements of criminal law. I also came to understand judges’ mentality. I realized that judges today only care about two things: one is safeguarding their posts, and the other is money. I defended myself reasonably according to the law; I gave the judge examples to support my case and expected him to deal with this case with conscience.

It seemed my chance of winning was slim, but I won in the end. Through this experience, I learned how to deal with a legal case and how to reason with people, which helped me in later rescuing my niece.

Defending an Illegal Sentenced Practitioner

My niece was illegally sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment in 2011 for practicing Falun Dafa. After that, she was held at a notorious women’s prison, where she was tortured to the point that she fainted twice. Her life was in danger.

I went to the prison with my brother, another of my nieces, and Mr. Ren (another practitioner) to demand her release. We went to the warden’s office to request medical parole, but they refused.

Because I had dealt with a legal case before and the authorities have no legal ground to carry out the persecution, I wasn’t afraid of them and maintained my confidence. I told them, “My sister-in-law passed away at a young age, and I was the one who brought my niece up. She used to have rectal cancer and recovered after she started practicing Dafa.”

Then I asked, “What crime did she commit? Three criteria have to be met for someone to be sentenced. Which one applied to my child? She was wrongfully sentenced and then tortured so badly by you here. Her life is in danger!

“Isn’t this the same as people being labeled as rightists and persecuted during the CCP’s earlier political movements? How many good people were persecuted then? What happened to people who participated in the persecutions? Remember, good and evil are rewarded accordinly. If you let her out, how much virtue would you accumulate for yourself?”

I kept talking. On the surface, they appeared tough and still didn’t agree to release her. Mr. Ren continued to send forth righteous thoughts. I didn’t know where my courage and wisdom came from, so I figured it must be Master helping me.

I said, “If you don’t agree to release her, then sign this document for me. If anything bad happens to her, whoever can take responsibility should sign.” I stuck out my hand to try to pass it on to them. But they were so afraid that nobody took the document from me. I then said, “Won’t the efforts I spent on raising her be in vain? You guys wouldn’t care if she were to die, would you?”

I spoke so loudly that people in the hallway could hear. Everything I said was justified. For us to be good people, we should be upright. Since we didn’t do anything wrong, what should we be afraid of?

I then said, “Either you sign this document for me, or you tell us where we should go and whom we should talk to to have it taken care of.” I also said something to inspire their kind thoughts: “People who work in prisons also have kindness. When you do good things, your descendants will receive good fortune. You should know that heaven is watching what people do!”

At that time, the section manager wanted to have a chat with us in his office. He didn’t appear to lie to us, so we went to his office. He said, “To have her released on medical parole, you have to pay a fee between 5,000 to 6,000 yuan, then a doctor can issue the paperwork.” I thought to myself that my niece was single and my sons didn’t have a job. I supported her to buy the property where she lived. Where could I find the money?

I suddenly stood up, which caught them off guard. I said, “What are you talking about? When she first got here, she was fine. Now she’s like this, and you are asking us to pay you?! After she goes home and gets well, we’d still have to take her back here, then you would persecute her again. How ridiculous is that?!” I felt that paying them would be indulging and enabling the evil, and it would also be a form of financial persecution. Everything the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was doing in the persecution was against the law.

After that, we went to the prison administration bureau and found the relevant people in charge. I had the document in hand and told them how my niece ended up losing her consciousness a few times. I asked them to sign the document for me. When they refused, I asked, “Who can we talk to to deal with it?” They said they’d take some time to gather some information.

A few days later, we went back to the prison but were denied entry. When we went back to the administration bureau, the person in charge said, “We know about her case, and you will hear from us in a few days as to the outcome.”

A week later, under Master’s benevolent protection and strengthening, as well as practitioners’ righteous thoughts, my niece returned home. She got well shortly thereafter. Moreover, on the day she was released, a few other practitioners from the same prison were also released. Not only did we get her out of prison successfully but the people in charge truly learned the facts of the persecution and chose a bright future for themselves.

Master said,

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughtsMaster has the power to turn back the tide”
(“The Master-Disciple Bond,” Hong Yin II, Translation Version A)

When we let go of our human attachments, found enough courage to face the difficulties, and truly took the step forward, the whole process became incredibly miraculous, and even things that seemed impossible became possible.

During the process, I came to understand that we needed to be upright. When we were strong, the evil disappeared. Otherwise, the outcome would have been the opposite.

I’ve come across many articles on Minghui.org that cover the torture of practitioners in prison. They were not released, even at the brink of death. Moreover, their family members didn’t do their best to demand their release, and in the end they were persecuted to death. Seeing these articles made me sad and worried. Many of these practitioners’ family members, who themselves could also be practitioners, felt helpless and accepted this persecution.

The process of rescuing practitioners is also a process of saving sentient beings. People who work for the CCP are controlled by its evil specter and are terribly poisoned. As a result, their kind nature is sealed off. Only practitioners can awaken them. When we pass on the truth along with kind thoughts, it’s to help eliminate the evil factors controlling them and making them commit crimes so as to lose their chance to be saved. Everyone has both a good side and an evil side. We have to awaken their kindness.

Persisting in Awakening People’s Conscience Amid the Pandemic

My home-based materials production site has run for more than 10 years. Though I’m a senior, I never felt I was at that age after practicing Dafa, but instead I felt young. People who knew me also said it was hard to tell my true age from my thinking, appearance, or behavior. It was only because I practice Dafa that Master has given me good health, sharp thinking, and wisdom in clarifying the truth.

I remarried when I was 50 years old. A few years ago, my husband fell ill and became bedridden. I took care of him for three years. During that period of time, I couldn’t go out to clarify the facts to people, so I decided to write letters and mail them to people working in the police, procuratorate, judicial, and other government agencies. Wherever Minghui Weekly reported severe persecution, I’d mail my letters to that area.

Over those three years, I saved a lot of drafts. I can’t remember how many letters I have sent out. In writing the letters, I combined the legal knowledge I had learned, the CCP’s persecution policy, and my cultivation experience. Sometimes I incorporated articles from the Minghui website into the letters, either copied them by hand or made photocopies, and then mailed them out.

What impressed me most was that in one county, the persecution situation was very serious. The Minghui website followed the story. I also paid close attention to it and mailed several letters to that county. Later the persecution there was dismantled, and practitioners were released without receiving any sentences. Thus, I felt writing truth-clarification letters had quite an impact.

After my husband passed away last year, I changed my method to going out to hand out informational materials. Every day I went online to download and print materials. I didn’t rely on others but rather did things based on my own capabilities.

When the pandemic broke out in Wuhan in 2020, I felt more urgency in saving sentient beings. I downloaded the materials on how to ensure one’s safety amid the pandemic from the Minghui website, packed them nicely one by one, and distributed them to cover a few residential buildings in my area. I also covered another area where I owned two rental properties.

Whenever I went into a building, I first put my hands together in a heshi gesture. Then I began to think: “I’m here to save sentient beings, Gods, please assist me. Sentient beings here, Master sent a Dafa practitioner to save you. Please work with me and wait until I finish placing the materials before you go out or come back. I hope you can all learn the truth and be saved.” Every time I held these thoughts, I could quickly finish handing out materials and met little interference. Sometimes I covered a few buildings in one day and didn’t feel tired going up and down stairs.

When the lockdown was lifted, I began to work with a fellow practitioner to hand out informational materials face to face. It was my first time doing this.

I’d normally say, “I want to give you this information. Please have a read. Everything in here is true. See how these people managed to escape from the plague–it’s something we can learn from.” They could generally accept it. If someone wanted to hear more, I’d keep talking and help that person renounce their memberships in the CCP and its youth organizations.

After I went out with that practitioner a few times, I felt more comfortable talking to people on my own and in a natural way. When I ran into people who refused the materials or said something bad, I didn’t take it to heart. It was just like a monk wandering around society to improve his character and capacity to forbear hardship. During this process, I managed to eliminate my attachments so as to have compassion come forth to save sentient beings.

One time I had just started putting up information materials on the display board in our area when a community cleaner saw me. She said viciously, “Look, you put it up everywhere. If I were to report you to the police, you’d be arrested.” I wasn’t scared and decided to take down the materials myself, as she would incur karma if she were to do it. Then I said to her, “We practitioners are good people and wouldn’t do any bad things. I put them up for your safety!” She changed her attitude right then and didn’t say anything.

One time, I ran into a security guard in our district. Because I had bumped into him before, this time he threatened, “If you keep doing this, I’d have to take you to the police station.” I wasn’t shaken and said to him right away, “If you really do such a thing, it would bring bad karma to you and your family. We came out on such a hot day. We don’t rob, steal, or cheat people. We are good people, and we’re here to bring you safety.”

As soon as he heard that, he became quiet. I then said, “If you protect us, you’d accumulate good fortune for you. It would benefit your children as well.” His attitude completely changed. A few times when I encountered people who threatened me out of ignorance, I came out safe and sound under Master’s protection.

I enlightened that if I studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts well, when I went out to hand out materials, they would be well-received, and vice versa. Therefore, we must study the Fa well. Then when we go out, we can feel energy from our dimensional field and have great power in saving sentient beings.

One time when I was on the bus, while I was thinking where I should go to talk to people about Dafa, I suddenly had an idea: I should just follow the bus route. I wrote down the name of each bus stop in a notebook and then got off at each one. From there, I went to look for residential areas nearby. After going into a neighborhood, as soon as I saw predestined people, I began to deliver the materials. After I finished the entire bus route, I picked another route and started all over again. I personally considered this an effective approach.

Improving Myself in Doing the Three Things

Starting from this Chinese New Year, I began to memorize the Fa. As a child, I was always one of the top students in my class. But when it came to practicing Dafa, it was a different story. I could clearly see my gaps compared to fellow practitioners.

It was rather difficult to memorize and recite the Fa, as each paragraph took a long time. As what we recite are the principles of the universe, every word and sentence contains immense inner meaning and encompasses a lot of things. How can it not be difficult?

But I never wanted to give up, and I made progress bit by bit. Sometimes I wondered how I overlooked a particular sentence during prior readings or realized a passage actually had another layer of meaning. Meanwhile, my human notions subsided and my attachments lightened unconsciously.

For example, I used to be jealous. One time, a fellow practitioner was arrested for her faith. With strong righteous thoughts, she clarified the facts to the officers and was released on the same day. Another practitioner who was close to me found out that she had returned home, but neither of them informed me.

“How come they didn’t tell me?” I complained in my mind, as I was worried about her. But I immediately realized this was to help me improve my character and get rid of my jealousy. Instead of getting upset like before, I stayed calm this time. When I recited the Fa, Master helped remove many bad substances for me, so my xinxing improved unnoticed.

I still have many attachments. Master has watched over me and pushed me to cultivate more diligently and improve quickly. I will surely seize the time to do the three things well, rectify myself in the Fa, cultivate myself well and save more sentient beings.