(Minghui.org) I am a young Falun Dafa practitioner who recently graduated from college. I began practicing Dafa with my family when I was young but stopped while I was attending college. I picked up the practice again two years ago, and have been struggling to talk to people about Dafa and the persecution.

I quit my job before the coronavirus pandemic began. Immediately after the outbreak, the Chinese communist regime implemented a lockdown that lasted for several months.

On the first day we were allowed to go back to work, my former employer asked me to pick something up from her store. I took this opportunity to tell her about quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations, since I hadn’t done it when we worked together.

Before I left, I sent forth righteous thoughts and brought two Dafa informational brochures with me. My former boss told me how much she missed me during the lockdown and how hard it was for her knowing that I wouldn’t return to work at the store.

Before I could clarify the truth, many customers showed up at the store. I waited for a while, but seeing how busy she was, I decided to leave the materials with her and asked her to read them later. She asked me to wait a little longer, however, and said she could order some lunch for me. I stopped her from ordering lunch and told her I would wait.

After all the customers had left, I quickly told her about Dafa and quitting the CCP, which she did.

Practitioners’ missions are to awaken the conscience of sentient beings. We would not have a chance to cultivate if people took the initiative to seek the truth themselves.

After coming to this realization, I participated in a truth-clarification project, and worked with other practitioners to help people quit the Party. I felt happy when I looked at the long list of people who had quit the CCP.

A former classmate once called and said she would visit me for a few days. I felt that she was wasting my time, and I became impatient, since I had already helped her quit the Party, and I talked to her often over the phone for a long time.

When she got to my home, I realized that she still had a misunderstanding about Dafa, and everything she said was laced with Party indoctrination. I then understood that I had helped her quit the CCP, but without telling her about the persecution.

My family members and I prepared Dafa materials and clarified the truth to her. After she learned the facts about Dafa and the persecution, she shared with us that she didn’t realize there was anything wrong with being indoctrinated by the CCP.

She noticed the positive changes I experienced after practicing Dafa. I was more easygoing and not the troublemaker I used to be in school. She also wanted to practice Dafa, so I gave her Master Li Hongzhi’s (the founder) video lectures since I didn’t have extra copies of the book.

When she was leaving, she asked for a Dafa amulet and several informational materials. She said she would show her parents and ask them to also quit the CCP.

After the visit, my former classmate no longer called so often, and when she did, we only talked for a few minutes.

I understand that people’s true selves are anxious to learn the truth about the persecution and Dafa. The three realms were created for Dafa, so we should use every opportunity to clarify the truth to awaken the conscience of people.