(Minghui.org) I could not put on my shoes after I got up in the morning one day in December 2003. My husband said that my mouth and eyes were slanted. When I looked in the mirror I wondered what happened but I was not afraid. 

My daughter asked me to go to hospital and my husband agreed. I said I would not go as this was not sickness, instead I was eliminating karma. I told them not to worry. I would recover by reading the Fa and practicing the Falun Dafa exercises. 

When my husband read Zhuan Falun with me I noticed that I had trouble speaking. My throat was so uncomfortable that I could barely read. It felt as though someone pinched my throat. After two pages, I had to stop. I decided to write something. 

I wrote two lines, but my handwriting was unintelligible. I realized that one side of my body was paralyzed (hemiplegia). 

I thought it over and wondered where I had not done well. I studied the Fa and practiced the exercises every morning. I went out to do network marketing in the afternoon. I was retired. My daughter was in college. My husband was laid off, so we had no income. I'd decided to earn some money through network marketing to make ends meet. 

Network marketing is hard to do. In China it's called direct marketing. An article later published on Minghui.org talked about this issue. Master said practitioners should not engage in buying and selling stock or network marketing—network marketing swindles people. 

I enlightened that as a Falun Dafa practitioner, I must eliminate attachments to fame, self-interest, and emotions. The attachment to personal interest is easy to acquire but hard to eliminate. 

I firmly decided to stop network marketing and focus on practicing Falun Dafa. The next day my throat felt normal. The third day, my slanted eyes returned to normal. Six days later my feet were back to normal, and I could walk normally. Two months later I could speak clearly. My recovery from hemiplegia is truly amazing and validates the extraordinary power of Falun Dafa.