(Minghui.org) I’m an elderly practitioner who has not received an education. A fellow practitioner helped me write this article to share my experiences of awakening the conscience of people during the pandemic.

Distributing Dafa Informational Materials

The CCP Virus (coronavirus) broke out during the Chinese New Year 2020. On New Year’s Day, I was clarifying the truth to people who were paying me a celebratory visit. The next day, my village was in lockdown. I went to the village entrance and clarified the truth to people who showed up there, as well as some people who lived in my village.

I had collected many names of people who wanted to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Communist Youth League, and Young Pioneers. But because of the lock down, I couldn’t visit a practitioner who could upload the list of withdrawals to the website.

I thought, “No one can interfere with me. Even though the entrance is guarded, I have to get out.” I asked Master to strengthen me, and sent righteous thoughts to stop the guards from seeing me.

I rode my electric tricycle to the village entrance. About five people were guarding the entrance, and there was a banner blocking the road. I told myself, “It’s okay, they can’t see me.” I rode right past them. With one hand holding the handlebars and the other hand lifting the banner, I got out. The guards did nothing. It was as if they did not see me at all.

As I approached the practitioner’s house, a huge pile of bricks blocked the road and I couldn’t get through on my electric tricycle. I removed some bricks and tried to pass through, but my tricycle got stuck.

It was getting dark and I was in the middle of nowhere. I asked Master for help, “Master, please help me pass through. I must give the list of names to the practitioner.” I then got on my tricycle, stepped on the accelerator, and I made it through! It was truly amazing.

Upon seeing the fellow practitioner, I couldn’t help crying as if we were long-lost family. I asked her, “What shall we do in this situation?”

Back home, I kept asking myself how to awaken the conscience of people during the lockdown. I was anxious. I couldn’t sit around doing nothing. I thought, “The village is in lockdown, but I will get out no matter what.”

Since people were all home, I decided to deliver truth-clarification materials through their doors. I got some Dafa informational materials from a fellow practitioner and handed them out at night. I finished my village first and then distributed materials in the neighboring villages.

I later teamed up with practitioner Amy to distribute materials. One day, I brought 60 pamphlets to Amy’s place, but she felt that she needed more. The practitioner who made these for me had worked so hard that he didn’t have time to eat. With so many villages out there, how long would people have to wait to receive a copy for their household?

I sincerely wished that more practitioners could help us. Soon, Master arranged for another practitioner to deliver truth-clarification materials to us. Amy and I distributed them that night.

Dealing With Burns of Face and Legs

One day after dinner, I was getting ready to go out and distribute fliers, and needed to refill my thermos which was in another room. I picked up the kettle, and as I walked out of the kitchen, I tripped, and boiling water splashed on my face and legs.

My first thought was, “Don’t try to interfere with me in awakening people’s conscience. If you dare to scald me, watch out. I will scald you!” Even though I had a burning pain on my face, I wasn’t worried. I smeared some toothpaste on my right cheek where the worst burns were, put on a mask because of the pandemic, and went to Amy’s house.

Amy saw me and asked if I was okay. I told her I was fine. That night we each distributed more than 80 copies of a large Dafa booklet with a Minghui Weekly insert.

My face stopped hurting and I forgot all about it until I got home at 11:00 p.m. I tried to take the mask off but couldn’t because it had become wet and stuck to my face. I tore off the mask, and it ripped off some skin and flesh. The pain was so intense that sweat soaked my clothes.

When I got up the next morning, my daughter-in-law saw me and shouted to my son, “Get up! Look at Mother’s face! How terrible!” My face and eyes were all swollen, and my face was covered with blisters.

My son helped check that my eyesight was not damaged. He wanted to put medicine on my face, but I refused. He knows about Dafa’s supernatural powers and did not insist.

My daughter-in-law called my daughter, and she came with her partner. They wanted to take me to a doctor. I told them, “No need. I’m fine.”

My son and son-in-law fetched some medicine without telling me. While I was sitting there unsuspectingly, my son smeared the medicine on my face before I knew what he was doing.

The next day, my whole face was a big black scab. In the evening, my son and son-in-law dragged me to the doctor to have the scab removed. The doctor removed the scab, exposing the flesh.

The doctor wanted to give me an infusion to prevent infection. I told him, “I won’t have an infection. Any cuts I get always heal the next day. I haven’t taken any medicine or injections for years. I’m fine.”

The doctor said, “Without medicine or infusion, you might get an infection.” Finally, they put a plaster on me by force.

The next evening, I tore off the plaster after my children left. The swelling in my face went away the next day. I rested for three days before joining Amy to distribute truth-clarification materials.

My right forehead had pus for a few days, but I did not take it seriously. I went out at night wearing a mask and a hat, so no one could see my face. Within about a week, the burns healed without leaving any marks.


Interference then struck again. My hands were in so much pain that I couldn’t hold the handlebars of my tricycle. I managed to hold on with my fingers and continued to distribute Dafa materials.

One day Amy and I went to a village that was further away. The village was on top of a big slope which was very difficult to climb. When I made it to the top and looked back, I saw Amy in the distance going in the opposite direction. I had no idea where she was going, but I decided to finish distributing materials in the village. When I got home that day, it was almost one a.m.

With Master’s strengthening, Amy and I finished distributing pamphlets to every household in more than ten villages, while other practitioners covered the remaining villages in our area.

When the lockdown restrictions loosened, we resumed clarifying the facts and persuading people to withdraw from the three communist organizations. Once people understood the truth, we gave them a copy of the Minghui journal. The effect was very good.

Looking Inward

I looked inward and realized why I was scalded that day. It was because I failed to maintain my xinxing. Earlier that day, I had blamed my children for not helping me with something, yelled at them, and said bad things. This created a loophole for the evil to exploit and interfere with me.

I was also so anxious to awaken the conscience of people that my attachment of doing things brought interference. Every time I went out, I kowtowed to Master and said, “Master, I’m going to awaken the conscience of people. Please keep the evil rotten ghosts from interfering with me.”

One day, I was separated from Amy and got lost on my way home. After wandering a few miles, I still couldn’t find the way back. I thought, “Wandering like this won’t help. I should ask Master!”

I asked Master in my heart, “Master, I’m lost and can’t find my way home. Please show me the way!” I drove on. My mind suddenly cleared. I followed a road and made it home.

I looked inward and found what had caused the interference. Earlier that day, I had met a man who wanted to take my picture. Even though I clarified the facts to him, I still felt scared that he would report me to the authorities.

Master said:

“...for Dafa disciples are the sole hope of salvation for the world’s people, whatever corner of the earth they may inhabit.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting,” from Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. X)

Master has suffered so much; what is this little suffering of mine? I will listen to Master, and never waver my faith in Master and the Fa. I must hurry up to awaken the conscience of people in the limited time left. I have Master’s protection, and no one can interfere with me.