(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa on November 21, 1997, after I obtained Dafa from a relative—I felt lucky to obtain the Fa.

Protected by Master

My hometown was very poor due to a lack of water and poor transportation. With three-and-a-half acres of land per capita, life was very basic. We were so poor that we could not afford to see doctors or get medicine. I was born in a family with no parental warmth. Even as a child, whatever money I earned, I gave to my parents. I had to wear my elder sister’s old clothes. My parents preferred sons to daughters, and there are seven children in my family. My four sisters could not carry on with their education after they could read. Only after growing up did I learn how to make change and do simple math.

Since we were so poor, we were malnourished. I was weak and unable to resist diseases. Later, my daughter was as sick as I was. I had two children with no income and only relied on my husband who supported a family without a house, land, or money. We were impoverished. We adults did not dare to see doctors even if we were sick, but only cared about our children. We often owed money. No one around us sympathized with us. Over time, I became a person who believed in nothing. 

I learned and practiced Master Li’s (Dafa's founder) five exercises along with a dozen others on November 21, 1997. I also obtained the book “Lectures on the Fa in the United States” by Master. After the news spread, more people came. We later had more than 20 people studying the Fa and practicing Dafa together.

Master removed several diseases from my body, and other students said that they were feeling better. Everyone was very happy. We all felt that Falun Dafa was amazing, and being a good person was especially good. We knew we must be diligent in the practice. I became disease-free person with a light body. I was humming a song when I went in and out, laughing when I was with people. I had never been so happy.

In the three or four months after I started doing the exercises, Master showed miraculous things to my family, which gave me great encouragement: My husband recovered from a habitual headache, and my daughter rarely sees a doctor. One night when I went home after doing the exercises, I found that my son had a high fever. I asked his dad, “Why don't you care about our son?” He asked back, “Why don’t you care about him?” It turned out that my husband was angry with me. I fell asleep next to my son. When I woke up, my son had no fever and was fine.

I didn't realize that it was Master who eliminated karma for my son. On another occasion, my husband fell into rivers twice on a bicycle, but nothing happened to him. On a motorcycle, he fell down ditches four times without being injured, and his motorbike was not damaged either. Other people said that he was very lucky, and I told him: “You are protected by gods.”

Between 1998 and 1999 before the persecution started on July 20 were the best and happiest days of my life: Every day, I studied the Fa, did the exercises, and followed the Dafa principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. I first thought about others. I did not fight back and did not argue. It was a very happy thing for me to be tolerant and selfless. 

Once I went to buy corn flour. When I got home, I discovered that the shopkeeper had given me 40 yuan extra in change and I immediately returned it. At the same time, I warned myself that I should take the path of cultivation and become a better person.

Awakening People's Conscience

Former leader Jiang Zemin and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) suppressed and persecuted Dafa beginning on July 20, 1999. The situation in our local area was also very severe. Fa-study and practice sites were canceled, and many students’ books were confiscated. Some practitioners were arrested, their homes ransacked, and they were detained. Some passed away after being persecuted at home. 

Ordinary people do not know the crimes committed by the Party, let alone that the wicked Party is using lies to deceive people and to hate Dafa. They even coerced the world's people to participate in the persecution of Dafa and Dafa practitioners. In doing so, the Party is not only trying to eliminate Buddhas, but also getting ordinary people involved. People are poisoned by lies. I have a duty to awaken the conscience of people by clarifying the truth about Dafa.

Two practitioners and I distributed truth-clarifying materials for the first time. After being aware of the truth, some people who sympathized with Dafa being framed told us: “The Communist Party is cruel and ruthless. You should pay attention to your safety.” We were moving forward in cultivation after expressing our gratitude to these kind people. 

After we gave truth-clarifying material to a police captain, he called a car from the station to arrest us. Master gave us a hint by using an old man’s words: “It seems that you can't go back now, please come to my house.” We thanked him and said, “We can go back and won't bother you.” We reminded each other, “If there is a car ahead on this road, we should not approach it.” We soon saw a car ahead and hurried to hide in a mulberry forest. Two people who got out of the car said to the person in it: “Those two people can't run away as they are riding bicycles.” We were surprised: They were talking about us. We saw that the man was in a police uniform. We hid the remaining materials and hid in the woods. The bright moon was obscured by clouds. For almost half an hour, they couldn't see anyone. Then they said, “Next time, we won’t leave as soon as we get a phone call.” They left, and we went home.

Master also arranged for a fellow practitioner to cooperate with us. The three of us distributed Dafa informational materials. No matter how far we walked, we were not tired. One night on the way home, a fellow practitioner suddenly said, “A car is coming from the top of the mountain.” I said: “You are really funny. There is no road on the mountain. Where can the car come from?” Yes, the light came from the top of the mountain, and the three of us were going home in the light. When we got home, the light disappeared. We all realized that it was Master who was showing the way for us: “Master, we have done such a trivial thing, and you have treated us so well.”

The three of us continued to distribute Dafa materials, DVDs and pasted Dafa materials on walls. This time we were reported and my two fellow practitioners were arrested. I neither knew how to deal with this sort of situation with righteous thoughts, nor did I ask Master for help. I was so scared that I hid behind a house but suddenly three dogs came out and bit me. At that moment, a thought came to my mind: “Master, I have not seen such a scene. I really don’t know what to do. Master, what should I do?” I then called and informed the families of the two practitioners about the arrest. At 11 p.m. the two practitioners were released.

As the two practitioners had an attachment of fear, I went out distributing materials alone by selling cucumbers in the countryside as a cover, but I was still reported. This time it was the village Party secretary who reported me to the township armed forces department. Two people came to catch me on a motorcycle. I sold the cucumbers very fast that day, and then went home. The two people came to find me in the place where I had sold cucumbers. I was passing by them. The captain came to my house to see me at home, and he called back saying: “She is not out selling cucumbers and she is at home.” Master is protecting me, and I am confident to do what I should do.

After I moved in 2013, Master arranged for another practitioner to help me. The two of us have been cooperating well. We study the Fa together. One person is clarifying the truth to people, while the other is sending forth righteous thoughts. One is distributing truth-clarifying materials to people, the other is persuading people to quit the CCP and its organizations. We thank Master for his arrangement, so we can work together. 

There are many predestined people waiting for us to talk to them about Dafa. We must cultivate well.