(Minghui.org) Master Li said,

“After being transformed, however, this body appears to be the same as an everyday person’s body when among everyday people. An everyday person cannot tell the difference, though this body can travel between dimensions.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

I have experienced that with righteous thoughts and righteous actions, practitioners can save people without being interfered with. 

Several practitioners have shared how they were able to bypass security checks with strong belief in Master and Dafa. They would send out a thought: “I am a Dafa practitioner and have Master’s protection. Master, please shield me from being seen.” The police officers would then walk past them as though they were invisible.

When police officers harassed practitioners at home, a few practitioners would put Dafa books and informational materials in front of Master’s portrait—as it was the safest place—and asked for Master’s protection. The officers were not able to find anything in the room with Master’s portrait. The practitioners were able to avoid major losses while protecting the officers from creating karma at the same time.

When I first started practicing Dafa, a practitioner once told me, “Send forth righteous thoughts when you are distributing truth-clarification materials inside apartment buildings to not allow the janitors to throw the materials away, hindering our efforts to save people.” 

I remembered the practitioners words and sent forth righteous thoughts whenever I went out to distribute fliers. It was very effective.

During the lockdown due to the pandemic, Master gave me a hint that the blockade was for everyday people and not Dafa practitioners. I sent righteous thoughts to not be seen by the guard and as a result, the guard couldn’t see me. I was able to come and go freely many times. But when I didn’t send righteous thought, the guard would ask me to register and verify my ID.

On two different occasions when practitioners were putting up informational posters about Dafa, they realized the street camera was facing them. One of the practitioners said, “It’s okay, practitioners are cultivating Buddhahood, the camera can’t take our photos. Let’s put a good shield on the camera so it can’t to take our photos as we are saving people.” As a result, nothing bad happened.

Master said, 

“On the rest of the journey, may you fulfill, with godlike righteous thoughts and righteous actions, the grand vows you made before history!

The endless journey has come to a closeAnd the pervasive haze is gradually dispersingWhile righteous thoughts display the might of GodsReturning to Heaven is no longer just yearned for”(“New Year’s Greetings,” The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol. III)

As long as practitioners truly believe in Master and Dafa, and send forth strong righteous thoughts, we will be blessed by Master.