(Minghui.org) I participate on the phone team to call people in China, so I read Zhuan Falun and Master’s other lectures every afternoon and late at night with other team members. It brings me such joy and I always feel like Master is right there beside me teaching me the Fa. I woke up one morning with the image and the sound of myself reading Zhuan Falun filling my head. I felt that Master was kindly reminding me of the importance of studying the Fa so I decided to begin memorizing the Fa. My pace is slow, one paragraph a day, but it has given me new in-depth insights into the Fa that I'd missed before.

I was recently asked to take on a new role. My job includes searching for experience-sharing articles relating to any operational or morale issues identified on the team, and organizing meetings for sharing, planning, conferences, etc. In my first week, only four pertinent articles came in. But after some introspection and renewed effort, the articles came in like snowflakes. Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!

Working with the phone team has been great for my cultivation. It also made me realize that time is running out and I must make good use of my time to do the three things.

Maintaining Xinxing

One time while I was reading the Fa with the group online, a delivery person rang the doorbell. Thinking I needed to answer the door, I rushed through the last few sentences without focusing on what I was reading. When I stood up from my kneeling position (I always kneel down or sit in the full lotus position when I study the Fa), my legs felt like jelly. My legs folded and I fell after taking two steps. After I struggled to the door, took my parcel and sat down, my ankles were in pain. I could hear from the computer that it was my turn to read soon. I cried out, “Master, I am fine! Master, I am fine!”

It was too painful to kneel so I crossed my legs for the rest of the reading session. Afterwards, I noticed that my left ankle was swollen. I realized it was because I panicked and rushed, instead of remaining unmoved as a practitioner should. After rectifying myself, I ignored my swollen ankle and went about my day as usual. As a result, the swelling went down later that day and I could again kneel down to study the Fa. I went out to do the exercises the next day and had to squeeze my swollen foot into my shoe. I walked slowly to keep an even pace rather than limping. When it was time to do the second exercise, I persisted and did it for the entire hour despite my ankle pain. For the next four days I did the second exercise for one hour, and the pain was gone by the fifth day. Thank you Master for eliminating the karma for me!

Clarifying the Truth

The CCP virus (coronavirus) and its new variants have killed more than 2 million people worldwide—the urgency to save people has never been greater. In my recent phone calls to China, I usually introduce myself and tell the listener where I am from before saying something like, “I read the news about China, so I know how serious the virus situation is. I am calling to offer you and your family a way to stay safe.” I give out the Quit the CCP website address and read out the special words (“Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good”) as soon as I can. Then I tell them, “You cannot access the real news in China, which puts you at risk. You need to know the truth in order to protect yourself and your family. The virus is becoming more virulent. You need to wear a protective mask but you also need to have kindness and goodness in your heart. The Gods protect good people.” 

I told a policeman, “Please carry out your orders [to persecute Falun Dafa] sparingly, act with your conscience. If you abduct a Falun Dafa practitioner or if you help arrest one and they are tortured, maimed, killed, or have their organs harvested while alive, can you imagine how great your sin will be? Do you understand what I am saying?” The policeman responded, “I understand.” 

I once made a phone call using a special device but the number was blocked. I switched to another device and the listener stayed on the line for nearly 3 minutes before hanging up. I redialed the number. This time he listened for nearly 4 minutes but he said he could not hear me very well. I raised my voice slightly and said, “Please treat the Falun Dafa practitioners under you care with kindness. Protect them as much as you can and let them go if you have the power to do so. The divine is watching and will help kind people.” He said, “I understand.” I helped him quit the CCP and gave him the Quit the CCP phone number so he could help his family quit as well. I advised him to memorize today’s date and the pseudonym he used to quit the CCP, which he would need for a Quit the CCP certificate issued by The Epoch Times. I told him that the certificate might prove to be useful if he traveled outside of China. He thanked me. 

The purpose of making phone calls to the Public Security Bureau and the Justice Department is to save people. We are amidst a battle between good and evil and we are trying to snatch people from the grasp of the red demon. Like a warrior or a soldier on the battlefield, we need to have the right weapon in our hands to fight the enemy. The call I mentioned above made me realize the importance of equipping myself adequately by always having on hand several different calling devices.