(Minghui.org) Sitting in front of a stone table, in the mountain, I had a dialogue with an elderly man.

Elder: Nowadays, morality is declining. Corruption runs rampant in society. Only those who fight for the greater good and uphold righteousness are true warriors.

Me: What is the greater good and righteousness?

Elder: Putting others before oneself and persevering in an effort for justice.

Me: Aren't you talking about Falun Dafa practitioners?

Elder: I am not sure.

Me: I will say that Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) practitioners are true warriors. They are risking their lives to tell all people the Good News of the Buddha Fa – Falun Dafa. How are they different from ancient saints?

Elder: You are saying that the Buddha Fa is being spread in the world. How can you prove it is the real teaching?

Me: Through cultivation, one can realize the true meaning of being human and understand one's mission in life. What else has such enlightening power other than the Buddha Fa?

Elder: Do you see anyone achieving that?

Me: Divine beings are everywhere. Why can't ordinary people see them? One cannot see it because one's enlightenment quality and opportunity are not yet ripe.

Elder: If Falun Dafa practitioners are cultivators of the Buddha Fa, why are they still involved in the current affairs of the world?

Me: Why did Christians preach the gospel when they knew that ancient Rome was brutally suppressing Christians? For the gospel is not for Christians alone, but for all beings. They were not afraid to take risks for the sake of all beings. Same thing today. The Good News of Falun Dafa is not exclusive for the practitioners, but for all sentient beings. Therefore, Falun Dafa practitioners who risk their lives to spread the truth are not doing it for themselves.

Elder: Why not just bring the Good News of Dafa to people? Why do they talk about how they are being persecuted, to make a name for themselves or to gain social support?

Me: Why can't those who are willing to risk their lives for sentient beings expose evil deeds? In my view, it’s actually a compassionate way to stop evildoers and have them give up doing evil by exposing their own evil deeds. They can’t wait for others to expose the evil deeds for them. Warriors should take the initiative to do something rather than just sacrificing oneself or being restricted from taking actions. That wouldn’t help at all. Think about it: isn't it the great act of compassion that Falun Dafa practitioners risk their lives to tell people not to be deceived by the evil and commit unpardonable sins?

Elder: I am deeply moved. I thought an upright warrior must have the qualities of breadth and fortitude because of his great responsibility and mission, but compared with Falun Dafa practitioners, my view is just empty talk. Falun Dafa practitioners are true warriors who carry out their mission despite the great risk.