(Minghui.org) A resident of Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province was arrested on October 25, 2020, for his faith in Falun Gong, an ancient spiritual and meditation discipline that has been persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party since 1999. Mr. Zhu Qunqun was interrogated for ten days at a hotel and is currently detained at Yancheng City Detention Center. His younger brother and his business partner were also implicated and arrested.

Mr. Zhu was in his office when a group of police officers from Panhuang Police Station suddenly barged in and arrested him and his business partner, Ms. Zhou Hong. As the office, which was rented, was about to be demolished, Mr. Zhu's younger brother, Mr. Zhu Fengfeng, had been coming over after work to help pack up his things. Mr. Zhu Fengfeng was also arrested that night.

The three of them were detained at the police station for 24 hours before being taken to Linhaotai Hotel at the request of the local 610 Office.

At the hotel, the three of them were taken to separate rooms to be interrogated while being handcuffed to the hotel's stainless steel window. At any time, there were two people monitoring them. They were handcuffed for 24 hours, except when using the restroom. At night, they could only sleep while sitting on a small stool, and would be awakened by the pain caused by the handcuffs.

Mr. Zhu Fengfeng and Ms. Zhou on October 27, suddenly heard a loud sound coming from the room where Mr. Zhu Qunqun was held. They learned later that Mr. Zhu Qunqun had pulled out the window when he was being interrogated by the deputy head of the 610 Office. Afterward, the authorities ordered to add nails to the metal frame of the windows in the Zhu brothers' rooms.

Ms. Zhou and Mr. Zhu Fengfeng were released on October 29 and 30, respectively. Afterward, Mr. Zhu Fengfeng requested the police to disclose the surveillance video and audio recordings showing the three of them being detained and interrogated but received no response.

Mr. Zhu Qunqun continued to be interrogated until November 3 before being transferred to Yancheng City Detention Center. The Dafeng District Procuratorate approved his arrest on December 9, 37 days after he was detained. At the time of writing, Mr. Zhu Qunqun is still being held at the Yancheng City Detention Center.

Details of Office-ransacking

On October 25, the Panhuang Police Station officers barged into Mr. Zhu Qunqun's office and started ransacking it after ordering a locksmith to open the door for them. Mr. Zhu Qunqun and Ms. Zhou were then taken to the police station.

According to witnesses, several officers in uniform ransacked Mr. Zhu’s office for a long time and took away many things. Later, someone went back to the office two to three more times and took away more items. The neighbors didn't step into the office but saw from the outside that many things were confiscated in bags.

When Ms. Zhou went back to the office after being released, she confirmed that a few of their work laptops, tablets, cellphones, printers, a vacuum machine used for packing food items, and many other items were confiscated. She went to the police station several times to ask for the things to be returned but to no avail. A list of items was not provided either. The police said to her, “As police officers, we’ll definitely not take any of your things.”

In November 2020, Ms. Zhou was told to take her white electric motorcycle to the police station, which was then impounded by the police without any reason. The officers tried to deceive and threaten Ms. Zhou to give a false testimony against Mr. Zhu Qunqun, but she didn’t comply.

Previous Arrest

Prior to the latest arrest, Mr. Zhu Qunqun was previously arrested and detained for 15 days, from October 15 to 30, 2009. He was interrogated for ten days and not allowed to sleep while in custody.

As a result of the detention and interrogation, Mr. Zhu Qunqun would wake up more than 20 times during a six-hour sleep while being held at a forced labor camp (The labor camp once assigned someone to record his sleeping state). To date, he has yet to recover from the sleep disorder.

Parties involved in persecution:Yang Peng (杨鹏), Panhuang Police Station officer-in-charge of the case: +86-18862016180, +86-515-88855110, +86-515-83566631Yuan Kouhong (袁扣鸿), director of Panhuang Police Station: +86-13305107722, +86-515-88855110, +86-515-83566631Xu Zhiliang (徐志良), deputy head of Yancheng City 610 Office: +86-13365181072, +86-515-88420331, +86-515-88426252, +86-515-83566046, +86-515-83566028, +86-515-83566083, +86-515-83566056

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