(Minghui.org) With the arrival of the Chinese New Year, Falun Dafa practitioners in Melbourne respectfully wish Master Li, Dafa's founder, a Happy Chinese New Year. Both veteran and new practitioners look forward to the new year. They plan to cultivate more diligently, save more sentient beings and not let Master down.

Falun Dafa practitioners in Melbourne respectfully wish Master a Happy Chinese New Year.

Falun Dafa practitioners from Southeastern Australia, a Western practitioner Fa study group, Vietnamese Falun Dafa practitioners and practitioners who participate in car parades all wish Master a Happy Chinese New Year.

Western Falun Dafa Practitioner Who Appealed at Tiananmen Square Expresses His Gratitude to Master

Jarod Hall wishes Master a Happy Chinese New Year.

Jarod Hall is an expert in audio-visual production and co-founded a marketing company with his practitioner wife. He has been practicing Falun Dafa for 21 years. During these years, his moral standard and ways of life have constantly improved. He uses different methods to clarify the truth and raise awareness about the persecution of Falun Dafa in China.

“I learned about Falun Dafa in 2000 when I met my girlfriend, Emma Hall, who is now my wife. She is a Falun Dafa practitioner and her calmness and determination left a deep impression on me. She showed me the five sets of Falun Dafa exercises and I begin my journey of cultivation. 

“I gained a deeper understanding of life and my existence in the world by cultivating. In addition, I became more confident and learned how to forgive others. I also conquered my fear of death, which is something that bothered me since childhood. Dafa taught me how to differentiate the good from the bad and I was bold enough to make the right choice. If I did not cultivate, I would not have been able to make choices like this.

“When I learned that the CCP was slandering and using brutal methods to torture Falun Dafa practitioners in China, I was very shocked. Emma and I participated in many parades held in Melbourne’s city center, and small suburban and rural towns. During these activities, we demonstrated the Falun Dafa exercises, carried banners, participated in the waist drum team, distributed truth-clarification flyers, collected signatures to raise awareness of the persecution and answered questions that local residents had.”

Jarod made one of the boldest decisions when he and Emma went to China in 2001 with other Western practitioners to appeal for Falun Dafa. “When Emma and I went to Beijing I was actually quite scared standing in Tiananmen Square. My heart was filled fear and doubts and I nearly froze when I was about to pull my banner out. However when I thought about how practitioners in China were willing to risk their lives to validate Dafa, I realized I needed to have confidence or else I would never forgive myself.

“When I opened the banner, my wife and I shouted 'Falun Dafa is good!' Almost immediately I was dragged into a van by policemen. I wished I was more courageous and shouted a bit louder. But, I'm still proud of what I’ve done.”

Recalling his cultivation path, Jarod said, “I've become a more compassionate, honest and responsible person by being a Falun Dafa practitioner for 21 years. I am also a stronger, kinder and better father to my children. Thank you Master for your teachings, your patience and your boundless compassion. I will do all that I can to abide by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.”

New Practitioner: Chronic Illnesses and Bad Temper Resolved

Ms. Dao and her family wish Master a Happy Chinese New Year

Ms. Dao Cao wishes Master a Happy Chinese New Year on behalf of her family. She said, “I am very grateful and fortunate to have obtained the Fa in 2019. As soon as I started cultivation I experienced great changes.”

Ms. Dao looks elegant and demure but what bothered her most was her hot temper. 

“Everyone has a good side and a bad side. I really wanted to get rid of my bad temper. I tried exercise, yoga, boxing and I went to therapists, but nothing really changed over all these years. I was quite depressed and really hoped for something or someone to help me overcome my bad temper.”

A year an a half ago, Ms. Dao’s wishes came true. She was introduced to Falun Dafa. After cultivating for a few months, Ms. Dao’s husband noticed a remarkable change.

“I had very bad headaches and back pain for 10 years. I relied on medication but after practicing Falun Dafa for a couple of months, my husband noticed that I no longer complained about my pains. I became more relaxed and calm. I was also more patient with my daughters and did not lose my temper. My husband also started to read Zhuan Falun. At night he would read it to our daughters.” 

Ms. Dao has two adorable daughters. Her oldest daughter Zoey asked if she could read Zhuan Falun and she began practicing the exercises. As a first grader, being able to read Zhuan Falun by herself is quite remarkable. 

Ms. Dao gratefully said, “Not only did my temper improve, but my actions and ways of thinking also changed. I no longer feel pressured when I encounter conflicts. I also learned to look inward and find my own shortcomings. Every decision that I make now reflects the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Not only did I benefit from Falun Dafa, but everyone else around me benefited as well.”

Ms. Dao said, “Thank you, Master! Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!”

Architectural Engineer: “I Have Been Searching for Dafa” 

New Falun Dafa practitioner, Ben Tran, wishes Master a Happy Chinese New Year.

Ben Tran, a Vietnamese practitioner, had been searching for a genuine cultivation practice, hoping to break away from the cycle of reincarnation. After seven years of searching, he finally found Falun Dafa six weeks ago. 

Ben, 38 years year old, works as a senior architectural engineer at a renowned architectural company in Melbourne. 

He said, “I obtained my civil architectural engineering bachelors degree in Vietnam. After moving to Australia, I pursued my studies and received a Masters degree in Architecture and a Doctorate degree in Civil Engineering. I spent almost all my time and effort pursuing a high level education that everyone envied. However, deep down inside, there was always a voice crying out: ‘Who am I? What should I do with my life? What will happen to me when I die? Why can’t we break away from the cycle of reincarnation?' I was mentally exhausted so I decided to search for the answer to all my questions. I’ve looked into different philosophies and cultivation ways, however, all my efforts were in vain.”

Ben even participated in an online “treatment group” last year. After several online “treatments” all of the participants became sick and the group disbanded.

He said, “I continued searching for the Dao [Way]. I began experiencing discomfort in my body. I felt weak and tired and at times it was even hard for me to breathe. I felt like the flickering flame on a candle, about to breathe its last breath. I tried different physical exercises but it still felt like the world was about to collapse on me. I was like a burned out battery with almost no power. 

“At my lowest point, I was fortunate enough to learn about Falun Dafa. Six weeks ago, a Chinese medicine doctor suggested I try practicing Falun Dafa and said that it could resolve my ailments.

“The moment I saw Master’s picture and read Zhuan Falun, I felt that my whole life changed. I felt that Master and Dafa purified me from the deepest microscopic levels of my being, starting with the tiniest molecules.”

Ben Tran, a new Falun Dafa practitioner, reads Master’s Li Honzhi’s book, Zhuan Falun

I researched Falun Dafa online and seriously read Zhuan Falun. This book was truly an eye-opener and as a scientist, I realized that Zhuan Falun goes beyond the principles of everyday science. As I read I started to feel changes in my body like Master talked about in the book. I saw “black substances” emitting from my body and these substances carried a really bad odor. I also felt something rotating in my lower abdomen area and it was not till later that I enlightened that it was a Falun. I was very sure that this is what I’ve been looking for these seven years. I am finally ‘home!'

“Even though I've only just begun practicing Falun Dafa, my body has already experienced a complete change. Master has ‘reprogrammed’ my body so I can abide by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and improve my character. From my own level of understanding, Falun Dafa is the ultimate Way and only Dafa can rectify all abnormalities. Falun Dafa is a 'boat' that helps sentient beings return to their true, original homes.”

Ben wanted to relay a message to those working in the scientific field: “Many people are deluded by their own scientific and technological field of knowledge. They have isolated themselves from the universe and many other dimensions. To those who only believe in what they see and feel, I want to tell you that I am a living testimony. Falun Dafa can help you understand what goes beyond your levels of perception.”

Ben said, “I convey my upmost gratitude and respect to Master Li Hongzhi. I am extremely grateful to all the great things Master has done for mankind. At the same time, I also want to express my sincere admiration and appreciation to all Falun Dafa practitioners.”