(Minghui.org) Greetings esteemed Master, and fellow practitioners!

I’m a young Falun Dafa practitioner from Vietnam. I am ten years old. When I was four years old, I obtained the Fa with my family in Vietnam. I moved to Sydney in 2018. After coming to Sydney, I started learning Chinese and dance at Minghui School. With the help of Master, I have always tried my best to cultivate diligently.

Most Important Cultivation Issues: Studying the Fa and Doing the Exercises

I study the Fa with my mother after I get up at 6:30 a.m. We read Zhuan Falun in Chinese and Vietnamese for about an hour. After dinner, I study Chinese first, do my homework for Minghui School, or join a Fa-study group. I then join an online group to do the exercises for one hour. Before going to bed, my mother reads for me some cultivation stories or traditional culture stories in Vietnamese, such as Journey to the West, cultivation stories of Milarepa, and so on.

Learning to Cherish Time Through Practicing the Flute

I joined my school band two-and-a-half years ago, playing the flute. It was not until I studied with the conductor of the Tian Guo Marching Band more than a year ago that I started playing the flute seriously. I hope that I will become a flutist in the future, be able to perform solo, and validate Dafa.

When I started learning the flute, I couldn’t concentrate on playing it. I often stopped playing after less than ten minutes and then ran around the house. My mother saw that I was too easily distracted, so she showed me a video about time management techniques.

I realized that as Dafa disciples we have more responsibilities, and need to work on cultivation issues – I can’t waste my mother’s and my time. I have now learned to cherish time. I spend one-and-a-half hours every day standing still, concentrating on practicing the flute, so that my mother can quietly do what is required of her.

Keeping in Mind Master’s Teachings and Quitting Online Games

I once played a game to learn mathematics. Although it was for learning mathematics, it also affected my ability to concentrate and do my homework. Later, my mother stopped me from playing it. I know my mother was right, because if we play games for a while every day, we will gradually become addicted to them.

Master said,

“Today’s video games are all made by people who are acting at the prompting of aliens.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the New York Fa Conference Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Dafa’s Spreading”)

“Spending unnecessary time on the computer or playing video games has the same effect; it’s the same idea. If you want to quit, that thing won’t want you to since it would die. And so it will do all in its power to make you engage in those things. And if you try not to, it will interfere with your work or studies by causing your mind to crave them. If you refuse, it might even make you do those things in your dreams.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference”)

I’ve kept in mind Master’s teachings and stayed away from computer games. Of course, at first it was not easy to quit computer games because everything is alive in other dimensions. But I believe that as long as I have a righteous mind, Master will definitely help me. In the end, I was able to quit playing computer games.

Eliminating Attachments Through Helping with Household Chores

When I was younger, I rarely did house chores. As I grew older, I realized that I should also help with the chores, because it is a duty of each family member. I often wash dishes with my mother. I also clean the table, take out the rubbish, collect the items for washing, and help with gardening.

I like doing household chores now, because I feel it is beneficial. It also helps me get rid of some attachments such as laziness and fear. I used to be afraid of using a knife while cooking, but now I can use it without any problem.

Persevering in Studying Chinese and Reading Master’s Original Teachings

In order to be able to read the Chinese language version Zhuan Falun, I learned Chinese with my mother. With the help of a fellow practitioner, we learned Zhuyin [zjew-yen] symbols, and tried to memorize some every day. After more than half a year, we could read the Zhuyin version of Zhuan Falun by ourselves. We also read Zhuan Falun in Vietnamese, which helps us understand the meaning of the Chinese version at the same time.

I thank Minghui School for helping me improve my Chinese. I can read Chinese better now, and I can recite Hong Yin and Lunyu more fluently. If I can master Chinese, then I can master three languages, and I can clarify the truth to more people.

Following Master’s Teachings and Returning to the Traditional Path

Master said,

“...Return to tradition to connect with the divine...” (“Re-Creation”)

My mother thinks that it is good for me to understand the traditional culture of ancient China, and how people treated others kindly in the past. The books I read in Vietnamese or the audio books I listen to are about many great figures from Chinese history. For example, Stories of General Yue Fei, The conflicts between Chu and Han, Investiture of the Gods, and so forth.

I am also very fortunate to be able to learn authentic Chinese classical dance at the Minghui School. It helps me understand the traditional art of Chinese classical dance. It also helps me know how to express myself. It teaches me many traditional values.

Helping Master in Fa-rectification and Saving Sentient Beings

Master said,

“Dafa disciples are the hope of humankind—the one and only hope.” (“A Congratulatory Letter to the European Fa Conference in Paris”)

I am fully aware that I do not only need to cultivate myself well, but also need to save sentient beings. So I often participate in various truth clarification activities with my mother, and I also use various opportunities to clarify the truth at school.

Every year, students from years three through six in New South Wales (NSW) have the opportunity to participate in a “Multicultural Speech Contest.” I think this is a good opportunity to clarify the truth and save people. Thus, I took part in the contest and included truth clarification content in my speech. Last year, I took part only in the class contest. This year, I thought I should do better so that more people can hear the truth.

I compared the state of freedom in Australia to that in communist countries. I gave the example of Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted in China, and described how our fellow practitioners were cruelly tortured when they refused to give up their faith, and that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is truly cruel.

This time, I performed very well because I memorized the entire speech. My teacher and the other two teachers liked my speech very much. My teacher told me that she liked the part about Falun Gong the most. I was selected to participate in the school competition with two other classmates. A total of 84 people, including three teachers and three classes, heard the truth at the school competition. I will work harder to clarify the truth to more people next time.

In addition, I also make paper lotus flowers and distribute them at the truth clarification site in front of the Town Hall. This is to save sentient beings. The process of making lotus flowers was much longer and more complicated than I thought. I tried to remember each step. At home, it took me a long time to make one, but I did not give up. I was determined to do it well, and I later found a faster way. I understood that Master gave me the wisdom – encouraging me. Thank you Master!

Whenever I finished a box of lotus flowers, my mother took them to the truth clarification site to distribute them – they are used in her effort to save sentient beings. During the lockdown, I made two hundred lotus flowers. I will make more, and I hope that they can be used to save more sentient beings.

I will try to be a diligent little Dafa disciple, so I can return home with Master!Finally, I will end by sharing a poem from Master’s Hong Yin.

Master said,

Cultivate Dafa with all your heart.Nothing could be more important.Become one with Dafa,And Consummation is, in time, certain.”(“Gaining the Fa,” Hong Yin)

Thank you Master, and fellow practitioners!

(Presented at the 2021 Australia Online Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference)