(Minghui.org) Mei’s practitioner husband was held in a detention center a few years ago and the authorities planned to fabricate more lies to frame him. Local practitioners hired a lawyer from Beijing to defend him.

On the day the lawyer was to visit her husband in the detention center, Mei asked practitioners to wait outside and send forth righteous thoughts. Two practitioners who rarely participated in these kinds of activities also went. 

Another practitioner, An also sent forth righteous thoughts from her home about five kilometers (three miles) away. Her third eye was open and she saw six shining arrows shoot towards the detention center in another dimension. Her righteous thought was another arrow heading towards the detention center.

When the lawyer came out, he smiled and said, “The sky is going to change!” He confirmed to the practitioners waiting outside that Mei’s husband was fine and had strong righteous thoughts.

The lawyer also went to the Domestic Security Division to inquire about Mei’s husband and defended him. The legal defense greatly weakened the arrogance of the Domestic Security agents. Mei’s husband was released shortly afterward.

Later, An joined practitioners at Mei's home to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the bad factors inside the city police department. She told Mei what she saw through her third eye the day practitioners sent righteous thoughts toward the detention center. Mei said that there were exactly six practitioners outside the detention center.

When they completed sending righteous thoughts towards the police department, a little practitioner whose third eye was open told us what she saw.

She said that every practitioner sent a fireball of a different color into the sky. “All the fireballs joined and became one big fireball and headed in that direction,” she said and pointed towards the west. We knew it was the direction of the police department. The little practitioner was too young to know this, but she could see it.

I am sharing these stories to let fellow practitioners know that our righteous thoughts have mighty power, no matter whether you are a new or veteran practitioner. Let’s use this power given by Master well, eliminate more negative factors and save more sentient beings.