(Minghui.org) Even though I have been imprisoned or held in detention centers for more than 20 years, when I still have the righteous thought to save people, Master’s immense compassion and the power of Dafa are displayed.

“When You Write a Book Please Include My Story”

I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began persecuting Falun Dafa, I went to the park to do the exercises as usual. I was abducted by police and taken to a detention center. Misled by the propaganda broadcast on the CCP’s media, the inmates were hostile toward practitioners. As they interacted with us, most of their attitudes about Dafa and practitioners changed for the better.

Because I did the exercises with other practitioners in the detention center, the guards beat and kicked me. An inmate named Wang Xiaoling (alias) who witnessed the beating was so terrified that she couldn’t stop crying. She was so distraught that the person in charge of our cell thought her soul had left her body. She said, “If one of us were beaten like that we would have been seriously injured.” But I had no injuries. The next day one of the guards who beat me said that when he hit my face, his hand ached. I thought, “Why didn’t I feel anything?"

The morning of my birthday, Wang Xiaoling made a cake out of cornmeal and soybean powder for me. When the person in charge of the cell saw this, she said, “Xiaoling has benefited from you practitioners a great deal and she’s trying to repay you.”

The first time I was imprisoned the guards did not let us do the exercises. If we did, we were punished. The guards slapped our faces and then instigated the prisoners to beat us.

The second time I was held in the same detention center, we could do the exercises--the guards pretended that they didn’t see me.

One time when a supervisor came, I was doing the sitting meditation. When the guard who accompanied him saw me, he quickly told his boss, “I’ll take care of that later.”

If I was asleep when it was time to send righteous thoughts at midnight, the prisoner on duty would wake me up. One inmate whose name is Wuli (alias) often woke me up. One day she smiled and said, “When you write a book, please make sure to include my story!”

When I was about to be released from the detention center, the guard whispered to me, “Did we treat you well?” I thanked her.

A Police Officer Said, “When You See Us, Leave Quickly!”

One time when I was out clarifying the facts, someone who was misled by the CCP’s propaganda reported me. I had no idea that I was being watched and still looked for people to help quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). I decided to buy some fruit from a street vendor and clarified the truth to him. When he urged me to hurry up and leave, I didn’t understand.

As I headed out, I met someone on a bicycle and helped him quit the Party. Then I went into a store to buy something and clarified the facts to the people there. I did not notice that a few police officers were already gathered at the entrance and police vehicles were parked down the street.

I was arrested. When I was taken to the police station, I clarified the facts to the officers, telling them not to act quickly when practitioners were reported. One officer said, “We delayed picking you up! The next time you see us, leave quickly! To be honest, if I were by myself, I’d have let you go. This time I had no choice.”

He told me that he often used the application designed by practitioners to circumvent the Internet firewall and read information from outside of China. He said he was dissatisfied with the CCP. He allowed my family to visit me. When my family complained about me, he stopped them. He also allowed me to call my relatives from out of town. When I tried to help him quit the CCP, because the station had surveillance cameras he said, “I can’t promise you anything now.”

When he took me to the detention center I mentioned quitting the CCP again. This time he immediately agreed. The officer who drove the car also accepted an amulet from me.

When I arrived at the detention center, I had to have a physical exam. The officer who brought me in drew the curtain to protect my privacy. He also warned me to be careful who I talked to.

“You Are Not a Criminal!”

Due to practitioners’ continuing efforts to clarify the truth, many prisoners understood the facts about the persecution. A prisoner whose name was Xinyan (alias) was extremely depressed and was bailed out for medical treatment. She consulted a psychologist many times. After spending over 1,000 yuan on medical fees, Xinyan completely lost her confidence in doctors. Every day she said, “How can I survive this? I’m finished!”

When I first met her I noticed that she was upset. We chatted and I clarified the truth about the persecution to her and helped her renounce her membership in the CCP. I also used Dafa’s principles to answer some of her questions regarding handling interpersonal relationships and children.

After we began talking about Falun Dafa’s principles, she stopped being depressed. She not only got along well with others but also took the initiative to tidy up the cell. Because I refused to participate in hard labor, when other people couldn’t finish their quota, they weren’t allowed to take a break. So I helped by mopping the floor. When she saw that, Xinyan grabbed the mop from me and said, “You are not a criminal. You shouldn’t do this kind of work!”

Later, she followed along when I recited Hong Yin. One day, she whispered to me, “Did your Master install a Falun in me? I feel something spinning in my abdomen.”

Later she had a relapse of her eye disease. With no treatment of any kind, it disappeared in one day. Only then did she firmly believe that Master had begun to take care of her. When she’d had a relapse before, she always had to get injections and spend over 1,000 yuan to recover. She began to show her gratitude and respect for Dafa, knowing this was Master’s compassion and Dafa’s mighty virtue.

While we were detained together I personally witnessed how she overcame tribulations, learned to look inward, and improved her xinxing. She was released before me. She passed on the list of people I’d helped quit the CCP to a practitioner on the outside. She also obtained a copy of Zhuan Falun. Even though I never got in touch with her again, I believe that she has taken the path of cultivation.

Wang Zhi (alias) was from Anhui Province. When she first came, she was short-tempered and often fought with others. Because I gave her my new clothes and socks, she had a good impression of me. When her son came to visit her, she encouraged him to quit the Youth League.

She was illiterate. She wanted to read Hong Yin, so she asked me to teach her to read the words. After she began to read it, she stopped fighting. One time she told me that someone who bullied her before was wrongly accused by the guards and they were about to punish that inmate.

Because she was the only witness, a guard questioned her. Instead of taking the opportunity to get revenge, she told the truth. She said, “If I didn’t know about Falun Dafa’s principles, I wouldn’t have told the truth. I would have taken my revenge on that person.”

She also did her best to help me. I went on a hunger strike to protest wearing a prison uniform. I was handcuffed and had a leather belt tied around my waist and arms to restrain me. Every night she covered me with a quilt before she went to bed. She also gave me a sponge bath and washed my clothes. Even though she didn’t have any money, she exchanged some things for eggs and instant noodles and secretly prepared a birthday meal for me. She also began to treat others kindly. When her son came to visit, she tried to talk him into quitting the Youth League. She told him, “I have talked to more than one practitioner—they are all good people.”

When other prisoners were transferred, they were worried that they would be searched and Master’s new lectures that I wrote for them would be found, so they returned them to me, except for her. She was the only one who took them with her.

A death row inmate who was in charge of the cell had misunderstandings about Dafa. She cooperated with the guards to do bad things. She eventually learned the truth and recited “On Dafa” with me. She stopped taking advantage of others. From a few dreams that she shared with me, I felt that Master was taking care of her. Before I was released from prison, she told me that reciting “On Dafa” would help her get through her long prison term.

No matter my circumstances or surroundings, I will treasure Dafa and this precious opportunity and walk my cultivation path well.