(Minghui.org) By following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, Falun Dafa practitioners strive to be better citizens wherever they are in society. When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to suppress the practice in 1999, practitioners continued to tell the public what Falun Dafa is about, while debunking the CCP’s defamatory propaganda. 

Despite 22 years of braving adversity while clarifying the truth, practitioners remain firm in their belief and stay diligent. As the 2022 New Year is approaching, many greetings have been received by the Minghui website, expressing gratitude to Falun Dafa and wishing Dafa’s founder, Master Li Hongzhi, a Happy New Year. 

Practitioners in Baishan City, Jilin Province, said they have worked very hard printing materials to save people in spite of their older age. “Some of us walked from building to building going up and down the stairs distributing the materials, while some of us went along the main streets and small alleys, rain or shine, talking with people,” they wrote in the greetings. “When we encountered difficulties, we regained our strength from thinking of Master’s compassionate sacrifice and the joy of people’s awakening. The pandemic will not slow us down and we will do better cultivating ourselves as well as awakening more people in the New Year.”

Practitioners who work at a truth-clarification materials production site in Xianning City, Hubei Province can feel that Master has helped them all along the way. “There were times that were filled with hardship, but as practitioners, we know the importance of constantly improving ourselves and our mission of saving people. We will make the best use of our time, fulfilling our responsibility and returning home with Master,” the practitioners wrote. 

Practitioners in Suiling County, Heilongjiang Province said they have tried numerous ways to help the public learn about Falun Dafa. They have gone out to talk with people regardless of the burning summer sun or freezing winter weather. “It is very cold in northeast China in the winter, and, when walking on the icy roads we often encountered snow. But seeing people awaken to the facts and breaking away from the CCP always makes us warm inside. Thank you, Master for your compassionate help and we wish you a Happy New Year!”

A poem by practitioners in Tangshan City, Hebei Province:

Mountain after mountain, river after river, we tell people the facts, helping them break away from lies;Assisting Master with Fa-rectification, we bring hope and blessings, rain or shine.

The sky is clear, the earth is clear, facts are driving away the clouds of lies;Improving our mind nature to be better citizens, we practitioners return with Master to higher places.