(Minghui.org) More than 6,000 practitioners attended the 2021 Falun Dafa Experience-Sharing Conference on December 19, 2021 at the Heping Basketball Gymnasium in Taipei. Nineteen practitioners talked about how by aligning with the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, their workplaces, families, and social environments improved.

Over 6,000 practitioners attended the 2021 Taiwan Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in Taipei on December 19, 2021.

Greetings From Master Li

After the conference started, the two co-hosts read greetings from Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa,

“For Dafa disciples, studying the Fa well and clarifying the truth to save people is the purpose of you coming to the world. No matter which social class you occupy, that doesn’t affect anything, and even if society is in turmoil, that cannot alter a Dafa disciple’s mission. Cultivate yourselves well, and save the world’s people.” (“To the 2021 Fa Conference in Taiwan”)

The co-hosts read greetings Master Li sent to the conference.

By listening to other practitioners’ cultivation experiences, many practitioners said they understood the importance of studying the Falun Dafa teachings and sending forth righteous thoughts. By constantly improving their xinxing, they can diligently and solidly cultivate themselves so they can save more people.

Keeping Dafa’s Principles in Mind

Ms. Tasi from Tapei said she had many bad thoughts even when she told people about Falun Dafa. To eliminate them she tried to memorize the teachings whenever she could. While memorizing Zhuan Falun the first time, she enlightened to many principles, and she felt as if layers of cells in her body were assimilated to Dafa. It also became easier for her to reach tranquility when she meditated.

But numerous tribulations arose when she recited Zhuan Falun for the third time, as thought karma and all kinds of interference kept bothering her. To purify her thoughts, after she memorized a section, she recited the entire book. During this process, she felt strong energy and was able to focus while sending righteous thoughts. Gradually, her thought karma, such as showing off and lust, diminished.

Mr. Wu from Tainan works for NTD Television. When he complained about some film footage, his wife asked him, “You have not participated in group study for some time. Maybe you could give it a try?” Mr. Wu resumed reading the teachings with other members of the production team. He also started to memorize Zhuan Falun, just like he did when he was in school. This not only helped him to be more clear-minded, but his work at NTD became more effective. Several difficult issues were quickly resolved in one or two weeks.

This also positively impacted his everyday job. When he finished reciting Zhuan Falun for the second time, a 7-year-long lawsuit at his company was reconciled. As he completed reciting Zhuan Falun the third time, one lawsuit in Germany made significant progress, followed by the closing of several cases. “The principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are very powerful,” Mr. Wu explained, “They can guide everything in our lives and work toward a better direction.”

Ms. Huang from Hsinchu agreed. Due to health problems, she visited many hospitals and temples, but was unable to find any help. After she began to practice Falun Dafa, she kept doing the exercises and looking within to improve herself. Gradually all her ailments were resolved.

But cultivation is not easy. Soon after she decided to practice, Ms. Huang run into conflicts with her husband and mother-in-law. While she wept one day, she noticed that the characters in Zhuan Falun were flickering. She wiped away her tears and looked again, but the characters were still flickering. Realizing that this was a hint for her to let go of resentment, she started to memorize the book.

At first she experienced headaches—it felt as if her head would explode. But Ms. Huang continued and things returned to normal. She was later able to speed up and memorize the book a second time, a third time, and so on. One night she dreamed of very colorful and beautiful fireworks. She knew this was encouragement from Master. “Reciting the Fa helps me to rectify myself and take on more truth-clarification efforts, and gives me strength,” she said.

Practitioners shared their own stories during the conference.

Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

Ms. Yu from Taoyuan said she knew Falun Dafa was very precious from the moment she started to practice—but sending righteous thoughts was not easy for her since she was not putting her heart into it. After paying close attention to correcting this, she found that the situation improved dramatically.

She calls people in China and tells them about the persecution. She talked with one man and explained how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) harms Chinese people, including Falun Dafa practitioners. When she mentioned quitting the CCP organizations to avoid being implicated with the regime, the man did not seem to understand what she was saying.

Realizing that he was influenced by the CCP’s ideology, Ms. Huang kept sending righteous thoughts, and said to him, “We need to separate ourselves from the CCP organizations for a better future.” Suddenly, it was as if a barrier had been removed and the man said, “Oh, you are talking about quitting the CCP. I got it!” From this experience, Ms. Huang learned that sending righteous thoughts helps practitioners let go of fear and remain determined, thus they can do better while clarifying the facts.

Teacher and Her Students

Elementary school teacher Ms. Wang from Taichung happily recommended Zhuan Falun to her students. Inspired by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, her students improved dramatically.

But there were also challenges. A student told Ms. Wang that his mother forbade him from reading Zhuan Falun, and his father was planning to transfer him to another school. Ms. Wang learned that the student did not know the importance of conforming to everyday society, which caused his parents to have misunderstandings about his practicing Falun Dafa.

Ms. Wang strengthened sending righteous thoughts to eliminate interference and fear. When looking inward, she noticed that she had developed zealotry over the student’s progress. On the other hand, she was clear that what she did was most righteous, and was good for the student. She decided to continue encouraging the student to practice even at the price of losing her own job.

Ms. Wang overcame her fear and visited the family. They asked her to check with the parents daily to follow up on the student’s situation. The parents said the child was much better than before, kinder, and had better school grades. When the student’s father thanked Ms. Wang, she replied, “The credit goes to Falun Dafa and Master Li.”

The Importance of Looking Within

Mr. Chen started to practice Falun Dafa as a student. After graduating and serving in the military he worked for The Epoch Times. Working full-time in advertising he experienced constant pressure from clients as well as fellow practitioners. After being promoted to director he noticed more conflicts with new employees. The pressure became so intense that sometimes he had difficulty sleeping.

Even though he tried to look inward and identify his attachments, he still believed he was right and that others were wrong. As he dug further, he noticed he had an attachment to arguing with other practitioners, which he realized was related to his ego. He was afraid that these new employees would not serve the clients well, and thus some contracts would not be renewed.

When he reflected on the situation, Mr. Chen said, “Yes, I feel uncomfortable. But how about the other practitioners? Maybe they feel the same or even worse than me.” He realized that the conflicts hurt others. Some new employees were so busy with work that they had little time to read the teachings or do the exercises. He thought, “Shouldn’t I help them with their cultivation instead of just focusing on the project?” With that thought, he calmed down – the tension was over and he was surrounded with energy. “This taught me the beauty of cultivation and looking within,” he explained.

Letting Go of Jealousy

Ms. Hsu from Taipei encountered some family tribulations after she decided to work full time for NTD Television. But when she became determined to participate in the media, the criticism from family members also diminished.

Working in the media is a process that allows practitioners to grow together, she said. She witnessed how other practitioners started in the project from nearly nothing, kept learning, and made progress. She also noticed that she had plenty of hidden attachments. “I learned that only by eliminating attachments and human notions can we do better to save more people,” she said.

She occasionally saw positive feedback from the audience for the hosts, and cheerful chatting between host and guests. As a producer, however, her efforts were behind the scenes. She realized her complaints and resentment came from jealousy. Because she was unable to let go of these negative feelings, she tried to distance herself from the host. But that did not help – the conflicts intensified and the host even had arguments with other coworkers.

When she took a step back and viewed the situation from the perspective of cultivation, Ms. Hsu understood that finding what went wrong with a certain practitioner was not critical. It was her own attitude that made the difference. In addition, she learned that the reason she could not let go of jealousy was because she did not focus when she read the teachings. She lacked compassion and tended to protect herself.

As the situation continued, Ms. Hsu identified her attachments to fame and material interests, as well as sentimentality and combativeness. In the end, she apologized to the host and said she would do better.

Feedback From Attendees

Dr. Huang and his family.

The conference ended at 4:30 p.m. Many practitioners who came to the conference said they learned a lot. Mr. Huang, a physician, said that cultivation practice requires one to eliminate bad thoughts, and he felt he made the right choice of which path to take. He said that Falun Dafa’s guiding principles helps him to make the right decisions. One student’s story helped him understand how to be a parent who is caring and patient. He also learned that when seeing others’ problems one should examine oneself to improve.

Government official Mr. Luo hopes he can become more diligent in cultivation.

Mr. Luo works at a state-owned enterprise. Upon hearing practitioners put their hearts into preparing each online post as if each post was an individual being, he was very touched. He said that everything we learn as well as the tools used to validate Dafa are not trivial. We have the responsibility to make the best use of them. Both he and his wife plan to begin memorizing the teachings and become more diligent in cultivation.

Senior engineer He Yuan

Senior engineer Mr. He Yuan said he learned a lot from the conference. One practitioner talked about how her husband did not manage the company well, leading to a loss of ten of millions New Taiwan dollars. Hearing how the practitioner was able to let go of attachments to fame and material interests, Mr. He was very moved.

Having practiced Falun Dafa for 21 years, Mr. He said he had witnessed many miracles. For example, his spine pain and other physical discomfort disappeared. The principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance also helped him to remain calm and clear-minded at work as well as in everyday life.

Business manager Ms. Lin Xueqi

Ms. Lin Xueqi, a business manager, has practiced for 22 years. She said that the fellow practitioners’ stories were very touching. When she heard how other practitioners were very serious about cultivation and constantly looked within, she identified her gaps and decided to memorize the Falun Dafa teachings as well.

Ms. Huang started to practice in May this year, and she was impressed by other practitioners’ cultivation journeys. One young practitioner was only 8 years old, but he spoke very well. Another practitioner talked about how she overcame fear. As an introverted person herself, Ms. Huang believes that Falun Dafa gave these practitioners courage and wisdom. She hopes to learn from them and make progress by following Dafa’s teachings.