(Minghui.org) I was born into a poor village family. We never had enough food and could barely clothe ourselves. As a result I became very attached to material things. My husband and I started to practice Falun Dafa in the summer of 1995. I had a xinxing test soon after I started practicing.

Without discussing it with me, my husband decided that he would give 40 yuan a month to his mother for her living expenses. His salary was only 150 yuan per month. His father had a pension and also ran a shop. His two sisters had good jobs. My parents were sick and I needed to take care of them.

I was so upset about this that I even thought of it when I did the exercises.

Master said,

“The things we require you to lose are the attachments of everyday people and the mindset that doesn’t let go of those attachments. If you can let go of the things you consider important and part with the things you think you can’t part with, that is loss in the truest sense.” (Chapter III, Falun Gong)

After I read what Master said I let go of this attachment.

I had a student named Huzi, a bachelor in his thirties. Two years prior he had borrowed 20,000 yuan from me to open a restaurant. His business failed and he wasn’t able to repay me. I felt unbalanced in my heart. Even my own children didn’t ask me for money. When his mother was released from prison, I sent her 150 yuan for her expenses. I complained in my heart that he spent my money too easily. The 20,000 yuan I lent him was my salary for six months. I saved it by living a frugal life.

One day my daughter phoned me and said, “Mom, please don’t ask Huzi to return your money. Regard it as a good deed. He is not lazy, and works hard.” Her words struck me hard. I had been practicing for 25 years yet I was not as good as an everyday person who was less attached to money and materials. I agreed that I would not ask him for the money.

Letting Go of Resentment

I used to be resentful. I complained that my husband didn’t have money or power and was in a poor health. He didn’t care what he said to the children. When he saw their shortcomings, he would say, “Why are you like your mom?” He often told our kids that I didn’t have a mother or father (my father died in his 20s, and my mother remarried). He made me look bad in front of our children. I got very angry with him and developed all sorts of illnesses. After I practiced Falun Dafa, I realized that I hadn’t treated him well in my past life and that’s why he mistreated me in this life. So I let go of my hatred toward him.

I went to a village with another practitioner to put up truth-clarification posters on May 20, 2019. We were reported to the police, arrested, and detained for one day. When the police officer interrogated the other practitioner and asked where he got the posters, he said that I gave them to him. I blamed him for selling me out and I started to complain about him.

I studied Master’s Fa:

“...If we cultivate together, our hearts will be as oneTogether we progress diligently and help each other...”(“The Same Path,” Hong Yin IV)

I realized that I shouldn’t fall into the old forces’ tricks and form separation among practitioners, weakening our ability to save people. He started to practice Falun Dafa in 2016. He tried his best to memorize the Fa and save sentient beings every day. Even though he was 85 years old, he was like a young man. I was not as good as him in some regards. I started to respect him and excuse him.

Hurry Up and Save People During the Pandemic

The CCP virus (Covid-19) spread ferociously last year. People were frightened. I realized that practitioners should hurry and save more people. I went out to clarify the truth, but the streets were deserted. I walked several streets but didn’t see anyone. My tears flowed as I walked. I recited the verses for sending righteous thoughts.

I decided to distribute truth-clarification materials in the villages with other practitioners at night. I was afraid to go out and I was afraid of being persecuted.

Master said,

“If a Dafa disciple cannot validate the Fa, then he is not a Dafa disciple.” (“On ‘The Dignity of Dafa’,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Practitioners are not afraid of death. What was I afraid of? I said to Master, “Master, I will not be a coward. I will go out at night to save people.”

We once went to a small town 30 miles away. Four of us formed two groups and we set out at 9 p.m. We sent forth righteous thoughts and recited the Fa. Ling and I walked the streets, but all the shops were closed. Only a fruit stall on a tricycle was on the street. But no one went there to buy the fruit. We came to a crossroads and planned to distribute materials to the households.

At that time a dog started to bark. The owner flashed his flashlight and looked everywhere. I thought it was a searchlight. I was scared and my heart beat very fast. Ling and I were separated. I got anxious because she didn’t know the way. I asked Master to help me find her. I walked around and finally found her. I thanked Master in my heart. We returned home safely at midnight.

We went out to save sentient beings, rain or shine. We then went to a village further away. An 85-year-old elderly practitioner didn’t lag behind. He gave out pamphlets one shop after another. Three of us formed one group, and we hid behind cars when other cars passed by. We didn’t finish distributing until all the street lights went off.

One morning we arrived at a remote village where there was no public transportation. The villagers came to the street market carrying baskets on their backs. I saw an elderly man selling bamboo ware under a tree. I said, “Older brother, how are you? Can you read?” When he said yes, I said, “I’d like to give you some important information.” He took the pamphlet and started to read it.

When I finished distributing one bag of pamphlets, he was still reading it. I went to him and asked him to give it to other people when he finished because it could save people’s lives. He asked for another copy. I told him to remember “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” and his life would be saved if a plague came. I gave him two amulets. He was happy and thanked me. I asked him to thank our Master.

We went to a mountain village. The market was very small. There was no supermarket, only farmers selling their produce. I met a lady on the street and I talked to her. She was from my hometown. She said her first husband had died and she married to a man in this remote village. I clarified the truth to her. She and her husband agreed to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I felt warm in my heart when we parted. This lady came to this small mountain village in order to be saved.

Saving Sentient Beings After the Flood

Last August, we suffered a flood that was unprecedented in a century. The streets in the old city were flooded. The streets were barely cleaned up before the second peak arrived. This time, the entire county was flooded and the power was out. Most households had no gas or water. The torrential rain started again later that morning. It seemed that the floodwaters would reach the second floor.

I gathered all my strength and shouted, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good! Greetings to Master!” I shouted it three times. The rain stopped immediately. I thanked Master in my heart. Soon doves flew through the sky and birds started to sing. The sky was clear all that morning.

Many products were on sale in many shops after the flood. I bought a package of incense which cost 75 yuan. Yet the owner only charged me 45 yuan. I clarified the truth to them and they agreed to quit their memberships in the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Every time I went to their shop, they greeted me warmly. I helped the people who cleaned the street to withdraw from the CCP, and thanked them for cleaning up the streets.

Looking back at my twenty six year-long cultivation journey, I was not quite up to Master’s requirement. I still have attachments and human notions. I will try to cultivate myself better, do the three things well, and follow Master home.

Please kindly point out anything that is not in line with the Fa.